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(09/02/16) EVENT UPDATED: Disney Museum @ 9/24/2016, 10:00 amKen & Donna 
Host: Dave & Shirley Bostic

Mark your calendar. Details will be posted in the future.

(08/08/16) Disney Museum PostponedKen & Donna 
Dave and Shirley will post new date when determined.
(02/06/16) EVENT UPDATED: North Coast Drive @ 5/21/2016, TBAKen & Donna 
Host: Lauren Thollander

Please mark your calendars, Lauren will post details in the future.

(01/27/16) EVENT POSTED: Holiday Lights @ 12/17/2016, TBAKen & Donna 
Host; Michele Corum

Michele is back with the holiday lights drive ending with her hospitality into her home above the lights. Details to follow don't forget to mark your calendars.

(01/27/16) EVENT POSTED: Annual Fall Drive @ 10/22/2016, TBAKen & Donna 
Host: Dave & Patty Scharlach

Mark your calendars, details will posted at a later date.

(01/27/16) EVENT POSTED: Snow Passes @ 6/25/2016, TBAKen & Donna 
This date in June is going to be a rolling date depending upon the opening of the passes. Who knows this year it could even be July. We also need a host for this event.

(01/27/16) EVENT POSTED: Filoli Estate @ 3/26/2016, TBAKen & Donna 
Here are the details of a tour of the Filoli Estate. Go to this web page for more info and there is a aerial view video of the gardens.

Tours of Filoli can be self guided or by docent. They are open from 10:00am to 3:30pm on Tuesdays thru Sundays from February 9 until October 23. House and garden tours are $20 for adults and $17 for seniors. Garden only tours are $10. They do not say reservations are required but are likely needed for docent tours.

This is a destination drive where we will meet at the Filoli Mansion for the tour. It has been suggested that we do self guided tour but maybe we need a leader that would want to arrange reservations for a group tour. Filoli considers a group being 12 or more. We can see what the interest is and go from there. After tour we will do lunch. Again it was suggested that we eat at
Harry’s Hofbrau in Redwood City. If we can get a leader for this tour that is that could certainly change and even add a short drive to the day.

(11/18/15) EVENT POSTED: Annual Planning Meeting @ 1/23/2016, TBAKen & Donna 

Duplicate post.....sorry

(11/18/15) EVENT POSTED: Annual Planning Meeting @ 1/23/2016, TBAKen & Donna 
We are interested in a restaurant in the upper peninsula, so. SF, San Bruno, Milbrae. A few places have been checked, Outback and Cheesecake Factory In Hillsdale. Although neither had private areas maybe if we get there early enough they could seat us all together. All ideas are welcome.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Due to Rogue fire conditions this drive has been canceled. Thanks Rich for keeping us updated
(03/13/15) EVENT UPDATED: San Juan Bautista Backroads @ 4/25/2015Ken & Donna 
Hosted by Ken Starback and Jerry Zack

(03/13/15) San Juan Bautista BackroadsKen & Donna 
The date for this event is April 25th not the 24th
(01/18/15) EVENT POSTED: Blackhawk Museum Tour/Dinner @ 3/1/2015Ken & Donna 
Hosted by our own Docent Fred Kern

(01/18/15) EVENT POSTED: Ebbetts Pass Scenic Byway @ 5/16/2015Ken & Donna 
Date subject to change: This drive will be announced when pass opens after winter closure.

(01/18/15) EVENT POSTED: Annual Northern Coastal Drive @ 6/6/2015Ken & Donna 
Hosted by Lauren Thollander - Dinner the night before for those arriving day prior to drive

(01/18/15) EVENT POSTED: Amador County Drive/Fire Works at Rancho Murietta @ 7/4/2015Ken & Donna 
Hosted by Patty & Dave Scharlach

(01/18/15) EVENT POSTED: Penninsula Drive @ 7/18/2015Ken & Donna 
Hosted by Dave & Shirley Bostic

(01/18/15) EVENT POSTED: First Annual Summer BBQ Potluck @ 8/22/2015Ken & Donna 
Hosted by Bob & Gwynne Shelton

(01/18/15) EVENT POSTED: Kings Canyon Drive @ 9/19/2015Ken & Donna 
Two day event hosted by Rich & Bobbi Geisler

(01/18/15) EVENT POSTED: Annual Gold Country Dtrive @ 10/24/2015Ken & Donna 
Hosted by Patty & David Schsrlach

(01/18/15) EVENT POSTED: First Annual Holiday Feast Potluck @ 11/14/2015Ken & Donna 
Hosted by Dietrich & Mary Schultz - Foster City

(01/12/15) ReminderKen & Donna 
Annual planning meeting this Saturday January 17. If you plan to attend please sign up if you haven't yet.
(12/16/14) EVENT POSTED: Annual Planning Meeting @ 1/17/2015, 4:00Ken & Donna 
This meeting will be at Cattlemen’s Restaurant that is located at 2882 Kitty Hawk Road, Livermore off of 580.

(12/16/14) Site is now up..Ken & Donna 
(03/09/14) Website status.BSR Systems 
Michelle has posted the 2014 rides on the BAZ Facebook page. I've been trying to get hold of the baz website tech person with no luck. Tomorrow i will try to talk to the Talysis tech guy to see if he can help. In the meantime please use the Facebook website.
(11/13/13) EVENT POSTED: 2014 Annual Planning Dinner @ 1/18/2014BSR Systems 

(11/04/13) EVENT UPDATED: deleted @ 0/0Kick Me 

Out of consideration for the Pettit family members, please refrain from posting anything regarding the investigation currently in progress. This matter needs to be resolved by the MPD and will not be helped by commentary. If you want to discuss it keep it in personal e-mail to avoid hurting family and friends with comments that may cause harm. If you have any info that could be deemed as helpful please send it to the MPD. Thank You.
Bob Shelton
(08/10/13) Memorial for Scott and Janet PettitBSR Systems 
This was posted by Brandon today.
The memorial is this Wednesday, August 14th at 4pm in riverbank near my dads karate school (location tbd). There will be a reception following the memorial at my dads karate school (3342 Santa Fe, corner of 4th street, Riverbank ca). Ill send out an official message tomorrow afternoon once the service location has been confirmed. Thank you
2 hours ago
Please let people know they can bring a photo(s) of my mom/dad to include in a scrapbook we are making at the reception
(08/09/13) The passing of Scott and Janet Pettit.BSR Systems 
The following was posted this morning. It is very sad. Scott and Janet were great supporters of many causes including BAZ. Our thoughts are with Brandon and Lauren during this terrible time.

Rich Geissler
I never like posting sad news, especially when it hits home like this does.

It is with a great amount of sorrow to let you all know that Scott Pettit & Janet Pettit is no longer with us. Scott drives the '57 Morgan as well as the '60's Corvette to the meet.

Scott & Janet perished in an early house fire this morning.
We will be working with Central Valley Car Club on how to donate to his family in a time
of such tragedy.

This months meet will be in Honor of Scott.

Scott, you will always be missed.
(08/03/13) NEWS UPDATED: BSR Systems 
(01/28/13) EVENT POSTED: Holiday Lights Drive @ 12/7/2013Kick Me 
December 7
Holiday Lights Drive
This fun evening drive of holiday lights and festive cheer will be located in the Pleasanton/Livermore area this year.
Host: Michele Corum Morales

(01/28/13) EVENT POSTED: Mosquito Ridge / Gold Country Drive @ 10/12/2013Kick Me 
October 12
Mosquito Ridge Drive
As in years past, this popular drive will start with Breakfast at David & Patty's.
Hosts: David and Patty Scharlach

(01/28/13) EVENT POSTED: Marin Backroads @ 9/14/2013Kick Me 
September 14
Marin Backroads
Lisa will be hosting this drive again this year, with multiple meet-up locations along the way!
Host: Lisa DeBenedetti

(01/28/13) EVENT POSTED: Festorics @ 8/16/2013Kick Me 
August 16-17-18
BMW CCA's Festorics
This popular no-host event is fun for all. More information can be found at

(01/28/13) EVENT POSTED: Monterey Backroads @ 7/13/2013Kick Me 
July 13
Monterey Backroads
It's back! This time, David and Sue will be our mighty guides over the spectacular Monterey Backroads!
Hosts: David and Sue Wilkins

(01/28/13) EVENT POSTED: North Coast Drive @ 6/8/2013Kick Me 
June 8
North Coast Drive – From Calistoga to the Pacific
This drive will start with breakfast (by Patty) at Lauren's house.
Host: Lauren Thollander

(01/28/13) EVENT POSTED: Hwy 49 from North to South @ 5/17/2013Kick Me 
May 17-18-19
Highway 49 from North to South
This drive will follow Highway 49 from above Quincy to Kings Canyon with several overnight stops on the way. Folks can join in from the begging or join up along the way.
Host: Steve Fisk

(01/28/13) EVENT POSTED: Ano Nueo State Park Drive @ 3/16/2013, 0800Kick Me 
March 16
Año Nuevo State Park Drive
In time for the Elephant Seals, Año Nuevo State Park will be the highlight of this drive along the San Mateo and Santa Clara coast.
Host: Bob Shelton

(01/28/13) EVENT POSTED: Fresno to Pismo Beach @ 2/23/2013, 0800Kick Me 
Fresno to Pismo Beach with the UZ3CC
The departure is from In & Out Burger, 8010 N. Blackstone, Fresno @ 8:30 am. The activities include drive, group lunch, shopping @ the Pismo Premium Outlets and walk on the Pismo pier.
Host: Steve Fisk

(01/14/13) EVENT POSTED: Annual Planning Meeting @ 1/26/2013, 20:00:00Kick Me 
2882 Kitty Hawk Rd
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 447-1224

Please email Michelle at with YOUR head count so that she can let Cattleman's our numbers. Please bring your ideas for events and drives, a calendar and pen / pencil.

Also, we would like to start on time so please arrive a bit early.


(09/23/12) EVENT UPDATED: Columbia Haunted Tour @ 10/20/2012, 0800Kick Me 

Date change!!! October 20, 2012!!!

Lisa checked on the Ghost Tour in Columbia. It is only conducted on October 20th, so we will be changing the date to then. The tour is held from 3 to 4 P.M. The park website said space is limited so you will need to call in advance to make reservations. Cost is $10/person.

The phone number to make reservations is (209) 588-9128.

We will meet up in Manteca and start the drive from there. The time and location are to be determined, most likely a Starbucks.

Please post up on the BAZ website when you've made your reservations so we can keep track.

Leaders: Lisa DeBenedetti, Steve Fisk, Pat McGhee

(07/27/12) EVENT UPDATED: FIX IT WEEKEND @ 9/15/2012, 08:00:00Kick Me 
**********PLEASE NOTE THE NEW DATE AND HOURS***********************************

This will be a 2 day event.

Do you have an issue that you would like fixed, flattened out or polished?

We are planning to repair various issues such as rear shock mounts, seat bushings, rattling glove boxes, door dings, dull head lights and many other issues that you would like addressed. We are also going to do some detailing and a VANOS clinic.

This event will be held at Scott Pettit's house in Modesto.

Tools for the various repairs and detailing will be available however you need to bring your own cleaning supplies. We will provide the buckets, towels and soaps. A lift is available for those who need to get under their car.

We are also planning some drives for those who want to hit the road.

I am working on special rates at a few hotels that are just a few minutes from my house and a menu for those with an appetite.

Leaders: Steve Fisk and Scott Pettit

(07/25/12) EVENT UPDATED: ZSCCA ZFest 2012 @ 8/30/2012, 0800Kick Me 
Annual ZSCCA National event-ZFest in Greenville, SC

Convoy Leader: Steve Fisk

This message is an invite from a great group in Texas:

Hey Scott.....just a note that if you know or hear of anyone from points west going to ZFest--they are more than welcome to join up with us. Fyi...our route from last year was just too incredible not to do was like a 1200 mile Dragon all the way to S.Carolina. At present plans are to leave 'Hot' Texas on Sunday Aug 26 and be in Mt Ida Ak that night. From there its all smooth,twisty mountain roads. Just can't can have anyone contact me for more updated details the closer we get....and many thanks for your support...Roger Williams;Austin, Tx

(07/23/12) EVENT UPDATED: Mosquito Ridge / Gold Country Drive @ 11/10/2012, 0800Kick Me 
Details TBA

Leaders: Patty and David Scharlach

(07/15/12) Passing of a good friendBSR Systems 
For all the old-timers here this is a bit of sad news. Doug Richardson [bdougr] passed away today, Sunday, July 15th at 140 PM. Doug has had a long fight with ALS and chose to end that fight. He was asleep and at peace when the time came.

Doug's wife Trina has asked that no one call today to give the family time to grieve in peace. I will be posting here with any plans that the family has for memorials and the like.

For Gwynne and I, Doug was our first contact in the Z3 community and he quickly made us feel at home. He just as quickly became a friend and part of the family. He will be missed.
(06/18/12) EVENT UPDATED: Calistoga to the Coast @ 7/22/2012, 0800Kick Me 
This is a Sunday drive with lunch at the River's End Resturant at the north end of Jenner. We will meet in Calistoga at The Roastery Coffee shop on the main street at 9:30am, parking on Washington at the bank accross from the fire station.....We will be driving Stewart's Point Rd. onto Tin Barn Rd. to come out at the coast... depending on time and what drivers want to do will dictate the route back.
If anyone wants to come Sat.I will plan a BBQ at our house... you will need to be willing to drive almost 1/2 mile of very smooth, gravel road.

Leader: Lauren Thollander

(05/02/12) EVENT UPDATED: Santa Cruz to Bonnie Doon via Skyline @ 8/11/2012, 0800Kick Me 
This Event Has Been Cancelled.

(04/17/12) EVENT UPDATED: Highway 1 North and Golden Gate Bridge @ 5/19/2012, 0800Kick Me 

This drive will take us through Marin County with a stop at Mt. Tamalpais and Marin French Cheese Company as a lunch stop. Some of the roads that we will drive will be: Shoreline Hwy, Panoramic Hwy, Ridgecrest Blvd, Bolinas Road, Marshall-Petaluma Road, Valley Ford Road, Bodega Ave, Nicasio Valley Road & Lucas Valley Road. End point is Northgate Mall in San Rafael.

Since I’ll be traveling from the San Jose area, my starting point will be at the Chevron Station on Coleman Ave, by the In & Out Burger. I plan to be here at 8:45 am for those who want to convoy up to the San Francisco area. We will leave at 9:AM SHARP PLEASE BE FUELED AND READY TO DEPART ON TIME.

For those of you that would like to convoy across the Golden Gate Bridge, a second staging area will be in Golden Gate Park on Martin Luther King Drive (between 25th Ave and 19th Ave, by Elk Glen Meadow) between at 10:00am. The road is wide enough there to parallel park.

The official start will be at the vista point, on the Marin side of the Golden Gate Bridge at 10:15 am.

Radios will be on and tuned to the usual channel. You can reach me by phone: 408-348-6098.

Bring a lunch. The Marin French Cheese Co has lots of cheese but not many choices for buying a lunch. They do, however have a great picnic area over looking a pond with plenty of room for all the cars. I’ve left dinner open to discussion. Please see the "replys" for any additional info. Thanks!

Looking forward to seeing you. – Lisa

Leader: Lisa DeBenedeti

(03/31/12) EVENT UPDATED: Vanos Repair Clinic @ 5/26/2012, 10:00BSR Systems 
Coordinators: Steve Fisk

Luca has graciously agreed to hold a Vanos repair clinic for us. This entails the r & r of the seals which break down over time. This leads to rattling, performance lost and other issues.

Where this will be held is yet TBD. It takes some coordination since there are part that need to be ordered in advance.

(02/01/12) NEWS UPDATED: JZ3's Beautiful M Roadster is SOLD!!!BSR Systems 
Jerry's 2000 Titanium Silver M Roadster has been sold. Thanks for your interest
(01/24/12) EVENT POSTED: Holiday Lights Tour @ 12/1/2012, 0800Kick Me 
Featuring the Festival of Lights in Vasona Park, Los Gatos ending with a cookie exchange and hot beverages the Griswold House (David & Sue Wilkins house).

Details TBA

Leaders: Michele Corum & Tony Morales

(01/24/12) EVENT POSTED: Airline Highway to Cambria/ Paso Robles @ 9/29/2012, 0800Kick Me 
2 Day event....September 29-30

Details TBA

Leader: Dave and Sue Wilkins

(01/24/12) EVENT POSTED: Stanford Linear Accelerator Tour / Drive to Santa Cruz @ 6/16/2012, 0800Kick Me 
Details TBA

Leader: Dave Bostic

(01/24/12) EVENT POSTED: Monterey Backroads @ 4/14/2012, 0800Kick Me 
Details TBA

Leader: Pat McGhee

(01/24/12) EVENT POSTED: Graham Paige Museum-DeRose Vinyards @ 2/18/2012, 0800Kick Me 
Graham Paige Museum-DeRose Vinyards, Hollister


Leader: Fred Kern / Steve Fisk

(01/15/12) Chance to buy a beautiful Z3BSR Systems 
Doug and Trina Richardson have their beautiful 2001 Atlanta Blue roadster for sale. The car is immaculate and has 71k loving miles on it. Anyone interested please leave me a message on or send me an e-mail.
(12/09/11) EVENT POSTED: Annual Planning Meeting @ 1/21/2012, 16:00:00Kick Me 
2012 Annual Planning Meeting

January 21, 2012 @ 4:00 pm

2882 Kitty Hawk Rd
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 447-1224

Bring your ideas and your calendars to help us plan our drives and events for 2012. Everyone is welcome!

(12/06/11) EVENT UPDATED: Hearst Castle Decorated For Christmas @ 12/17/2011, 08:00:00Kick Me 
This is a repeat of an incredible event. When we have the details, an email will be sent out as tickets for the special evening tours of the Castle must be purchased ASAP due the tours selling out and we want to all be on the same tour (duh).

Details TBA

(07/06/11) EVENT UPDATED: Gold Country Tour @ 10/15/2011, 08:00:00Kick Me 
This is another very popular BAZ event. The date listed is used as a place marker only and the exact day will be posted.

Leaders: David and Patty

(06/23/11) EVENT UPDATED: ZFest 2011-Greenville @ 9/1/2011, 08:00:00Kick Me 
The largest gathering of BMW Z's in North America if not the world.

Labor Day weekend with a convoy of BAZ members planned for to and from.

Details TBA

(05/03/11) The passing of Richard (Cookie) CookBSR Systems 
I'm sorry to report that long-time BAZ member Richard "Cookie" Cook passed away on Sunday, 1 March 2011. He was diagnosed with Metastatic bladder cancer in January of this year and had been fighting to defeat this terrible disease since then. Unfortunately, the disease had already spread to his bones by the time the diagnosis was issued, and this made the battle almost impossible to win.

Cookie became a BAZ member in 2002 and immediately became active in all areas of the Z3 scene. He was a mechanic with SAMTRANS, and brought his significant skills to every event he attended. in particular donating his time and efforts to our "Dent Days" and "Fix-it Days", helping install seat bushings, installing speaker and amplifier upgrades, doing minor and major engine work, helping with oil changes and whatever other members needed. He was always there when asked for help.

Approximately 4 years ago he became enraptured with a new love, the Honda Goldwing motorcycle. He quickly applied his typical fervor to his newest toy, joining the Naked Goldwing motorcycle club [NGWCUB.COM] where he quickly became a major player in the club. Visit thier site to see his impact on that group.

Cookie was truly one of the nice guys and always left a positive impact on everyone he met. For those of us "Old Timers" who had the pleasure of knowing him, he will be sorely missed. To those who never met him, an opportunity has passed.

His wife Christine is planning a memorial in late May and will keep us informed. We send our deepest condolences to her and ask her to call us if there is anything that we can do in this stressful time.

Cookie, keep the stereo up, the throttle to the floor and the top down so we can find you when we all go on our final tour. And be careful on the Goldwing, those things can kill you...
(04/23/11) EVENT UPDATED: Yosemite and Bass Lake @ 5/14/2011, 08:00:00Kick Me 
Last Sunday Bobbi and I with our granddaughter drove the route. Wow the river is high and the waterfalls are coming to life. We will start at 9:30 am at the Starbucks in Atwater like two years ago. (1640 Bell Lane, Atwater, Ca. 95301.) There is some fast food and an Arco gas station there as well. We will drive out the back way to Merced falls; take the Hornitos Rd to Catheys Valley and then Hwy 140 into Yosemite. There is a $20 entrance fee. We will stop for lunch at a small parking area just as we get into the park. So everyone bring a pick a nick lunch. There tables and it is next to the river. I took us about 2 ½ hours to drive this. After lunch drive the rest of the way into the park. Due to the parking in the valley. Everyone can explore the valley on their own. Meet no later than 3pm at the Tunnel View on Hwy 41 headed toured Fresno. We will head to Bass Lake where I made dinner reservations at Ducey’s on the Lake for 5pm. It took us about 1 ½ hours from the Tunnel View to drive. I will have to give them a good had count a few days prior. A lot of the Antique and Classic boats should be docked there. Any questions or suggestion please feel free to call or E-mail me. 209-205-0707
Rich Geissler (KingRichi)

(04/06/11) EVENT POSTED: Gold Country Drive @ 4/30/2011, 08:00:00Kick Me 
David and I have been asked to repeat the drive we had in April last year and of course it will be our pleasure to do so. David and I have found more twisties to enhance that drive. For those who missed the drive last April, you missed out on some of the finest curves, drop away views, hidden canyons, and quiet spots.

Of course...breakfast will be served! 8:30 to 9:45. Departure is 10:00. Despite a hearty breakfast, you will need to bring along a lunch bag. Lunch stop will be about 1:00 pm in the gas. You will need to gas up in Rancho Murieta before you come for breakfast. Please let me know if you have diet restrictions or allergies. We will have some veggie dishes available too.

The drive will end in Copperopolis (highway 4)for dinner at 6:00 pm. Yes, an hour later than our target for last April. It appears folks did not want to be rushed from our two rest stops last year; so we will linger just a bit longer.

Anyone intending to come up Friday night..let me know and we'll plan some dinner.

(03/18/11) EVENT UPDATED: Monterey Backroads @ 4/16/2011, 08:00:00Kick Me 

(02/20/11) EVENT UPDATED: Snow in Yosemite @ 3/26/2011, 08:00:00Kick Me 
Details TBA

Leader: Pat

This drive will meet in Modesto and proceed to Yosemite via backroads out of Modesto and entering the park from the North. If we have time and everyone wants to, we may be able to swing through Hetch Hetchy which is considered by many to be more beautiful than Yosemite and is often referred to as Little Yosemite.

Then, on in to the park with a drive around the Valley and exit via 140 to the west. This will give us a different perspective of the park and the back roads of Merced County than we will get when we do the 140 Eastbound entrance and southern exit to Bass Lake in May.

(02/02/11) EVENT UPDATED: Napa Valley Drive and Wine Tasting @ 6/4/2011, 08:00:00Kick Me 
This is a drive only in the sense that we will drive on some great little roads to get to the wineries I have in mind. We'll meet up in St. Helena and head to Buehler Winery, beautiful view and great wine. Then I was thinking of lunch at the Silverado Brewery, they have good food and good beer too. After that we'll go to the other side of the valley and visit Cain Winery... beautiful spot. The times and other wineries will be added after I find out how many we will be.

More Details TBA

Leader: Lauren Thollander

(02/02/11) EVENT UPDATED: Back Roads to and Around Lake Tahoe @ 6/25/2011, 08:00:00Kick Me 
This will be a 2 day event.

This drive will start in Placerville and travel the back roads to Mormon Emigrant Trail, to Hwy 88, then to Hwy 89 north, through Meyers and around Lake Tahoe going clockwise so the lake is always on your right. We will make a stop for lunch (site to be determined) and stay Saturday night possibly on the north side of the lake, either at Crystal Bay (at the state line) or Incline Village. Sunday morning we will continue around the lake to South Lake Tahoe where drivers can choose Hwy 50 or 88 as their route home, or drivers can choose to take Hwy 80 home from the north without continuing around the lake.

More Details TBA

Trip Leaders: Tina and John Caparella

(01/30/11) EVENT POSTED: 4th Annual New Years Day Brunch-Drive-Dinner @ 1/1/2012, 08:00:00Kick Me 
Another popular event involving food, fuel and more food.

Leaders: Patty and David & Scott and Janet

(01/30/11) EVENT POSTED: Santa Clara and Santa Cruz County Backroads @ 11/5/2011, 08:00:00Kick Me 
Details TBA

Leader: Michelle

(01/30/11) EVENT POSTED: Sequoia-Kings Canyons Parks @ 9/24/2011, 08:00:00Kick Me 
This will be a 2 day event.

Leader: Scott Pettit

Details TBA

(01/30/11) EVENT POSTED: Crater Lake or Mt Shasta @ 8/1/2011, 08:00:00Kick Me 
This will be a multi day event and the date shown is only so that the forum will allow me post it. The dates need to be determined.

(01/30/11) EVENT POSTED: Mid Summer BBQ @ 7/16/2011, 08:00:00Kick Me 
Details TBA

(12/14/10) EVENT UPDATED: 3rd Annual New Years Day Brunch, Drive and Dinner @ 1/1/2011, 00:08:00Kick Me 
Planning for the 3rd annual New Years Day brunch / drive / dinner is well under way it looks like it is gonna be spectacular.

The event will have the traditional brunch at David and Patty's followed by a drive via some twisties to Scott and Janet's for a traditional southern dinner plus some California cuisine.

Please post which aspects of the event you are participating and the numbers of souls in your car. This will help us plan each of the menus.


(12/07/10) EVENT POSTED: Annual Planning Meeting @ 1/29/2011, 16:00:00Kick Me 
This is our annual planning meeting where everyone gets a chance to get their event ideas put on the calendar.

4 PM to 6 PM

Cattleman's Steak House
2882 Kitty Hawk Road, Livermore
(925) 447-1224

Cattleman's has a great menu and is a favorite of most of our members. They have hosted this annual event for many years and the staff does a wonderful job.

Please be sure to bring a calendar and pencil and lots of ideas. Drives, overnights, lunches, dinners, trips to a unique destination are all welcome.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

(10/16/10) EVENT UPDATED: Z Series Car Club of America Web Site @ 12/31/2011, 00:08:00Kick Me 
Here is the link for the ZSCCA web site.

(06/01/10) EVENT UPDATED: Yosemite, Lee Vining and Sonora Pass @ 7/10/2010, 00:08:00Kick Me 

I plan to start at Rancho San Miguel Grocery Store. (1930 Yosemite Parkway Merced, Ca.) Hwy 140. This store has a deli in it and a small food court so everyone can get snacks and food for a Pick-a Nic Lunch. Meet at 9am. Gassed up and full of Coffee. Leave at 9:30 am. For gas mileage we will head straight out Hwy 140 up thru Mariposa and along the Merced River into Yosemite. Maybe make a loop thru the valley and then head up toward Tuolumne Meadows. Stopping for site seeing. Planning on a Picnic lunch by Tuolumne Meadows. Then continue on to Lee Vining. Eat Dinner at Bodie Mike’s BBQ. The next Morning (We will set the start time Sat. night) drive north on HWY 395 and then head home on HWY 120 over Sonora pass. I would like to take a group picture at the pass. At this point if the group would like, because everyone has a different schedule, continue on home at there own pace. It is approximately 150 miles from Merced to Lee Vining and 122 miles from Lee Vining to Sonora. For hotels in Lee Vining I Googled Lee Vining and found some links. I just made a reservation at the Murpheys Motel. $98.00 $110.00 after taxes. I’m looking forward to this drive, never been over the Sonora Pass.

(05/25/10) EVENT POSTED: BMW Ultimate Driving Event @ 6/16/2010, 11:00:00Kick Me 
This is the replacement of the Breast Cancer Drive for the Cure.

I am planning to have a BAZ info table out as a recruitment event. The dealer is providing BMW's, Audi and MB's for side by side and drive by drive comparison. Our dealership typically caters the event throughout the day so it should be fun.

If anyone has BAZ photos or video that you want to share, please email it / them to me and I will include it in the audio video part of the display.



(03/16/10) EVENT UPDATED: Crater CruZe @ 7/23/2010, 08:00:00Kick Me 
July 23-25th

This is a resurrection of an annual event that was extremely popular. After a brief hiatus, it is back and should be better than ever. Led by Z3BigDaddy, this 2 day event will visit Oregon's Crater Lake

Z3BigDaddy (Blain) was the mastermind behind 10 Years Of Curves in Las Vegas back in '06 and those who participated remember how much fun we had.

For more info, email Blaine at:


(02/25/10) EVENT POSTED: Pinnacles Drive and Tour @ 5/8/2010, 08:00:00Kick Me 

Our Bay Area Z Club is joining the BMW Golden Gate Chapter for a drive to the Pinnacles. Once there, we'll eat our bagged lunch, before hiking down a trail through a few caves. Plan on lots of beautiful scenery, warm sun, and fresh air.

More details to follow.

Trip Co-leaders: David Wilkins (Bay Area Z) and Michael DoCouto (GGC)"

(02/23/10) EVENT POSTED: 5th Annual Favorite Rides Car Show @ 6/23/2010, 17:00:00Kick Me 
This is the 5th year that I have hosted a car show in Riverbank and each year the event grows and brings in some great cars and people.

As we introduced last year, we will have a team of judges perusing the vehicles and awarding several "People's Choice Awards". This year, instead of plaques, we will be handing out large, multi-column trophies.

As I have done the past 4 years, I will set aside special parking for Bay Area Z.

Finally, as we did last year, I will plan a drive for that afternoon to a great eatery.

(02/19/10) EVENT UPDATED: ZFest Los Angeles @ 9/2/2010, 00:08:00Kick Me 
Labor Day weekend Thursday, Friday and Saturday

After 13 years of us driving to the East Coast, ZFest 2010 is coming to Southern California. The host hotel is the Hyatt Hotel in Valencia. We have some incredible drives planned along with museums, a concours, clinics, vendors, one of the Z4 Design Team members from BMW, great dinners, live music, a dance and more.

The ZFest website has opened and the host hotel is selling rooms an at //M pace. Go to for more info.


(02/17/10) EVENT POSTED: The Sierra Passes- A 2 Day Adventure @ 6/12/2010, 08:00:00Kick Me 
Leaders Tequila Mike and Terry. 510 508-4915

We will meet for Breakfast at Murphy's hotel in Murphys Ca.. Drive over Ebbitts pass and then Monitor Pass, dinner at Basque place in Garnerville and overnight in Carson, drive back on 88 next day to Sutter Creek than home.

People who can only make it a one day drive can leave as needed and return on Hwy 88, 4, 395 to 120 or what ever.
I will arrange the following if agreeable to all.
Saturday, 9AM: Gold room at Murphys Hotel, for breakfast
1PM Lunch at the Basque place in Garnerville.

1PM Lunch in Sutter creek on Sunday. Wonderful little town a must see.

(02/08/10) POLL POSTED: Would you like to vote on a new poll?wyu 
Would you like to vote on a new poll?
Yes 9 (60%)
No 2 (13.33%)
Uhh...isn't this a new poll? 2 (13.33%)

15 vote(s) have been tallied. Voting on this topic has ended.
Click here to view/post comments about this poll. (22 replies)

(01/26/10) EVENT POSTED: Foothills-Gold Country @ 4/17/2010, 08:00:00Kick Me 
Trip Leader: Patty and David

Details TBA

(01/25/10) EVENT POSTED: Santa Cruz Backroads @ 11/6/2010, 08:00:00Kick Me 
Trip Leader: Michele Corum

Details TBA

(01/25/10) EVENT POSTED: Mt Hamilton @ 3/13/2010, 08:00:00Kick Me 
Trip Leader: Michele Corum

Details TBA

(01/25/10) Website Downtimewyu 
My previous domain registrar (Parava) was decertified last year so all my domains were transferred over to TuCows/Hover. Of course, emails from asking me to reconfirm my billing information seemed like a phishing attempt so I ignored them all until Bob emailed me to say this domain expired.

I've re-registered though looks to have been taken away by some Russian hacker during the transfer+blackout period. So for symmetry purposes, I will let expire also and keep BAZ w/ no numbers as the only domain.
(11/11/09) EVENT UPDATED: Annual New Years Day Event @ 1/1/2010, 08:00:00Kick Me 
This is the second year of the Annual New Years Day event.

Brunch at Patty and Davids: 11 to 12:30

Depart for the drive at 12:30 (that's TWELVE THIRTY)

Dinner at Scott's: 4 to 6

Please include:

If attending brunch



and how many in your party.



(11/10/09) EVENT POSTED: Annual Planning Meeting @ 1/16/2010, 16:00:00Kick Me 
This is our annual planning meeting to be held from 4 to 7 PM at:

2882 Kitty Hawk Rd Livermore, CA
Phone: 925-447-1224

Please bring all of your wants and wishes for 2010 events. Also, I suggest that you post them here so they can be previewed before the meeting.

See you then,


(10/17/09) EVENT POSTED: Riverbank 41st Annual Christmas Parade @ 12/5/2009, 08:00:00Kick Me 
I am the chairperson of this years community Christmas Parade and this is the letter that I have sent to all vehicle owners who wish to participate.

Last year, BAZ members Pat and Lynette won 1st place in their division and just happen to be on TV. I hope that more BAZ members can join us for this event.

"The 41st Annual Riverbank Christmas parade is about 6 weeks away and it looks like it is going to be the best parade yet. Last year, we had a great turnout of wonderful cars, trucks and motorcycles and we want to do even better this year.

Something new this year, will be the judging of the vehicles prior to the parade. Judges will be in the line up area and the winners will be announced at the awards presentation immediately following the parade. We will have First, Second and Third place in multiple divisions and the best part is that you do not have to pay any entry fee. The Riverbank Favorite Rides Car Show is sponsoring all of the vehicle entries so you fee is covered.

If you have already notified me that you are participating in the parade, great. If you haven't, what are you waiting for??? This is a fun way to show of your pride and joy, and inspire people who would not otherwise attend a car show, to get interested in what we all take for granted.

If are planning to join us, we ask that you decorate you vehicle for the holiday. You can be as creative as you like-from a simple wreath to a full blown rolling advertisement for the North Pole. Remember, you are judged not only on the vehicle, but also on how it is decorated (however the judges will not be doing any white glove inspections). It is just an overall judgement.

And finally, I am the emcee. So as you pass in front of the judging booth, I will announce your entry with the pride of a collector.

Date: Saturday, December 5th.
Time: 8:30 AM if you do want to be judged
9 AM if you do not want to be judged
Where: Riverbank Community Center
3600 Santa Fe Street

The parade kicks off at 10 AM and concludes about 11 AM after winding through the newly renovated downtown. The award ceremony follows at the community gym, across the street from the line up area.

If you plan to enter, please email me:

Year, make and model

Name of owner / driver

Any cool info that I can mention about your entry (awards, unique history, production numbers). The crowd loves this stuff.

Finally, I love to play music as entries pass the reviewing stand. If you have a song that you would like played, include the song name and artist and I will download it for you.

It's gonna be a great day in Riverbank. I hope that you will join us.

Scott Pettit
Favorite Ride Car Shows

(06/27/09) EVENT UPDATED: Fourth Of July BBQ Cancelled @ 7/4/2009, 18:00:00Kick Me 
Since most folks have other plans, I am going to cancel this event and go drive in a parade.

Have a safe and insane 4th!

(06/05/09) EVENT UPDATED: Yosemite CANCELLED @ 6/6/2009, 08:00:00Kick Me 

(05/23/09) EVENT POSTED: EuroSunday and The Belmont Concours d' Eleganza @ 6/7/2009, 08:00:00Kick Me 
On Sunday, June 7th in Fresno

EuroSunday is a free informal event open to all local car and motorcycle clubs as well as individual owners. EuroSunday is geared towards the super exotic, rare, and vintage Euro cars and motorcycles. We do welcome all types of cars and motorcycles to attend and showcase their rides.

This event will be followed by:

The Belmont Concours d' Eleganza

Reviving a San Joaquin Valley tradition, The Belmont Concours d’Eleganza premiers Sunday June 7, 2009
with more than 200 of the most stunning automobiles staged alongside the majestic backdrop of Belmont Country Club.

Fred and I will be showing a car at the Concours d' Eleganza

Feel free to email me or call me at:


(04/07/09) EVENT POSTED: Riverbank Favorite Rides Car Show @ 6/24/2009, 17:00:00Kick Me 
This is the car show that I host every year in Riverbank. It starts at 5PM and ends at 8PM.

We will park our cars together in a nice shady spot.

Also, as in past years, we will do a convoy for lunch at the Road House Diner in Knights Ferry with a back roads return to Riverbank. Please post if you are doing the show, lunch or both. If you plan to attend the lunch, please post how many will be in your car.

See you in Riverbank,


(04/05/09) EVENT UPDATED: Ozark ZSCCA Visit to Utah, Arizona and Nevada @ 5/17/2009, 08:00:00Kick Me 
The Ozark Chapter of the ZSCCA will be driving form Arkansas and Missouri to Utah, Arizona and Nevada, visiting the various sites and places that folks visit.

Here is the planned schedule:

We'll be arriving in St George, actually Washington, UT just north of St George on the 17th. Here is the itinerary for that time frame.
M 18th Zion National Park
T 19th Bryce Canyon National Park
W 20th Grand Canyon, south rim
Th 21st Las Vegas (Red Canyon if folks agree)
F 22nd Las Vegas

If you plan to do any part of this adventure, please email me so that I can let Dave and Dana know.

BAZ convoy leader: Scott Pettit

(04/05/09) EVENT UPDATED: Pacific Grove Concours Auto Rally @ 8/14/2009, 08:00:00Kick Me 
This is the best event of the entire race week in Monterey in my opinion. After showing our cars in downtown PG, the CHP gave all 250 cars an escort thru 17 mile drive and other areas. Folks lined the route and cheered on all of the cars. Even the mansions along 17 mile drive had front yard parties to celebrate the event.

Details TBA

Leader: Scott Pettit

Here is a link to last years event. It was a blast.

(03/24/09) EVENT POSTED: VANOS Repair Clinic for Z3 and Z4 @ 5/30/2009, 08:00:00Kick Me 
This clinic will be on both Saturday and Sunday so that we can accommodate as many cars as possible. It is being run by Luca Paindelli from San Diego

WHAT: Replace the seals (all VANOS units on M52, S52, M52TU and M54) and bearing race (single-VANOS only on M52 and S52) with the Beisan kit. You can read more about the symptoms and the fix in the FAQ section of the Beisan website

WHEN: Saturday May 30th and Sunday May 31st

WHERE: Scott Pettit's house (Modesto, CA)

WHO: BMW Z3s and Z4s

I will post more details and they became available. Meanwhile I would really appreciate if people interested in doing this could send me an email with their name and last 7 digits of the VIN. It's just to keep track of it an set up a mailing list.

Free BBQ and cold drinks will be served by "Bubba's Catering".

(03/08/09) EVENT UPDATED: Napa-Lake Berryessa-Calistoga @ 3/28/2009, 09:45:00Kick Me 
We will DEPART at 9:45 AM from the The Calistoga Roastery located at 1426 Lincoln Ave. and the Putah Creek Cafe is 1 Main St. Winters. Please be fueled and ready to depart ON TIME.

If anyone is planning on spending Friday night let me know. Maybe I can get something together. I'd even think about something at my house except I know no one wants to drive on a gravel road. If we have some rain it won't be dusty and it's very smooth, Let me know what you think.

Leader: Lauren

(03/01/09) EVENT UPDATED: ZFest 2009 @ 9/3/2009, 08:00:00Kick Me 
Great newZ, registration for ZFEST 2009 is officially open and we are well on our way to to a great event. Hats off to Chris and Robin for creating a registration system that is easy to use and comprehensive in the way it processes everyone’s registration and then sends a confirmation with detailed information immediately via email to the registrant.

If you did not register and pay yesterday, it is important that you do so no later than this Wednesday, March 3rd. Your pre-registration that was done some weeks ago does NOT guarantee you a place at ZFEST, it only allowed our system to simplify the final registration process. You must finalize the registration process at

I cannot stress the importance of you completing this process by Wednesday as we need to send about $20,000.00 (you read it right) in deposits to the various venues and without an exact head count, we cannot guarantee you a place at the Thursday reception, Friday dinner cruise or Saturday dinner and awards presentation. All of these are ticketed events and you will not be able to get in to them without a pass. The reason that we are requiring passes / tickets for all activities is because our host hotel and the surrounding venues are part of the resort complex and open to thousands of people. By requiring passes at each of our venues, we can control who has access to the facilities and activities, which will help us control crowds and ensure the high quality experience that we want to provide to our attendees.

So the bottom line is:

If you did not register on Saturday (remember, pre-registration does not count) and you want to participate in ZFEST 2009, you must register by this Wednesday, March 3rd. After that date, you may be placed on a waiting list.

Also, if you are planning a convoy, please send the information to

I am planning to drive the Lincoln Highway from California and would love to have some cars join me for all or part of the trip. Feel free to email me at if you are interested.

Lastly, if you would like to discuss any aspect of ZFEST 2009 or ZFEST 2010, you are welcome to email me or call me at 209-480-2271. Remember, as the PreZident of the ZSCCA, the buck stops here and I love hearing form our members. So lets talk.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Cincinnati.

Scott Pettit

(02/05/09) EVENT UPDATED: SOFTIN's 1st Annual Show & Silent Auction @ 7/25/2009, 07:00:00Kick Me 
I am entering 2 of my cars in this event.

SOFTIN's 1st Annual Show & Silent Auction
Proceeds fund programs for disabled, impaired, victims of abuse, elderly, youth-at-risk.
All Cars and Trucks are welcome!!
Raffles Trophies
1st, 2nd and 3rd place Trophies for:
Club participation, Best stocks, paints, Interiors, Trailer Queens, Displays, Under Construction, Best specialty.
Best 1920's, 1930's,1940's, 1950's, 1960's 1970's,1980's, 1990 and above. Best over all.
"People's choice Awards"
Indoor space for 30 vehicles. Show limited to 400 vehicles. Register early to ensure space.
Silent Auction throughout the day. Proceeds benefit special needs people
Saturday July 25th, 2009 at Earl Warren
Santa Barbara, Ca. (Las Positas offramp, 101 fwy) 10:00am til 4:00pm Roll-in time
starts at 7:00am Judging starts at 10:00am, Awards at 3:00pm Show goes on, rain or shine.
For more information contact: Tiffany Vague (805) 574-9388 Mail in entree form with check, money order or credit
card to: Tiffany Vague 776 Calle Bendita Arroyo Grande, Ca. 93420
Pre-registration $25 in by June 30th 2009. $35 at the door. $10 off 2nd car. Donate one new item for Silent Auction
$5.00 off entree of one car. Bring in two new items receive $5.00 off each car.
Dash plaques for Pre-registers
Club name:______________________________________________
Car Year:__________ Car Make___________ Car Model:__________
In consideration of the acceptance of the right to participate, all entrants and participants, by execution of this Entry Form, release and
discharge sponsors, their representatives, and anyone else connected with the "SOFTINS"s 1st Annual Car Show" and Earl Warren Show
Grounds from all known damages, injuries, losses, and/or claims from any cause whatsoever that may be suffered by an entrant to his/her
property. Further, each entrant agrees to indemnify all of the foregoing entries, firms, persons and bodies from any and all liability occasioned
from any conduct of entrants or participants assisting or cooperating with the entrant and under the direction and control of entrant
Seafaring Opportunities For Those In Need (SOFTIN), Inc.
a non-profit organization serving the disabled/impaired/victims of abuse/elderly/youth-at-risk
Learn more about SOFTIN at

(02/01/09) EVENT UPDATED: Santa Barbara and LA Bimmefest and Malibu Canyon @ 5/1/2009, 08:00:00Kick Me 
May 1-3

The following is from Luca, our SoCal brother:

I'm starting to lay out the details of the event so I can start reserve some rooms and things like that. It will be a 2 day event on the weekend of May 2nd and 3rd.

May 2nd - Bimmerfest
This year Bimmerfest will be at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club

I'm thinking the hotel I would recommend is the Best Western Pepper Tree Inn. Standard rates are $205 per night. Let me know if that's out of everyone budget or if you have something else that you guys would like better.
Bimmerfest will be from 9AM to 4PM and IIRC there was a $20 entry fee. We would have to be there earlier than 9AM and last year there was the option to pay $40 and be able to enter earlier.

May 3rd - Supercar Sunday & Malibu Canyon Drive
I would think the Bay Area group would like to move south towards LA area. SCS is in Woodlands Hills in this parking lot. You can find some pix here. There's several hotels around the area. I don't remember the exact time around which cars start getting there but I would think being there by 8:30 might get us a group parking.
SCS is conveniently located on Mulholland Hwy so from there we can take our Malibu Canyon Drive. The drive around the Canyon would be at liking: There will be some spirited drive, and some beautiful scenery. We can than stop for lunch somewhere along the cost and then probably the group will split so you guys can head back north.

Leader: Scott Pettit (the Bay Area to Santa Barbara portion). Our So Cal brothern will take it from there.

(01/28/09) EVENT UPDATED: Penninsula Drive and Destinations @ 2/28/2009, 08:00:00Kick Me 
This event was originally scheduled for the 21st. Please note the new date above.

Trip Leader: David Bostic

The February Drive will be Saturday Feb 28th (not the 21st). We will begin by meeting for brunch at 10:00AM at Shore Line Park in Mountain View (restaurant to be determined). We will then go on a 12:15PM tour of the Computer History Museum in Mt. View. Following our tour we will drive west thru Saratoga and up to Skyline Drive. Headed north on Skyline our route will take us over the Crystal Springs Dam and a short route by a few of the mansions of Hillsborough. From there we will go over to Pacifica and a drive down Highway 1 on the coast with a few stops for refreshments and sightseeing along the way. We will end up in Santa Cruz for dinner (restaurant to be determined). More details and restaurant information will be coming.

Check out the Computer History Museum at
The museum is free and we will have a 45 min docent lead tour of an amazing collection machines and exhibits that span the history of computing from pre-computing to supercomputing. They reflect the astonishing development in technology from computing engines with gears to vacuum tubes to exotic semiconductors. Our tour will include artifacts from 1832 until present day and show a small subset of the Museum's warehoused collection.

(01/19/09) EVENT POSTED: ZFEST 2009 at Kings Island Resort Ohio @ 8/27/2009, 08:00:00Kick Me 
Please see the other ZFEST posting in the "Events" list

(01/19/09) EVENT POSTED: Columbia and More For The Holidays @ 12/12/2009, 08:00:00Kick Me 
This will be a tour of the southern gold rush area, decorated for the holidays.

Details TBA

Leader: Steve Fisk

(01/19/09) EVENT POSTED: Feather River Canyon / Yuba River and More! @ 10/17/2009, 08:00:00Kick Me 
Breakfast at Patty and Davids in Rancho Murietta sets the tone for this 2 day event which will then lead us on some spectacular back roads followed by dinner at the home of one of the clubs original members. Then more great driving the following day.

Details TBA

(01/19/09) EVENT POSTED: Blackhawk Auto Museum and Group Photo @ 9/26/2009, 08:00:00Kick Me 
A tour of the world famous Blackhawk Auto Museum in Danville, followed by lunch and a back roads drive.

Details TBA

Leader: Fred Kern

(01/19/09) EVENT POSTED: Pebble Beach Concours @ 8/16/2009, 08:00:00Kick Me 
Details TBA

(01/19/09) EVENT POSTED: Monterey Historics Races @ 8/15/2009, 08:00:00Kick Me 
Details TBA

(01/19/09) EVENT POSTED: Mendocino Backroads @ 7/18/2009, 08:00:00Kick Me 
Two day trip

Details TBA

Leader: Fred Kern

(01/19/09) EVENT POSTED: Desert Spring Flowers @ 4/18/2009, 08:00:00Kick Me 
2 Day trip on the 18th and 19th.

Details TBA

(01/04/09) EVENT UPDATED: Annual Planning Meeting @ 1/17/2009, 16:00:00Kick Me 
This is our annual planning meeting and YOUR chance to put your wants and desires on the club calendar.

If you have had a burning desire for the club to do a drive to a particular area, or eat at your favorite restaurant or.... whatever, this is your best chance of getting it scheduled.

If you want to plan and lead a trip OR suggest a trip for someone else to lead, bring your ideas with you. Even if it is a trip that we have recently done, feel free to suggest it.

The meeting will be at:

Cattlemen's Restaurant
2882 Kitty Hawk Road
Livermore, CA

Some past favorites have been:

Kings Canyon
Mt Lassen
Lake Tahoe
Hearst Castle
Ft. Bragg
Blackhawk Museum
Various other auto museums
The gold country
The Delta
and lots more

I suggest that you list your idea here so that we all come to the meeting prepared to talk about.

I'll start:

Grand Canyon
ZFEST in Ohio

(12/15/08) EVENT POSTED: Toy Drive and Car Show @ 12/20/2008, 10:00:00Kick Me 
This is a toy drive to benefit the Children's Crisis Center of Stanislaus County.

It will be in the parking lot of:

Auto Life
901 North Carpenter
Modesto, CA

10 AM to 2PM

Please bring an unwrapped toy as your entry fee.

Open Class:

Cars, Trucks and Bikes are welcome

Music, Door Prizes and Trophies

Brandon and I are taking the Z and the Vette and I would love to see as many of our Z family at this event.

Scott Pettit


(12/15/08) EVENT UPDATED: New Years Brunch/Drive/Dinner @ 1/1/2009, 11:00:00Kick Me 

New Year’s Day Brunch

Thursday, January 1, 2009
Eleven O’clock in the Morning

Patty & David Scharlach
6501 Puerto Drive, Rancho Murieta, CA

Followed By
The First Drive of the New Year
A two hour drive over some roads club members have not driven before heading south to Modesto

Topped off with a traditional southern (buffet) dinner at:

Scott and Janet Pettit
4012 Divan Ct.

Please post if you are attending:


and how many are in your party.


Patty and Scott

(08/10/08) EVENT UPDATED: Festorics-The Monterey Historics Race @ 8/16/2008, 00:08:00Kick Me 
This event is an annual race of vintage race cars and formula 1 where you may bump into celebrities (literally-just ask me or Jay Leno).

Fred and I will be displaying our Z8's as a part of the largest gathering of Z8's in North America, along with several members of the BMWVCCA-Vintage Car Club of America.
Tickets for the BMWCCA Corral event are closed but tickets to the races are still open.

(07/12/08) EVENT UPDATED: Skyline Drive @ 7/19/2008, 09:00:00Kick Me 
Details TBA

Leader: Fred

(06/24/08) EVENT UPDATED: BBQ / Welcome For New "Baby" @ 6/29/2008, 13:00:00Kick Me 
I have tried to get everyone over to my house in the past and only a few have shown up so this time I have "up'd the ante" and bought a Z8 and this BBQ will be it's "Welcome To BAZ" party.

We will have tons of food, and libation. Bring a suit if ya wanna swim. I have scheduled this early enough so that folks can enjoy a mild day outside.

The party starts at 1 PM and ends.....

I live on a cul-de-sac so feel free to park side by side / nose in in front of my house.

Hey Patty, I think that Jan's gonna do that pasta dish that you liked.

Any questions? Call me.

Scot Pettit
4012 Divan Ct.
Modesto, CA 95356
209-480-2271 cell
209-529-2271 house

(06/22/08) EVENT UPDATED: Tour of Pacific Northwest @ 7/5/2008, 08:00:00Kick Me 
I will be departing on July 5th and heading up Northern Cali via 101 to Gold Beach in Oregon for a jet boat ride on the Rogue River then over to cave junction to tour Oregon Caves. Then on to Tallamook to cut the cheese and on to Astoria. After crossing the gorge, I'll visit Olympia Nat Park in Washington then take the ferry to Victoria, BC for a day or two. Then on to Seattle for lunch at the Space Needle with the Texas Z club. Then we are headed to Mt. St Helens and on to Crater Lake at which point the Texas crew will head east and I am heading down back roads to pick up 395 to Reno and a visit to the National Auto Museum. After overnighting in Reno or Sparks, I will take 395 to Sonora Pass and home to Modesto.

Feel free to email me or you can call me at 209-480-2271

Scott Pettit

(06/21/08) EVENT UPDATED: HOMECOMING 2008 @ 8/27/2008, 00:08:00Kick Me 

Homecoming registration has come and gone and in fact, it filled up in about 45 minutes.

If you are planning to attend, BAZ will probably have a convoy again this year, led by Fred Kern.

If you are planning to make your own way back and want to meet folks along the way, the ZSCCA will post a convoy page on its website at:

The website for HC is:

Scott Pettit

(06/13/08) EVENT POSTED: An Auto Affair-Exotic Car Show @ 6/22/2008, 09:00:00Kick Me 
This is an annual exotic car event in Danville.

Fred and I will be participating with our Z8 group and they have registered a Bugatti Veyron (worlds fastest production car)and the Ausie Vineyards race team.

It should be fun.


(06/09/08) EVENT UPDATED: Sonoma Back Roads and Winery Tour @ 6/21/2008, 00:00:00Kick Me 

This event has been cancelled

(05/29/08) EVENT UPDATED: Riverside International Auto Museum Z Rally @ 6/8/2008, 09:30:00Kick Me 
A group of SoCal Z'ers have put together a great looking event.

I am planning to attend it and will drive down on Saturday, do the event, and depart Riverside late Sunday so that I can be in Modesto for the Ultimate Drive for the Cure on Monday morning.

Click on the link for more info. I am staying in a really cool little motel just a few minutes from the museum. Here is the info:

Farm House Motel
1393 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92507
(951) 683-3011

About $65.00 for the night.

Motel photo:

Feel free to contact me for more info.

Scott Pettit

(05/19/08) EVENT UPDATED: This Event Has Been Postponed Until 2009 @ 7/4/2008, 00:00:00Kick Me 
This is a great chance to show off our wonderful cars during the Calistoga 4th of July Parade followed by a drive and winery visit.

Details TBA

Leader: Lauren

(05/06/08) EVENT UPDATED: Kings Canyon Highway 198 @ 9/27/2008, 00:00:00Kick Me 
This will be a 2 day trip to Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park with a return drive via Highway 198.

A few years ago Doug Richardson led us on this drive and someone named Highway 198 "The Dragon Slayer". I promise that you will find out why.

There will also be a handful of other things that I promise will make you ooh and ahh.

I have looked at all of the lodging that is available in the Sequoia-Kings Canyon Park and the rates for the lodges are about the same so I chose a facility that would give us the best bang for the buck. Rooms are 179.00 plus tax. The facility is pretty much like a hotel with all of the amenities.

Here is the contact info. You do NOT need to identify yourself as part of a group as there is no special rate. You can cancel upto 48 hours prior so it is very important that you make your reservations now.

Feel free to email or call me with any questions.

Scott Pettit

Leader: Scotty "Captain, I'm giving her all she's got" Pettit

(05/04/08) EVENT POSTED: Drive For The Cure @ 6/9/2008, 10:00:00Kick Me 
This is your chance to make a difference in the lives of those who are effected by cancer.

This free driving event allows you to drive a dozen or so specially painted BMW's over a planned route and for every mile that you put on each car, BMW will donate a dollar to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. This is the eleventh year of this national event and each year, BMW's goal is to raise 1 million dollars. To date, $11,000,000.00 has been raised by BMW.

This my 4th year participating and it is a great time. Free, gourmet food and drink served buffet style starting with breakfast, followed by lunch. A ton of great cars and wonderful people. You even get a lapel pin.

The event ends at 5:30 but you can come and go as you wish.

I am going to have an info table for our club at the event and hope that each of our members will come out, if only for an hour, and drive a BMW to help raise a million bucks for a wonderful cause.

If you sign up for this event, be assured that you are only signing up the drive and NOT to shuttle the vehicles to the next city. You can sign up for that at the event.

For more info on the Drive For The Cure go to:

You can pre-register for the event (in other words, select the time that you want to drive) on this site. If you want to attend our event in Modesto and you live out of the area, enter the zip code 95356 when prompted.

The BMW Drive For The Cure crew also asks for volunteers to drive the vehicles to the next dealership. Last year it was in Fresno. They then have their bus drive the volunteers back to Modesto.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Scott Pettit

(04/27/08) EVENT POSTED: Pacific Grove Concours Auto Rally @ 8/15/2008, 13:00:00Kick Me 
This would be a great event to add to our day in Monterey for the Festorics event.

(04/13/08) EVENT UPDATED: Dent Day CANCELLED @ 4/19/2008, 08:30:00Kick Me 


Are your doors starting to look like the surface of the moon?

Would you like to detail your car under the watchful eye of a professional auto detailer?

Would you like to chow down with a bunch of really good friends?

Here is your chance to fulfill your wildest dreams without having sex!

We will met at 8:30 AM at the Gilroy Collision Center and wash our cars then detail them with the guidance of professional auto detailers. If you do not want to get your hands dirty, they will detail the car for you and all you need to do is sit back and whip out your wallet while sipping a Mint Julip. Remember Thurston Howell III and Lovie?

Be sure to bring your own cleaning and detailing equipment and supplies (soap, polish, wax, etc) I have started a list in this forum of the items that I will bring to share.

PLEASE NOTE: The body shop has only ONE wash bay (due to city regulations) so we can only wash one car at a time. We can all pitch in on the washing and "get'er done" in no time.

The shop will have it's Dent Pro guys on hand to remove dents and dings for a fee. If your dent requires more attention, you will be able to arrange for a quote and repair appointment.

While we are applying elbow grease to our cars, our personal chef will be preparing a wonderful bounty of artery clogging vittles to satisfy the palate.

At 2 PM, we will visit one of our members who owns Butterfield BMW Automotive Service and Repair for a tour of his shop and a chance to have your oil and filter changed using BMW synthetic oil all for just $59.00.

Everyone can bring their own meat, drinks and a side dish to share.


(04/11/08) EVENT UPDATE: Detail DayBSR Systems 
Dent day will have to be re-scheduled do to significant unexpected issues arrising for both myself and Scott. See forum posts under the same heading to follow the details.

Bob S
(03/18/08) EVENT UPDATED: Throws @ 5/3/2008, 00:00:00Kick Me 
Please sign up if you are planning to order a club throw. I am ordering them on March 1st and need your payment by February 29th.

The total price is $55.00 per throw.

Each throw is appx 50 x 60 inches, soft and warm.

If you would like one, I need you to send me a check no later than February 29. I am placing the order on the 1st.

Scott Pettit
3342 Santa Fe Street
Riverbank, CA 95367

Please indicate the number of throws that you would like.

(03/05/08) EVENT UPDATED: Riverbank Car Show @ 6/25/2008, 17:00:00Kick Me 
This annual event in the city of Riverbank is hosted by Scott Pettit as a fund raiser for the senior meals program. There is no charge to show your car or to attend the event, the car show helps attract visitors to the farmers market, which runs adjacent to the car show.

Last year, BAZ members met in the early afternoon for lunch and a drive, followed by the car show where our vehicles were on display with about 50 other cars, trucks and motorcycles. This year, we are holding the show as part of the areas Graffiti Summer celebration which includes the American Graffiti Car Show, Fruit Yard car show and others held during the month of June which means that I am expecting well over a hundred cars on display.

For more information, go to:

I will co-ordinate the display area for our cars and hopefully have some flyers about our club made to hand out.

Scott Pettit

(03/04/08) EVENT UPDATED: Contra Costa County Back Roads @ 3/16/2008, 10:00:00Kick Me 
Details TBA

Leader: Michelle Corum

(02/21/08) EVENT POSTED: The Real Blackhawk Tour and Club Photo @ 3/2/2008, 00:00:00Kick Me 
This is the new date for the Blackhawk Museum Tour and Club Photo.

Please remove your name from the previous event listing and add it here.



(02/21/08) EVENT UPDATED: POSTPONED SEE THE NEW BLACKHAWK SIGN UP. @ 2/24/2008, 00:00:00Kick Me 
This event has been moved to March 2.

(02/11/08) EVENT UPDATED: Solvang Decorated For The Holidays @ 12/6/2008, 00:00:00Kick Me 
This will be a 2 day visit to Solvang

Leader: Dave

(02/10/08) EVENT POSTED: Monterey Back Roads @ 11/8/2008Kick Me 
This is a club favorite.

Details TBA

Leader: Jerry and Geri

(02/10/08) EVENT POSTED: Gold Country Tour @ 10/18/2008, 00:00:00Kick Me 
Details TBA

Leaders; Patty and David

(02/10/08) EVENT POSTED: Mt. Hamilton @ 9/13/2008, 00:00:00Kick Me 
A club favorite

Leader: David

(02/10/08) EVENT POSTED: San Diego Tour @ 5/16/2008, 00:00:00Kick Me 
This will be a 3 day event to include some back roads and an aircraft carrier tour.

Details TBA

Leaders: Bob Sheldon

(02/10/08) EVENT POSTED: Fort Bragg Overnight and "World's Best Dinner" @ 4/26/2008, 00:00:00Kick Me 
This is a 2 day trip.

Details TBA

Leader: Benson Tongue

(01/30/08) EVENT UPDATED: Event Email Notification System @ 0/0Kick Me 
Due to the increased workload of updating the membership's email addresses to our email database, we are no longer going to send emails to everyone just because they have a member profile. We are constantly getting messages returned for various reasons plus, when the system crashes it takes one of my staff a full day to re-enter everyone's email address.

Instead, I will send bulk email notifications of events and drives to only those who notify me that they want to receive these notifications.

If you want to be added to the Event Email Notification System, please send me a email that includes your:

Full Name
Email Address
Home Phone Number (if you want to send me this)
Cell Number (if you want to send me this)
Bay Area Z Nickname or "Handle" that you use when posting on this forum.

I will maintain this in a data base that can be provided to trip leaders upon request.

Our Event Email Notification System has helped to increase our attendance at many of this past years events so I suggest that everyone participate.

Scott Pettit

(01/07/08) EVENT UPDATED: Lunch at the Road House Diner followed by a short drive @ 1/12/2008, 00:13:00Kick Me 
Meet at my school:

3342 Santa Fe Street

at 1 PM for a brief drive to the Road House Diner in Knights Ferry followed by a fun drive through eastern Stanislaus County.

This is the same diner that we did before the Favorite Rides Car Show in Riverbank last August.

For more info, call me at 209-480-2271 or email me.

Scott Pettit

(12/21/07) EVENT POSTED: Annual Planning Meeting @ 2/10/2008, 16:00:00Kick Me 
This is our annual planning meeting at:

2882 Kitty Hawk Road
Livermore, CA 94551

Please start listing your wants and wishes for the 2008 driving / event year. As you list ideas, please think of them from 2 perspectives:

1. A drive or event / place that you want the club to include on our schedule.

2. A drive or event / place that you want to lead / organize.

When you come to the meeting, please bring as much info about the drive / event / place that you can gather. Also, I suggest that everyone bring a calendar and pencil.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments:

Click here for a flyer:

Scott Pettit

(11/01/07) EVENT UPDATED: Hearst Castle Evening Tour and Scenic Drive 2 Day Event @ 12/15/2007, 00:08:00Kick Me 
This is the REAL Hearst Castle tour that has replaced the one that was scheduled for 12/08.

We will depart early in the AM on Saturday, December 15th and take a scenic drive to San Simeon. The details of the drive and day will be posted.

We are taking the "Evening Tour" at 6:10 PM on 12/15/07. You must contact Hearst Castle and purchase your own tickets. If you cannot get the 6:10 PM tour, then book the earlier tour as we have dinner reservations following the tour.

I will email everyone with the drive, meals, hotel and cocktail info as I get it.

You can click on the above link for the castle info.

Also, I am inviting our brothers from another mother in So Cal to join us so this should be a fun, joint event.

Scott Pettit

(10/29/07) EVENT UPDATED: Dent / Detail Day @ 11/3/2007, 00:00:00Kick Me 
This event is being postponed until 2008.

(10/09/07) EVENT UPDATED: San Juan Bautista British Car Show @ 10/21/2007, 00:00:00Kick Me 
Fred Kern, who loves every car ever made, is going to be our guide to and around this annual event that honours every car made by people with bad teeth.

More details to follow, mates.

(09/27/07) EVENT POSTED: Brunch in Mokulumne Hill @ 9/30/2007, 10:00:00Kick Me 
We will meet at 9 AM at:

1255 Lillian Ave
Suite A
Escalon, CA 95320

and head up highway 26 to Mokulumne Hill for brunch at the Hotel Leger at 10 AM. Then we will return to Modesto via Highway 4.

The focus of this trip is the food and atmosphere at the Hotel Leger.

Those Sacramento area folks who wish to meet us along the way or at the hotel, just let me know.

A nice side trip after lunch could be to Mercer Caverns, about 45 minutes away near Murphy's off Highway 4.

Scott Pettit

(09/15/07) EVENT UPDATED: @ 0/0Kick Me 

(09/15/07) EVENT UPDATED: @ 0/0Kick Me 

(09/08/07) EVENT UPDATED: Sunday Lunch at Ducey's at Bass Lake @ 9/9/2007, 11:00:00Kick Me 
I am in the mood for a short drive to Bass Lake near Mariposa and Luch on the lake.

If you are interested in joining me, we can do Highway 99 to 140 to the lake, and return via Yosemite or the freeway. I don't care 'cuz the trip is about lunch on the lake. The time is also flexable.

Here is a link which will take you to the restaurants' menu.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

(08/13/07) EVENT UPDATED: "Connie" Community Park Tile Fundraiser @ 8/12/2007, 08:00:00Kick Me 
See the Upcoming Events listing to the left of this page for an important message.

(08/13/07) EVENT POSTED: "Connie" Community Park Tile Fundraiser @ 9/30/2007, 08:00:00Kick Me 
During our visit to the small delta town of Locke, the 28 members of the BAZ group met and were mesmerized by our tour guide Connie. Connie is an 84 year young resident of the chinese community who is literally a living tribute to the perseverance of the chinese people. One of her goals is to build a community park in Locke, that would celebrate the heritage of it's original inhabitants. As a fundraiser, the community is selling tiles that can be engraved with 6 lines of text.

At dinner that night, we decided that Bay Area Z would purchase an 8x8 inch tile and and have the following engraved:

The Members of Bay Area Z
A BMW Z Roadster Club
Would Like To Thank Connie
For Enlightening and Inspiring Us
on August 11, 2007

The cost of the tile is $200.00 and some of the dinner attendees kicked in $10.00 each toward the purchase. We are asking all of our members to chip in toward this unique opportunity to leave a lasting memento of our visit to Locke. I am sending a check to the Locke foundation this week. Any donations over and above the cost, will be donated to the construction of the park which will include a visitor center and museum (this building is already under way).

This park, it's museum and in fact the entire town of Locke are a living tribute to the perseverance of the chinese people who built the town, the railroads and the delta itself.

Any donation that you can make, will be greatly appreciated.

If you are donating (any amount will be appreciated), please sign-up for this event as you would any other BAZ event. There are 2 ways to send a donation:

You may send a check or cash to:

Scott Pettit
3342 Santa Fe Street
Riverbank, CA 95367

Please write "Locke Tile" on the envelope


Via PayPal to:

In 2 weeks I will post the donation totals.



(08/02/07) EVENT POSTED: Ultimate Drive @ 8/23/2007, 10:00:00Kick Me 
On Thursday, August 23, Valley BMW in Modesto will once again host the Ultimate Drive to raise money for the Susan G. Kohmen Breast Cancer foundation. This free event allows participants to drive a BMW and for every mile that you put on the car, BMW donates one dollar to Kohmen. So the more miles you drive, the more moolah BMW donates.

The event is fully catered with gourmet munchies and beverages.

Each year I have spent most of the day at this event and I drive each of the vehicles that are on hand, a list of which is on their website.

It is a great cause that I hope each of you and your friends and family members will participate it.

If you do want to come to Modesto, I will get the dealership to give us a booth / parking area so that we can advertise our club. Go to and sign up for the Ultimate Drive.

I hope to see you on the 23rd! If you cannot make "our" event, check out the link below for a Drive near you.

(07/28/07) EVENT UPDATED: Delta Back Roads and Railway Museum @ 8/11/2007, 09:00:00Kick Me 
This trip is an alternative to the Hot August Nights adventure.

Trip leader: Scott Pettit 209-480-2271 (cell) 209-869-2854 (office) 209-529-2271 (home)

We will meet at: Starbucks, 223 S Vasco Rd, Livermore just a few blocks off of 580

We will depart Starbucks at 9 AM SHARP and head toward the delta via Vasco Road to Antioch and then via Highway 160 to Snug Harbor via an auto ferry (that's right you land lubbers, we're gonna be ON the water). We will continue to the Chinese town of Locke where one of the city officials is arranging a guided walking tour followed by lunch at Al's Place, a local steak house that also does burgers and chicken.

During our visit, the city is hosting an art show and sidewalk sale. They are closing main street BUT they are going to open it so that we can park together AND they are going to advertise our visit on their flyers (yes, they know that we are only there for the tour, lunch and a little shopping). Talk about the red carpet treatment!

Then, it is on to Old Sacramento via back roads and the historical Tower Bridge for a visit to the Towe Auto Museum. Dinner will be at Chevy's on the river about 10 minutes north of Old Sac. If some folks want to do their own thing in Old Sac, no problem. We will plan a meeting time at Chevys.

If you need to update your status, please do so ASAP so that I can set up our lunch and dinner reservations. In addition to your FRS radio and lots of sunscreen, bring cash as we may encounter a toll road (the ferries however are free).

Here are links to the wonderfull sights that we will visit:

(07/20/07) EVENT UPDATED: Riverbank Car Show @ 8/15/2007, 17:00:00Kick Me 
This car show is held to help boost attendance at the weekly Riverbank Farmers Market. It is attended by classics, new cars / trucks / cycles, project vehicles-you name it. It is not a competition. It is a chance to meet and greet other car owners from various clubs and marques. This is also a chance for us to let other Z owners know about us. So the more cars that we have in our group, the better.

Last year was my first year hosting the event and it was a lot of fun meeting members of various car clubs. Hopefully, this year will be even bigger and better. Also last year, Jerry and I made a day of it and if there is enough interest, I will plan a drive and a lunch prior to the event. Afterwards, we can go down the street for pizza and a brew. There will be a ton of great food available at the event along with live music and fun games for young and old alike.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Here some photos of last years event:

Scott Pettit

(06/29/07) PAtty Scharlack is ** years old today!!!!!BSR Systems 
2 things to note. only 2 digits, and I like her cooking enough to not provide any more details. If you need to know, ask her { David's not stupid either, he won't tell}...

Happy B'day Patty...
(06/12/07) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DOUG R......BSR Systems 
Today is the day that Doug R's parents decided to share thier grief with the rest of the world. So now we all have to put up with it. ;^)

Happy B'day Doug, and many more [ no reason why you should escape all the old age jokes as far as I can see]...

Gwynne sends her love as well... Hi to Trina..
(06/11/07) EVENT POSTED: Homecoming 2007 @ 8/31/2007, 00:08:00Kick Me 
This year, we do not have an official caravan driving to this annual event at the factory however, Fred and I are flying back on Wednesday August 29th. I will be returning that following Sunday or Monday and Fred will be driving back in his brand new M6 which he is taking delivery of during the event.

If you want to meet us there, or if you want to form a BAZ caravan or join up with another caravan, please sign up for this event and we will help you make that happen.

If you are a member of the Z Series Car Club of America (ZSCCA) stay tuned to the ZSCCA newsletter and watch for emails about special ZSCCA events during Homecoming.

By the way, in January I will become the President of the ZSCCA so BOW DOWN TO ME!


(06/05/07) EVENT POSTED: American Graffiti Car Show @ 6/9/2007, 00:01:00Kick Me 
This car show is the original that was inspired by George Lucas's movie American Graffiti. It was started several years ago as a replacement for the world famous Cruise. With over 600 cars, tons of food and live entertainment throughout the day, this event is one of the largest car shows in Northern California.

Last year, Fred was like a kid in a candy store so that should give you a good idea of the quality of the cars.

If anyone coming from Sacramento wants to overnight so as to attend the San Benitos Back Roads drive on Sunday, I suggest The Central Valley Hotel, Modesto. It is right on the freeway.

For those attending the car show, we can do dinner after at Farmers Catfish House in west Modesto.

(06/01/07) EVENT UPDATED: Cincinnati Z Reception in Modesto @ 6/18/2007, 19:00:00Kick Me 
Several Z's from the CinZroadsters are driving from Chicago to Santa Monica via route 66 and are planning a stop over in Modesto enroute to Tahoe. On Monday June 18 at 7 PM, Scott Pettit (Kick Me) is planning a BBQ reception for them at his house in Modesto and BAZ members are invited. On Tuesday the 19th, the group will be driving to Tahoe and I am plannig to lead them via 88 up and over the Sierras.

Any BAZ member that is interested in attending JUST the BBQ, please sign up for this event and indicate how many are attending.

If you are interested in doing the drive, please go to "Upcoming Events" and sign in on the "Modesto to Tahoe Back Roads" event. Please indicate the head count for that event also as I will planning a lunch stop at the Kirkwood Inn.

This is a great chance to meet and greet our brothers from another roadster.

You can check out the CinZroadster Route 66 drive website:

If you attend this BBQ and want to make the drive the next day, the CinZroadsters are staying at:

Central Valley Inn
4100 Salida Blvd, Hwy 99 At Pelandale Modesto, CA 95358

Scott Pettit

(05/25/07) EVENT UPDATED: Modesto to Reno Back Roads / National Auto Museum @ 6/19/2007, 00:08:00Kick Me 
Several Z's from the CinZroadsters are driving from Chicago to Santa Monica via route 66 and are planning a stop over in Modesto enroute to Tahoe. On Monday June 18 at 7 PM, Scott Pettit (Kick Me) is planning a BBQ reception for them at his house in Modesto and BAZ members are invited. On Tuesday the 19th, the group will be driving to Sparks via Yosemite and over Tioga Pass for lunch in Lee Vining then on to Sparks via 395. If we arrive early enough, we may visit the National Auto Museum in Reno

Any BAZ member that is interested in attending JUST the BBQ, please sign up for THAT event on the forum by going to "Upcoming Events" and signing up for the "Cincinnati Z Reception in Modesto" event.

If you are interested in doing the drive, please sign-up for this event. Be sure to indicate the head count for the event as I will planning a lunch stop at the along the way and dinner in Sparks.

You must reserve your room NOW as a rodeo is town that weekend and the rooms will sell out.

Our hotel in Sparks (3 miles from Reno)is the Fairfield Inn

We plan to have dinner and libation at:

This is a great chance to meet and greet our brothers from another roadster.

You can check out the CinZroadster Route 66 drive website:

National Auto Museum website is:

Scott Pettit

(05/25/07) EVENT UPDATED: National Cemetery Visit / Memorial Day Service @ 5/27/2007, 10:00:00Kick Me 
This event is a visit to the San Joaquin National Cemetery in Santa Nella near Los Banos for the Memorial Day Services.

This 1 hour, out door sevice begins at 11 AM and will include a few speeches and military honor guard firing a 21 gun volley. Seating is available HOWEVER I suggest that we bring lawn chairs.

I have been to this event and it it really is a wonderfull way to honor those who have fallen so we can have the liberties that we cherish. In addition, there are various monuments and a visitor center.

We will meet / depart at 10 AM from McDonalds at 13032 S. Highway 33 (just west of Highway 5) in Santa Nella. The cemetery is about 15 minutes away.

Lunch will be at:

Wool Growers
609 H Street
Los Banos, CA 93635

Tel: 209-826-4593

Scott Pettit

(05/14/07) David Scharlack is 102 years old today !!!!!BSR Systems 
Well, it is his birthday in any case...

Happy Birthday David..
(05/13/07) EVENT UPDATED: San Benito Back Roads @ 6/10/2007, 00:11:00Kick Me 
Fasten your seat belts for a fun drive over some really great roads.

Trip Leader: Colin Snow cell phone 408-218-3391 home 408-578-5306

We will meet and start at the Starbucks in the Via Del Oro Shopping
125 Bernal Road, San Jose, CA 95119 at 11:00AM PDT June 10, 2007. The
shopping center is about one-half mile west of 101.

Lunch stop will be:

Jadines de San Juan
115 Third Street
San Juan Bautista, Ca
Phone: (831) 623-4466

The plan:

Start in South San Jose at the Starbucks
Travel to San Juan Bautista via 101
Take a small walk around the town
Eat lunch at Jardines at 12:30pm
Travel to Panoche via Hwy 25 South and J1 East (Panoche Rd)
Stop at the only watering hole in town (what town?)

Panoche Inn
29960 Panoche Rd
Paicines, CA 95043-9760
(831) 628-3538

Travel back to South San Jose via J1 (Little Panoche Rd) to I5
North to Hwy 156 West to Hwy 101 North

For more info call me at home 408-578-5306

(04/22/07) EVENT UPDATED: YUBA RIVER MAKE-UP DATE @ 5/20/2007, 00:08:00Kick Me 
This is the make up trip on the Yuba River that will be led by David and Patty.

The exact same plans are in place for this drive that were planned for the previous date.

(04/21/07) EVENT UPDATED: CANCELLED. SEE THE YUBA RIVER MAKE-UP DRIVE. @ 5/19/2007, 00:00:00Kick Me 

(03/28/07) Bubba [Bob ] Celebrates his 100th B'dayBSR Systems 
on the 29th...

Happy Birthday Bob, Hi to Ellen.
(03/19/07) Donna Starback celebrates her 29th Birthday today!!BSR Systems 
Don't ask how many times she's celebrated it....

(03/16/07) STOLEN CAR ALERTBSR Systems 
Colin Snow, one of our newer members, had his beautiful 1997 Montreal Blue 2.8 stolen right out of his garage today [3/16/07]. This was a targeted theft with the bad guys breaking into his house and rummaging through everything looking for the keys. Nothing else was stolen.

Please keep your eyes open. We believe that tis was a "stolen to order" job and the car is probably already headed out of country, but you never know.

My house was broken into this afternoon 3/16 about 4p PT, keys found and my Z3 stolen. It's a 1998 2.8 Montreal Blue. CA license 98BMWZ3.

Colin had a meeting tonight so I posted this for him as a heads up. More info later from him.

Click link for photos
(03/15/07) EVENT UPDATED: Cancelled @ 1/1/2007, 00:00:00Kick Me 

(03/06/07) EVENT UPDATED: Yuba River NEW DATE! @ 4/22/2007, 00:00:00Kick Me 
David and I are looking forward to hosting this drive through some
magnificent country. We wanted this date set late enough for roads to be
clear, but still to have snow on the mountain tops.

Meet up will be at the best uncrowded, good eats in the area! Our home.
We are located off the Jackson Highway, East of Sacramento in Rancho
Murieta (6501 Puerto Drive, Rancho Murieta) Breakfast will include:
quiche, kugel, red potatoes, chicken apple sausage, fruit salad,
assorted muffins, and bagels with lox and cream cheese. Maybe we can
even get David to make his angel food light waffles.

After breakfast, we'll pickup a backroad to the Folsom area, transition
to the Folsom-Auburn Road up to Auburn where we will fuel up and snack
up. Again, we'll transition to Grass Valley and take 49 to it's end.
The Yuba river should be roaring along beside us as we make our way to
Downeyville, where we will have another rest stop and quick-see of this
three block long town. Next we will make our way up to Sierraville and
Truckee where we will dine at the historic Truckee Hotel

More specific details will be announced later.

More details to follow.

(03/05/07) EVENT UPDATED: Highway 101 LA, CA to Olympia, Washington @ 7/1/2007, 00:08:00Kick Me 
This 1800 mile drive will follow the original south-north route of the spanish explorer Portola and later Fr. Serra. then continue north through California, Oregon and into Washington. The trip is being organized by Scott Pettit and Blaine Z3BigDaddy (from Oregon). Various Z clubs will host/sponsor/coordinate the drive as it passes through their area.

Initial plans call for 2 days in each of SoCal, NorCal, Oregon and Washington.

We are in the planning stages and will have hotels, motels and eateries announced in several days.

For those who love long trips with incredible scenery, here is your chance to do a West Coast trip.

Scott Pettit

(02/25/07) EVENT UPDATED: Penninsula Drive and visit to S.L.A.C. @ 3/24/2007, 00:00:00Kick Me 
Meeting at SLAC Front Gate at 9:30am (tour begins at 10:00am sharp & we have
to get checked in & drive/walk to the starting point)

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
2575 Sand Hill Rd. Menlo Park, Ca
Dave Bostic's Cell # 650-740-9528

Directions: Take the Sand Hill Rd exit off of Hwy 280 (a Menlo Park exit)
Go East 2 miles and SLAC front gate is on the right. Coming from the East
and finding SLAC from Hyway 101 is a little difficult. Getting over to 280
is the best.
The SLAC Security Guard at the gate will want to see a:
Valid California driver's license or a government photo ID for every person.

The SLAC tour director will want to receive the following ID info:
Full Name, Current home address, Contact phone number.
(It will speed up the process if I have this information ahead of time. We
are set for a group of 10 to 30 people but I will need a rough head count.)

The tour will include a slide show and a talk in the SLAC auditorium. Then
we will be transported by bus around the SLAC Campus with several stops and
short walks off the bus to see points of interest.

Lunch will be at Buck's Of Woodside Restaurant in the town of Woodside
Location: 3062 Woodside Rd (on Hiway 84)

Drive after Lunch:
Travel West up Kings Mountain Rd to Skyline Blvd and travel down Tunitas
Creek Rd to the Coast. Travel South on Hwy 1 to Davenport then take Bonnie
Doon Rd back toward the East. At Bonnie Doon we will pick up Pine Flat Rd
and finally Ice Cream Grade on into Felton on Hwy 9. I will plan on 2 short
stops along the route for sight seeing.

A dinner stop is still in the planning stage.

Check out these great websites:

We will be om FRS freq 2.8

Alternate cell contact is: 209-480-2271 (Scott) on the day of the event.

(02/12/07) EVENT POSTED: 3 day Hot August Nights Tour @ 8/8/2007, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
This drive to the world famous Hot August Nights event will depart on Wednesday August 8th to Reno. Hot August Nights is a 7 day event in Reno that attracts many thousands of visitors and cars. It is basically a week long party that fans return to year after year.

This event is for 3 days only. For the full week see the other HAN event.

BAZ members can partake in the entire drive and event or meet us along the way or in Reno. We will return on the 11th.

Tour Leader: Scott Pettit

(02/08/07) EVENT POSTED: Pacific Coast Dream Machines @ 4/29/2007, 10:00:00BSR Systems 
This event is held each year at the Half Moon Bay Airport. It is a combination car and air show with lots of static a/c displays, flying, and all kinds of cars. You can even enter your own if so desired. Jerry Zack got me to it a few years ago and it was A BLAST.

"It's the worlds largest and most whimsical gathering of motorizedmechanical marvelsfrom throughout the 20th Century...a remarkable exhibit of 2000 driving, flying and working machines, running the gambit from exotic automobiles, US Ar4my tanks and antique motorcycles to restored military aircraft, model-T fire engines,massive steam tractors, and tons more. Live music, kids entertainment and food booths run by local non-profits round out the festivities."
2007 Pacific Coast Dream Machines flyer

A nice, one day event. I'll host this one along with Jerry. This is a charitable event that supports the Coastside Adult Day Health Center in Half Moon Bay. If you enter the entruy fees, travel expenses and lodging are tax deductible as well.

(02/05/07) EVENT POSTED: Monterey Backroads @ 10/13/2007, 00:00:00Kick Me 
This is a yearly favorite through the spectacular backroads of Monterey. This 1 day trip can be combined with the event on October 14th in San Juan Bautista.

The trip leaders are Jerry and Geri

More details will follow.

(02/04/07) EVENT POSTED: Medocino Wine Country, Ft. Bragg and the Skunk Train @ 7/14/2007, 00:00:00Kick Me 
This overnight trip will take us through the back roads and wineries of Mendocino County. Wine tasting, antique browsing in Ft. Bragg and a ride on the Skunk Train are just a few of the things to do onwhat should be a wonderfull adventure.

This trip will be planned so that those who want to join us on just Saturday or Sunday will have a great time.

Trip leader: Fred Kern

Details to be announced.

(02/04/07) EVENT POSTED: Mt. Hamilton and Lick Observatory @ 9/15/2007, 00:00:00Kick Me 
This is an annual favorite for BAZ members. Spectacular roads and a visit to Lick Observatory.

Trip leader and details to follow.

(01/10/07) EVENT POSTED: Annual Planning Meeting @ 2/3/2007, 17:00:00Kick Me 
This is our annual planning meeting at

Cattleman's Steak House

2882 Kitty Hawk

Livermore (near the airport).

Please give some thought as to the drives that you want to do and the places that you want to visit. Feel free to list them here and we can all get an idea of what everyone is thinking.

I will start (and this is a request from my wife):

Hearst Castle during Christmas (a night time tour to see the lights).

RT 66 Rendezvous in San Bernardino (I will bring the info to the meeting)


(11/18/06) EVENT POSTED: BAZ Christmas Party & 17 Mile Drive Tour @ 12/9/2006, 15:00:00BSR Systems 
Open House - Hosted by Joanie - ZMYZGO - Monterey Penninsula

Saturday Dec. 9th

3PM ~ Until

Hors d'oeuvre's ~ finger foods (not a sit down dinner)

Please let me know what you want to bring so we won't duplicate.

Anyone who wants to come at 3PM we can meet in Marina, plan to do the 17 Mile Drive. By 5 it is dark and would be too late to enjoy and the drive can take about 45 minutes with out stops. Or, we may want to just go to Cypress Point and picture take, or along the water front for pictures. Of course all depending on weather.

(10/20/06) went to Yosemitebdougr 
Trina and I did a mid week yosemite drive
My suggestion to anyone interested in going - go midweek!
no traffic on highway 120 over Tioga pass
we did encounter some ice in the shady spots

We did not visit the valley - just drove over the pass then went to Tahoe for the night.

(09/14/06) EVENT UPDATED: Mount Lassen Overnight Tour @ 9/29/2006, 18:00:00BSR Systems 
A tour to Mount Lassen. Details still being sorted out, more to follow.

(09/13/06) Change in management and other thingsBSR Systems 
OK, the intrepid travelers are all back safe after a fun and highly eventful [especially for FWK] Homecomming tour. And Doug and Trina Richardson had a great time at thier first Homecoming thanks to all of you who donated money and other things to insure the succesful completion of this event for them. Met some old friends again, made some new ones and saw some great sights. The weather was 99% perfect [not too hot, not too humid, not too windy and only a 5 min deluge somewhere in [hmm, can't remember where we were or even what day it was]. The traffic was light, the roads were mostly open and uncrowded and the gas prices kept dropping [heading east, somehow they go up again heading west, wonder why that is.. Anyway, it was a great tour and a great Homecoming, BMW put on a great show.

Other matters.. I no longer have enough time to do all of the things I need to do, so something has to give. I will be turning over the reigns of the event monitoring to Scott Petit assuming he still wants the job. I just don't have the time to devote to the board and do the job the way I feel it should be done. So everyone give Scott some help during this transition and be patient. I have had a great time with the postings, and will continue to be active in events and comments, so don't celebrate my departure, just enjoy the new Administrators new ideas.

Thanks to all for your help and assistance during the last couple of years. ASnd a special thanks to William, Jody and Truman for maintaining the server/website for our use.

Great touring in one of the best cars I have ever owned in terms of expectations versus reality. What a BLAST.

See you all on the next event, and thanks again.
(08/05/06) Detail Day Successbdougr 
What a FUN FUN day, Thanks again Bob!

full gallery
(07/23/06) EVENT UPDATED: Detail Day @ 8/5/2006, 10:00:00BSR Systems 
Learn how to detail your car, including waxing, detail finishing and other "tricks of the trade". Bring your own waxws/soaps/etc. Buckets, rags will be provided. This will be held at Bob and Gwynne Sheltons house in San Martin. Lunch will be provided, bring your own beverages.

(07/23/06) EVENT POSTED: Route 66 Rendezvous September 14-17 @ 9/14/2006, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
Another Scoitt Pettit Spectacular.. Sounds like fun.

Since I am going to return earlier from Homecoming than originally planned, I am now planning to attend the Route 66 Rendezvous in San Bernardino. It is the largest Route 66 celebration in the country that takes over 35 blocks of downtown San Bernardino with over 2400 (yep, two thousand-four hundred) cars on display and tons of vendors and music.

I am planning to drive down on Thursday the 14th so as to attend on Thursday (both day and evening activities) and attend on Friday then driving home Friday night.

Here is the Website that is used for vendor registration but it is very comprehensive. I will start calling for a hotel this week.

Scott Pettit

(06/21/06) EVENT UPDATED: 4th of July Parade and Fireworks - Viewing Only.. @ 7/4/2006, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
Ok, we will not be participating in the parade again this year. We now have a perfect, unblemished 4 year record for non participation in this event. Even the organizers help with a seeming total indifference3. ;^)

So, I will be going to the Parade at 9:00AM to get my seat in a good place. If anyone wants to join us to watch this great event give a shout.

(06/20/06) Autox funbdougr 
Spent Sunday with friends at Monster Park for an SCCA Autox.
A friend drove my car so I could get a few shots.
You guys should give Autox a try. Relatively cheap and a good way to waste a day.

take a look if you are interested
(06/12/06) Doug turned 42 todaybdougr 
I would like to thank my lovely wife, my mother, my agent and the academy.....

(06/11/06) EVENT UPDATED: Homecomming Tour @ 8/26/2006, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
OK, for those that didn't know yet, Homecoming Registration is closed with 650 cars registered in less than an hour. I logged in at 8:10 PDT and got number 122!! Fred Kern and Jerry Zack were here also and got numbers in the 320's. So by 9:30 it was all over but the shouting.

You can still sign up on the waiting list, and should if you want to go, there are always last minute cancellations.

OK folks, time to start the planning for this event. Which means you should make your reservations now if you want to lock in the host hotel. It is the Embassy Suites in GHreenville, SC. See link below. Book into the BMW Manufacturing group rate. Rate is $101.00 per night. The website below is for info only. You will need to call thhe hotel to make your reservations now [Highly Advised];jsessionid=BR5OYTNMMAPWGCSGBIV222QKIYFC5UUC?ctyhocn=GSPESES

Fred Kern is going to lead the tour again this year. He's working on the outbound leg now and looking at return options. As he sets the routes he will also suggest hotels to stay in for each nights stop, so check here frequently.

Preliminary Route Plan:

Leave Sunday morning at 7:00AM from Pea Soup Andersens in Santa Nella, Ca.
Head to Dennys Restaurant in Stockton for a Central Valley Pickup
Depart Stockton at TBD AM heading for Salt Lake City where we will stop for lunch and another pick-up if needed. Then on to Elko Nevada for our first night out. We will be staying at the Travelodge:

Elko NV Travelodge
1785 Idaho Street
Jennings Way / Idaho Street
Elko , Nevada 89801

Rates are $49.00 for single queen beds, %59.00 for double queen beds. I have reserved 10 rooms. Please contact the hotel as soon as possible and tell them you have rooms reserved under "BMW". Tell them if you want a single or a double, and make your payment arrangements. Rooms not covered by individuals by Tuesday the 22nd of Sept. will be released back to the hotel.,MQ,DI,HJ,KG,RA,SE&searchWithinMiles=25&areaType=1&destination=elko&stateName=Nevada&state=NV&countryName=United%20States&country=US&checkInDate=06/10&numberAdults=1&checkOutDate=06/11&numberChildren=0&rateName=Best%20Avail&rate=000&id=14874&propBrandId=TL&force_nostay=false

We will depart in the morning at 7:00AM heading to Salt Lake City for Lunch before heading on to beautiful Craig Colorado for our second nights rest at aplace yet to be determined [Craig seems to be unusually popular]. More to follow

The route is more than half planned. We will be starting from Stockton, CA - this is where the Bay Area connects to the rest of the US. We will head up through the Sierras on a scenic two lane highway (CA-88). If others want to join us, they can do so at the overnight stops Stockton, Elko, NV, somewhere west of Denver, Independence MO or Maryville, TN.

The trip back has a couple of real highlights planned. The first will be a visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. I am planning a route up to I-90 and across, so we will stop at Mt Rushmore and Yellowstone NP. From there we will head west through the Columbia River Gorge and down the coas

(06/08/06) EVENT UPDATED: Penninsula Get Together and Observation Rallye @ 6/17/2006, 09:00:00BSR Systems 

News Flash. The tour date has changed and the tour is changing. Seems that everyone in the world is getting married in June [duh] and half of those folks are getting married or having thier reception at "The Mansion". So, a change is in the works. New date is June 17th..


We will meet at our house in Belmont at 9:00 AM for coffee, tea, juice and hot cinnamon rolls. Leave at approximately 9:30 for a Mid-Peninsula scenic drive touring the backroads through the hills and to the coast of San Mateo County. As an added bonus, we'll test your eyes as will make a observation rally out of it with questions based on things you will see along the route we drive. Prizes for the most correct answers at the end of the ride. Maps, directions and
quiz given out at start of ride. Stop for lunch in Pescadero.

Ok, here's the address and directions to our house.
1622 Courtland Rd. Belmont Call if you need more info

Directions: From El Camino Real take Hull, go up the hill, turn right on vine, at stop sign turn left to Courtland Rd.

I will e-mail address data to all who sign up as attending or possible. Please sign up early so we can plan the morning goodies. We can be reached at 650-591-8869

Bob and Ellyn [Bubba]

(06/07/06) MZ4 Coupe has arrivedbdougr 
During Dorkfest 2006 a Z4 Coupe showed up.
The car was the Road and Track loaner car and was driven up from Los Angeles.
The drivers had fun following the group of older coupes from Woodside to Highway 1 on Highway 84.

Not sure what you guys think but I like it

(05/18/06) Looking for someone to take over the maintenence of the board.BSR Systems 
I've about had it and I think I need to start looking for someone to take over the job of posting events and other tasks. If you're interested call me at 408-683-0451. William will have final veto authority, but I can at least fill you in on the tasks.
(04/30/06) Back from Vegasbdougr 

Trina and I arrived at our house in one piece.
Thanks to all! (and I mean it)

more later
(04/19/06) EVENT POSTED: San Francisco Guardsman Cup Vintage Car Race. @ 9/30/2006, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
The following data was provided by Fangio100. Sounds like a blast, especially to those of us who remember street racing in Golden Gate Park [and Pebble Beach and Torrey Pines and.....] Thanks Michael [Fangio100]

P.S. This event is still "Conditional" awaiting the approval of the SF City Managers legal "risk review".


I have just learned that the Guardsman Cup Race, San Francisco Vintage Gran Prix to be held September 30 to October 1, 2006 through the streets of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park has been approved by the city's Recreation and Parks Commission under Reservation Number 0510-010. The event will be recreating the 1951-1953 Guardsman Cup Race with vintage car races being held. This will be a free event and open to the public. The course will run West on JFK Drive from 30th Avenue to Chain of Lakes, then South onto MLK Drive, then North to Transverse Drive by the horse stables, and back to JFK. Is there any interest in attendance?

Additional Info from the SF Board of Supervisors meeting notes:

The Guardsmen have requested to hold the “2006 Guardsmen Cup Race, San Francisco Vintage Grand Prix”, a vintage automobile event in Golden Gate Park September 30, 2006. They have requested the
following road closures on Saturday, September 30, 2006 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and Sunday, October 1, 2006 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.: JFK from Transverse to Bernice Rodgers Drive. Chain of
Lakes to Middle Drive West, MLK to Bernice Rodgers Drive, MLK from Chain of Lakes to Middle Drive West, Transverse Drive from JFK to MLK, MLK West to Crossover Drive, 25th Avenue MLK (from Lincoln), Sunset Blvd to MLK, 41st Avenue to MLK (from Lincoln), 36th Avenue to JFK (Fulton Street) and 30th Avenue to JFK (Fulton Street).
They will be recreating the 1951-1953 Guardsmen Cup Race. This is a free event and open to the public.

Participant fees and corporate sponsors will defray all expenses. Local charities will receive net proceeds from the event. The race will begin on JFK Drive near Lindley Meadow and proceed west to Chain of Lakes, south onto MLK Drive and north onto Transverse Drive and finish by proceeding west on JFK to the Start/Finish line near 30th Avenue and JFK.

On motion by Commissioner Martin and duly seconded, the following resolution was adopted:
RES. NO. 0510-010
RESOLVED, That this Commission does approve a request by the Guardsmen to hold the “2006 Guardsmen Cup Race, San Francisco Vintage Grand Prix”, a vintage automobile event in Golden Gate Park
September 30, 2006. They have requested the following road closures on Saturday, September 30, 2006 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and Sunday, October 1, 2006 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.: JFK from
Transverse to Bernice Rodgers Drive. Chain of Lakes to Middle Drive West, MLK to Bernice Rodgers Drive, MLK from Chain of Lakes to Middle Drive West, Transverse Drive from JFK to MLK, MLK West
to Crossover Drive, 25th Avenue MLK (from Lincoln), Sunset Blvd to MLK, 41st Avenue to MLK (from Lincoln), 36th Avenue to JFK (Fulton Street) and 30th Avenue to JFK (Fulton Street) contingent upon a determination by the City Risk Manager.

(04/16/06) EVENT UPDATED: Morgan Hill Waterfall viewing and photo shoot @ 4/16/2006, 10:00:00BSR Systems 

When did I move to Seattle.

(04/13/06) EVENT POSTED: Madera BBQ Cookoff @ 10/1/2006, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
Scott Pettit found this one and thought it might be fun [not to mention yummy]. A one day event for those that are interested. Bring your appetite..

(03/28/06) EVENT UPDATED: Cancelled @ 4/1/2006, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
6/17 Tour to cover same area

(03/22/06) EVENT POSTED: Photo fun @ 3/23/2006, 12:00bdougr 
Looking to play hookie Thursday afternoon and get some photos of my car near the green hills of Antioch.

tentative plans are drive to Black Diamond Mines park in Antioch arriving around 11:30.
Want to see what the situation looks like. If things are nice - take some photos

the park is located on Somersville Rd in Brentwood.

anyone want to tag along?

(03/09/06) EVENT POSTED: Blue Angels Air Show, Mather Field, Sacramento @ 3/19/2006, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
This is a replacement Tour for the Yosemite Tour that was cancelled due to snow conditions. Scott sent out the following info.


The Navy Flight Demo Team is appearing at Mather Field in Sacto on
Sunday March 19th. SInce the Yosemite trip is iced out, why don't we
plan a trip to the airshow. We could follow it up with a trip to
that turf and surf joint that we hit last year. Remember the 4
course/$19.00 lobster dinner. Yum.....

If you want to post it as a formal trip, I will "lead it".

(03/09/06) EVENT UPDATED: Tour Cancelled @ 3/25/2006, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
This will be an overnight tour to Yosemite headed up by Scott Petit. More details a s Scott fills them in.

(02/26/06) EVENT UPDATED: Mountain Drive to Hakone Gardens Tour @ 2/26/2006, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
This tour will take us through some great winding mountain roads in the Santa Cruz Mountains to the Hakone Gardens located in the Saratoga foothills off of Highway 9.

Built in 1911 through 1922, these gardens are a spectacular example of 19th century Japanese garden design.

The gardens were recently used as backdrop for numerous parts of the film "Memoirs of a Geisha" currently in release. Bring your cameras.

More details as I fill them in!!

(02/25/06) Garmin Street Pilot III for saleBSR Systems 
I have a Garmin Street Pilot 3 for sale All the docs and the box. Extra memory card, charger, car charger and USB cable for programming, latest MApsource software dash mount, bean bag mount and rechargeable batteries also included. BAZ members price $350.00 I paid $1043 for it new.
(02/13/06) EVENT POSTED: Virginia City Tour @ 10/7/2006, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
This popular overnight tour will take us to the gold rush town of Virginia City. This is an overnighter and will be led by Scott Petit [Kick Me]. More details as they become available

(02/13/06) EVENT POSTED: Monterey Backroads Tour @ 11/5/2006, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
This is an encore of one of the most popular 1 day tours of 2005. Headed by Jerry and Jeri [Jerry], this tour takes us on some of the most beautiful, spectacular and saurprising drives in Monterey County.

The date may change, this is a placeholder entry. More details to follow.

(02/13/06) EVENT POSTED: Hearst Castle Tour @ 7/8/2006, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
This will be an overnight tour to visit Hearst Castle ands led by Bob & Gwynne [BSR Systems]. Specific hotel arrangements are left to each member. More details forthcomming.

(02/12/06) EVENT POSTED: Fix It Day @ 6/11/2006, 10:00:00BSR Systems 
Location TBA

(02/12/06) EVENT POSTED: Mount Hamilton Tour and BYOF picnic @ 5/20/2006, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
More details later.

(01/06/06) EVENT POSTED: BAZ 2006 Planning Meeting @ 2/4/2006, 16:00:00BSR Systems 
OK, planning meeting date is set.

Where: Cattelmens Restaurant Livermore
2882 Kitty Hawk Road
(925) 447-1224

When: Saturday, 4 February @ 4:00PM till finished

This is a dinner meeting. Meeting first then dinner.

Send e-mail to
If you don't RSVP don't count on a seat!!

Feel free to call / e-mail me with questions or post them here.

(12/24/05) Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to All..BSR Systems 
At the end of this year it's time to rewflect on all of the great folks and great times we have had together.. Here's wishing you all the Happiest Holiday Season and New Year. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.
(12/23/05) EVENT UPDATED: Crab Tour Cancelled @ 12/24/2005, 09:00:00BSR Systems 
Steve H [Tortuga] has volunteered to lead us on this first ever Xmas Eve day tour to Half Moon Bay [ I think, was one heck of a planning meeting] to get fresh crabs right off the boats.

(12/22/05) Christmas goodies ... Photo gallery now available for Zeepers-peeperswyu 
Go to your profile, find the section right below where you set your profile photos and click the "Activate photo gallery" link. Afterwards, when you go to your gallery, you can click on the "Login" link at the top-right corner and be able to upload/manage your photos. The only gotcha ... bookmark the link you are given at the activate photo gallery screen for your admin usage. Browsers like Firefox will not let you login from this website due to security reasons (different domain name).

Currently, I've put a quota of 50MB -- I may be able to increase that once I have a better idea of how many people will be using this option.

Bob, your FTP password will also work to globally admin the entire Z3/bayarea/* folder hierarchy.
(11/24/05) EVENT POSTED: Happy Thanksgiving @ 11/24/2005, 00:00:01BSR Systems 

(11/20/05) Big Trees tripbdougr 
Had a great trip with Bob&Gwen, Ken&Donna
enjoyed muffins, sourdough bread and cheese in the forest

(11/18/05) EVENT POSTED: Impromptu Sunday at Calaveras Big Trees @ 11/20/2005, 06:00:00bdougr 
Thinking of visiting Calaveras Big Trees this sunday since the weather is so nice.
Nothing special
-Leave my house at 06:00
-highway 580 to 5 to 4
-arrive at the park about 8:30
-enjoy the trees
-take some photos
-drink some coffee

Could possibly change this to Yosemite at the drop of a hat but I have never been to Big Trees park.

(408) 210-7317cell

(11/06/05) EVENT UPDATED: BAZ Christmas Party @ 12/17/2005, 18:00:00BSR Systems 
Myrna and I would like to host the Christmas party this year. On Saturday Dec. 17. We will start at Social hour 6:00PM, dinner at 7:00PM and last till when ever.
This will be Potluck and BYOB, we will provide: Turkey with Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Lumpia and Leche Flan. We will also provide Water and Soda. We need you to bring either a side dish, desert, or snackies (finger food) and your own favorite beverage. It would be helpful if you would post what you are bringing on this forum so we don't end up with 30 bags of chips and no food.
We live in Danville about 1 mile from the Blackhawk Auto Museum. Which should be centrally located to most folks from the Easy Bay, South Bay, North Bay, Central Valley and Sacramento. Parking is not a problem, but Bob and Doug get reserved parking in the driveway.
William, Joey and Truman even if you don't still have a Z you are still welcome, you will always be an honorary member.

Hope to see you all here
Wayne & Myrna Brocious

3363 Green Meadow Dr.
Danville CA 94506

Home Ph (925) 736-6862
Cell Ph (925) 683-6963

(10/16/05) EVENT POSTED: Car Show in San Juan Bautista @ 10/16/2005, 09:00:00BSR Systems 
There's an annual British Car Show today in San Juan Bautista. Good opportunnity to see some of your old favorites in a relaxed atmosphere.

Gwynne and I will be joining FWK at around 10 AM. It's a nice day for a drive so if you're looking for something to do other than watch the niners loose again, join us there.

(10/15/05) Trale Gets new shocksBSR Systems 
Trale [Tony] FWK [Fred] and I got together to help Tony install his new Bilstein shocks today. More pics in the gallery.

Who told them to put LOCKTITE RED on these ^%#(^% Bolts???
(10/03/05) Solvang Successbdougr 
Solvang was a very nice trip.
Pastry, Smelly cheese, chocolate covered Z8 and lots of friends.

I think this image says everything there is to say about Solvang

(09/02/05) EVENT POSTED: Last Minute "Through the San Jose Hills" Drive @ 9/4/2005, 09:00:00BSR Systems 
Tony (Trale) and I are planning a drive tomorrow through the hills above San Jose. We are looking at Calaveras Road past the lake to 580 or we could do Mt. Hamilton Road to the observatory.

If you would like to join us, email me at We are meeting at McDonalds in Milpitas at 9:15 on the corner of Dixon Road and Milpitas Blvd. We will depart at 9:30 SHARP.

I know, I know. It's last minute. But I have 4 days off and damned if I not going to spend at least one of them driving and Tony wants to test out his new mods.


(08/31/05) EVENT POSTED: Impromptu Maintenance Seminar @ 9/3/2005, 09:00:00BSR Systems 
Saturday Morning Ernie Tibaldi and I will be changing his radiator, water pump, thermostat and drive belts at my house in San Martin. This task will basically cover all of the steps neccesary to also change your alternator, belt tensioners and pulleys, oil filter housing and pressure switches, etc.

If you're interested in observing/learning these tasks feel free to stop by and kibutz. We will start work at 9AM and should be done by 11AM or so depending on coffe break times.

E-mail me at for directions or call me at 408-683-0451.

Bob S

(08/30/05) EVENT UPDATED: Backroads to Solvang Tour @ 10/1/2005, 09:00:00BSR Systems 
All backroads [hardly any freeway] 2 day tour to the Danish town of Solvang [ south of Santa Barbara in the Santa Inez Valley]. Tour includes Lake Nacamiento, the Santa Inez Valley, a car Museum or 2 and lots of great roads. Bob S will be the coordinator for this one.

(08/16/05) EVENT UPDATED: Dent Day @ 9/17/2005, 09:00:00BSR Systems 
OK, time for a dent day.. I picked this day just to have a stick in the ground, we can change it if needed.

I have Kevin Ryder from Dent Pro ready to go. He has quoted $75.00 per panel for the average Z3. He will tell you if your car requires more than the "average" amount of work before he starts so you can negotiate the work and final price if needed. He just finished working on my neighbors Ferrari and I c an tell you he does good work. Satisfaction is guaranteed. He will bring a crew so we can work on muultiple cars simultaneously.

Gwynne and I will provide the place, the food and the drinks [non alchoholic] for the event

Let me know ASAP so we can change the dates if needed. If we can leave it here that would be great since it gives the Homecomming guys a chance to get thier cars done before going.

(08/16/05) EVENT UPDATED: Lake Tahoe Event Cancelled @ 9/17/2005, 8:00:00BSR Systems 
Scott Petit [Kick Me] will coordinate this 2 day trip to Lake Tahoe for a weekend of drives and sightseeing with additional help from Steve H [Tortuga]. Taho Tom has graciously offered his cabin for accomodations. Details to follow.


(08/15/05) EVENT POSTED: HC05 Sendoff / National Auto Museum @ 8/27/2005, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
Join the three intrepid travellers from the Bay Area heading to Homecoming, plus see the National Automobile Museum in Reno, NV.

We will meet at the Denny's on Route 88 in Stockton at 8AM, then head up Route 88 through the Sierras to Reno to visit the National Automobile Museum (formerly the Harrah Collection). From there the cross-country travellers will continue east to lovely Wendover, NV and the rest of you can return home. Expect to leave Reno aorund 5.

(07/27/05) EVENT POSTED: Yosemite / Mono Lake "Pizza Run" @ 8/14/2005, 09:00:00BSR Systems 
The following is from Scott Petit [Kick Me]. He is the lead for this tour..

Hi there,

A few of us have decided to "go for pizza" in Lee Vining on the eastern side of Yosemite near Mono Lake and I thought that we could make this an official trip.

Bob, will you please work your magic so that it will post in the upcoming events section?

Everyone who is interested here is the plan:

Meet in Modesto at 9 AM at BMW. (Pastries and juice maybe?) Depart at 9:15

Head for Yosemite via highway 120 thru Groveland and then on to Tuolumne Meadows in the high country with several stops for photos and gasping at the beauty of the views. Then on to Lee Vining via Tioga Pass-the higest vehicle pass in the lower 48 states.

Have lunch at a great deli / pizza joint then on to Mono Lake visitor center just a few minutes away OR I can plan a fun scenic drive arounds a few lakes.

We will return via Tioga Pass but use a different route (Highway 132) back into the Central Valley / Modesto area that is full of twisty, windy roads and and sweet camel backs through the rolling foot hills.

So if you are interestd in this little pizza run, please update your status.

(07/19/05) EVENT POSTED: 10 Years Of Curves In VEGAS @ 4/27/2006, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
Ten years of curves!! A celebration of the 10th Birthday of the Z3.

Blaine [Z3 Big Daddy] has put this together and it sounds like it's going to be a blast. Go here for details.

Scott Petit is putting together the caravan of BAZ folks. Departing on Thursday the 27th of April and returning Monday, May 1st.

The following data was provided by Ken and Donna:

"Reserve rooms now, registration code: PCICURV 200 rooms have been blocked off. Sounds fun, we will be there."

Some details remain to bve worked out, but now is the time to start planning this great event. There will be folks from all over and this could end up beingf kind of like a HOMECOMMING WEst COAST event.

And finally, from Z3 Big Daddy:

" Just a little heads up... If you reserve a room now, and you should, do not wait until the last moment to cancel as late cancels will be charged to yours truly. And I can't even dispute it as I already dropped 1K as a deposit, saying you-all will show up... Which is peanuts compared to the 65K they will charge me if the event goes belly up.... Get your rooms booked, your convoy planned and going... I want to show those East Coasters how we do it out West!!!!!!! "

(07/16/05) BMW Autoxbdougr 
Saturday July 16 showed a cold breezy day to the autox crowd at Marina

(06/27/05) EVENT POSTED: Virginia City Tour @ 7/16/2005, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
Scott Petit [Kick Me] has asked that we post an event for a tour to Virginia City in July. Scott will be the planner for this 2 day tour. Here's the details as we know them for now.

In an e-mail Scott wrote:

"I propose that we meet in Modesto at BMW and then head
north on some back roads to highway 4, to 88 to 395
to Virginia City. I will scout some places to eat,
drink and be merry.

The drive to and from will be great and the stay in VC
should be wonderfull. I posted the website in the BAZ

The weekend of July 16/17 or 23/24 are great for me."

(06/22/05) EVENT UPDATED: Yosemite Valley EVENT CANCELED @ 7/23/2005, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
This tour Is still under investigation. It will be headed by Scott Petit [Kick Me] if it still happens. We have all been looking forward to this since he mentioned it last year at Cattlemans after the Blackhawk tour.

This will be a 2 day event. Hotel reser4vations will be needed. More data will follow.

(06/13/05) EVENT UPDATED: Mt. Madonna - Moss Landing - Pacific Grove tour @ 8/6/2005, 09:00:00BSR Systems 

(06/13/05) EVENT UPDATED: Blackhawk Auto Museum Tour and dinner @ 6/25/2005, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
Here is the preliminary itinerary for the Blackhawk Museum Tour and Drive.
At 9:30 AM we met at The “Rising Loafer Bakery and Café” for breakfast.
340 Hartz Ave
Danville, CA 94526

At 10:30 to 11:00 AM we assemble at the lower parking lot at the Blackhawk Museum.
At 11:00 AM we drive up and park on the plaza at the entrance to the museum.
3700 Blackhawk Plaza Circle
Danville, CA 94506

Between 11:00 AM and 1:00PM we take pictures and socialize.
At 1:00 PM Fred Kern takes us on a docent’s tour of the museum.
At 4:00 PM we leave for a short 1Hr 15Min. drive on back roads through the windmills east of Livermore.
At 5:30 we have diner at Cattlemen’s restaurant in Livermore.
2882 Kitty Hawk Road
Livermore, CA 94550

For those that may not want to spend that much time in the museum there are plenty of shops and restaurants at the Blackhawk Plaza.

And for those that would like to continue socializing after dinner we can go to my house 15 Min. away in Danville (about 1 mile from the Blackhawk Museum).

As we get a little close to the date I will ask you all to E-mail me a head count for
1. Breakfast 2. The Museum, and 3. for Dinner So that I can make reservations.

Wayne Brocious

(06/13/05) EVENT UPDATED: Morgan Hill 4th of July Parade and Fireworks Tour (cancelled) @ 7/4/2005, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
Event Cancelled

(06/12/05) CaptMolecule caught redhandedbdougr 
autox'ing another car
it was good meeting you

(06/08/05) Dorkfest 2005bdougr 
The coupes had a great event.

(04/16/05) EVENT POSTED: Impromptu tour to "Dream Machines" at Half Moon Bay Airport @ 4/24/2005, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
A last minute tour to go to see the Dream Machines Show at Half Moon Bay Airport.

Tour leaves South County at 8AM Sunday, April 24th. Route yet to be determined [ depends on who we are going to pick up and where]. Sounds like a great day.

Half Moon Bay Airport is located on Highway 1, 5 miles north of Highway 92 and 20 miles south of San Francisco.

If you are interested let us know as soon as possible so we can finalize the route and departure times.

(03/27/05) EVENT POSTED: Tour to Yellowstone National Park @ 5/27/2005, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
Ok, this is a little large for an "impromtu event" but here it is anyway. Gwynne and I are going to tour to Yellowstone park and invite all interested parties to come along with us.
Leaving from South County on May 27th and returning on June 8th. This will give us 7 days in the park and time to see other things if we want. Route will go through Salt lLake City to pick up my eldest daughter. We will be staying in West Yellowstone since the hotels are cheaper and all of the in park hotels are booked years in advance anyway. Hotels in the rea run from $39.00 to 124.00 a night.

Join us for what should be a great tour to one of the truly grand places in the world.

No date changes since Gwynne already has her vacation schedule.

Join us if you can, we love the company.. More details as to route and other things as I flush them out.

(03/20/05) EVENT UPDATED: Skyline - Coastline tour @ 4/2/2005, NoonBSR Systems 
We will be starting out of Peter Pan BMW in San Mateo. Take 101 and exit at Hilsdale. Take Hillsdale Blvd straight to Camino Real, then bear right (north). Peter Pan is a couple of blocks north of Hillsdale.

We will leave at noon, head north to pick up 92W to Skyline (CA-35) pick up CA-9 and then head to the coast at Bonnie Doon, then up the coast, with a stop at a lighthouse and on to the Moss Beach Distillery.I figure on a 4-5 hour drive - allowing for generous stops and photo ops.

Expect some suprises.

(NOTE: We experienced a lot of traffic on channel 2-3 - evidentally motorcyclists have discovered FRS'. We will be using a new channel for the drive - 2-8).

(02/17/05) EVENT POSTED: Molecular Drive thru Monterey and Santa Cruz @ 2/18/2005, 13:00:00BSR Systems 
Capt. Molecule is here and wants to do a [so what if it's rainming] drive tomorrow [whatcha mean short notioce]. So James Spurling is planning it and we will post the details here later tonight.

Rough plan is a 1PM start time over at Moss Landing or someplace similar. Then off on a tour to the south then back to the north to Santa Cruise for an early dinner. Should be a fun, impromptu, no big plans tour.

Check back later tonight [it's now 6PM] for additional details.

Lets show Ed a great time ..

Bob S.

(01/31/05) EVENT POSTED: Monterey Historics Tour @ 8/19/2005, 09:00:00BSR Systems 

(01/31/05) EVENT POSTED: Monterey Backrooads Tour @ 11/5/2005, 09:00:00BSR Systems 
Jerry and Jeri will guides us through the byways of Monterey and it's environs.

(01/31/05) EVENT POSTED: Gold Country Tour @ 10/22/2005, 09:00:00BSR Systems 
Jeff and Erics Fall Tour of the Gold Country.

(01/31/05) EVENT POSTED: Fleet Week In San Francisco Tour @ 10/8/2005, 09:00:00BSR Systems 
Ruth [Design Diva] is leading this tour to see the Blue Angels fly during Fleet Week in SF.

(01/31/05) EVENT POSTED: Homecomming 2005 Tour @ 9/2/2005, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
Tour to the BMW Roadster Homecomming in Spartansburgh South Carolina. Event is on Labor Day Weekend, drive tour starts Aug 27th or so and ends back here Sept 9, 10 or 11. Fred [FWK-Z3] will be coordinating the group from the Bay Area

(01/31/05) EVENT POSTED: Sacramento Hills Spring Drive @ 5/21/2005, 09:00:00BSR Systems 
Jeff and Eric will lead this biannual favorite thru the hills and backroads of the Sacramento area. These tours are always among our favorites due to the excellent planning and route selection of the guys. If you have never been on one of these tours it should be high on your list of things to do. The follow on Fall tour is scheduled for 22 October.

More details to follow

(01/31/05) EVENT POSTED: Point Reyes Tour @ 5/7/2005, 09:00:00BSR Systems 
This annual favorite will be handled by Steve H. [Tortuga} and will carry us all through the winding roads and rolling hills of Point Reyes National Seashore. Details and routing to follow.

(01/31/05) EVENT POSTED: Natural Bridges Butterfly Preserve Tour @ 2/19/2005, 09:00:00BSR Systems 
This tour takes us over the Santa Cruz Mountains vis Hwy 9 to the PCH, then north to Natural Bridges State Park. The bridges are gone, destroyed during severe storms several years ago. But with luck, the Monarch Butterflys will be there to make up for the missing natural masonary. A stop for lunch will be included. This is a great opportunnity to see the coast and enjoy some top down weather which the folks back east can only dream about [ok, so it might rain, still a great tour].

More details to follow.

(01/19/05) EVENT POSTED: 2005 Planning meeting @ 1/29/2005, 14:00:00BSR Systems 
This is the planning meeting for the 2005 tour season. Ruth [DesignDiva] has volunteered her home for the meeting. Address and Map data will follow shortly.

This is a very tight schedule so please sign up, make your lists and submit them and votye.


Bob S

(11/22/04) EVENT POSTED: Reagan Presidential Library Tour @ 12/18/2004, 10:00:00BSR Systems 
This is a trip down to Simi Valley to visit the Reagan Presidential Library. Along the way we will stop in the Santa Innez Valley to visit Solvang for some great Danish baked goods and anything else that sounds sinful [the Original Pea Soup Andersens is located here if you're interested]. We will also visit the Solvang Antique Motorcycle Museum. A Great collection of bikes from days gone by.

This is a non political trip to something everyone should see at least once [a Presidential Library] If you are a Reagan fan then thats icing on the cake for you.

This wil be a 3 day trip since the library takes at least 1/2 day to go through [if you read slow like me maybe a little more]. 6 comfoprtable hours down and 6 back.

I will block some hotel rooms next week, so if you're interested in going please sign up ASAP.


Leave South County at 10AM Saturday.
Arrive in Solvang for late lunch and Museum tour approximateley 2PM. LSpend the night in Solvang. eave Solvang for Simi Valley at 9AM or so. Visit Library, return to Solvabng for the night [and a second chance at the Danish Bakerys for take home goodies]. Spend the night. Depart for northern Cal about 9AM via the Pacific Coast Highway [Highway 1]. If the weather is bad we can come back via 101, 99 or I-5 depending on when we want to leave. These details will fill in as we get closer to the departure date.

(11/01/04) EVENT POSTED: Fix It Day @ 11/13/2004, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
Please sign up by Tuesday the 9th of November soi I can put together a schedule for those tasks that require one.

Bring your oil, filter removal tool [for 1.9 folks] and used oil containers if you have them. Make sure you have any parts that you will need [especially vulnerable parts like plastic pins, snaps, etc, they always seem to break]. Also, we can always use more jackstands for shock/strut replacement, wheel removal/brake work, etc.

See you all on the 13th...

(10/12/04) EVENT UPDATED: Fall in Sacramento Foothills @ 10/16/2004, 11AMwyu 
The major part of the drive starts in Auburn, CA. We will have lunch there at Awful Annies and then head out. The run should take about 4-5 hours depending on our stops throughout so I suggest an early dinner in either Placerville or at Rudy's Hideaway again. Here is the plan:
  • 11:00 AM: Meet at Awful Annie's in Auburn for Lunch. Address is: 160 Sacramento St, Auburn, CA
    GAS UP HERE - there are virtually no places to stop for gas on the way!
  • Leave ~12:30pm on 80 to Foresthill Road.
  • Exit on Foresthill Road - take to FR-96 (Mosquito Ridge Road) - about 16 Miles.
  • Turn right on Mosquito Ridge Road - Take to French Medows Resevoi - About 51 Miles into drive. We will stop a few times on Mosquito Ridge Road to look around - not alot of stops for a big group, but a few nice ones.
  • Stop at French Meadows Resevoir.
  • Turn right onto French Meadows Road - Take to 11 Pines Road - 57 miles into drive
  • Turn right on Wentworth Springs Road - 79 Miles into drive.
  • Possible stop at another resevior for a stretch break.
  • Take Wentworth into Georgetown. Make a left onto Route 193.
  • Enter Placerville.
At this point, we can either eat dinner in Placerville, or my suggestion would be to head down 50 to Hazel Avenue (20 minute drive) to Rudy's Hideaway where we ate last spring run.

We should arrive at Rudy's around 5:30'ish.

For those coming from Placerville, I will be coming from Folsom so we could meet at base of HWY49 and 50 for a ride up 49 to Auburn. Let me know who is interested in doing that and I will set a meeting point.

Hope that works for everyone - this should be a fun ride. Pics and a Map to come and I will bring printouts. Don't forget your FRS and some drinks for along the way.

OK - here are some photos from the Pre-Drive Eric and I took. I have alot more, but some samples.

Bay Area meetup point: 8:30AM at the Buttercup Grill in Walnut Creek with the blast-off time of 9AM. The address is: 660 Ygnacio Valley Rd, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

(09/25/04) EVENT POSTED: Salinas Air Show Oct 3 or 4 @ 10/3/2004, 08:00:00BSR Systems 
A drive to the Salinas Air Show. Either day is available depending on what the group wants. See the Blue Angels, the Snowbirds [Canada], other groups plus static displays.

(08/04/04) EVENT POSTED: Detail Day, BBQ and Homecomming gab in San Martin @ 9/19/2004, 09:00:00BSR Systems 
n Response to your many requests, Gwynne and I will host a DETAIL DAY and BBQ at our home in San Martin on Sunday [ for you Brenda} the 19th of September. We will start accepting people at 9AM and will go till we're done. BBQ will be a lunch time / afternoon affair.

Please bring buffers, waxws, polishes, micro fiber cloths, cotton cloths, wheel polish, glass cleaner and anything else you will want to use on your cars. I will supply buckets, water, electricity shady places, BBQ grill, miscellaneous snacks and drinks [non alcoholic] some which will be sugar free.

Everyone should bring something from the following list:

1. Salad {greens, jello, potato, macaroni, etc.]
2. Breads [Hamburger buns / hot dog buns]
3. Deserts.
4. Anything special that you like to bring.
5. A deswire to have a great time [mandatory for all attendees].

Please let me know what you're bringing so I can post it and let everyone else know as well, avoids to many duplicates.

I suggest that you all come early to get the washing part done in the morning hours while it's still cool and a low sun angle.

We will also use this as the opportunitty for the BAZ Homecomming folks to regail you all with thier tales from South Carolina [ and everywhere on the road between here and there and back].

Please respond early if you can since we will be on the road from August 27th thru Sept 10th and won't have much time to plan things when we get back.

(08/02/04) EVENT POSTED: Alfa Arrival Celebration @ 8/21/2004, 10:00:00BSR Systems 
Alfa Arrival Celebration [ And Bob's B'Day ] get together and Italian feast [Place TBD by fred]. Tour and chow down..

(05/24/04) EVENT POSTED: 4th of July parade in Morgan Hill @ 7/4/2004, 09:00:00BSR Systems 
OK, had lots of interest in the Bay Area Z's participating in the Morgan Hill Independance Day Parade. So here's th4e deal.

This is a nice "small town" America kind of thing. I've gone every year for the last 24 years. It's getting bigger and may lose some of it's charm, so now is the time to do it.

I need a minimum of 6 cars that want to enter. I need to know by this weekend in order to get the paperwork in by the early June deadline.

Parade starts at 10AM, with form up atr (AM. Lasts about 2 hours, and then, as an option, you can display your cars at the post parade festival in the Commun9ity Park. After the Festival there is music and such till the great fireworks show that starts after dusk.

So if you want to participate then sign up. I'll take care of the paperwork and notify everyone as soon as we get accepted.

Parade info:

(04/04/04) POLL POSTED: What weekend do you prefer to have the Eureka drive?wyu 
What weekend do you prefer to have the Eureka drive?
5/1 4 (36.36%)
5/8 3 (27.27%)
Any 3 (27.27%)
I'm sol :( 1 (9.09%)

11 vote(s) have been tallied. Voting on this topic has ended.
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(02/16/04) POLL POSTED: What's the WORST weekend for the Sacramento Foothills drive?wyu 
What's the WORST weekend for the Sacramento Foothills drive?
March 13/14 1 (7.14%)
March 20/21 6 (42.85%)
March 27/28 2 (14.28%)
April 3/4 1 (7.14%)
I can attend any weekend 4 (28.57%)

14 vote(s) have been tallied. Voting on this topic has ended.
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(02/10/04) Planners Planned Plans at Planning Meetingwyu 
I was quite surprised to see how many people showed up this year for the planning meeting. I remember the first few times, it was just the usuals and some groupies. Somehow we all squeezed into Millie's Kitchen where we hammered out the following schedule:
    March 20: Sacramento Foothills
    April 24/25: Highway 49(*)
    May 22/23: Mt Hamilton/BBQ(*)
    May 1: Bimmerfest in Santa Barbara(?)
    June 12: My Wedding
    June 14: Weekday Mendocino Tour
    June 26/27: Point Reyes Gourmet Tour(*)
    July 4-9: Oktoberfest in Pasadena(?)
    July 24/25: Blackhawk Museum(*)
    August 14+15: Monterey Historics
    September 6: Homecoming
    September 24-26: King's Canyon(*)
    October 16-17: Sacramento Foothills #2(*)
    December 11: X-Mas party.
The items above with (*) are tentative dates. Expect the planners to decide about a month in advance whether to have it Saturday/Sunday or move it a week forward/back. The (?) are suggestive events -- we currently don't have any idea whether people are willing to drive that far to hang out with other BMW owners.
(02/10/04) EVENT POSTED: Spring in Sacto @ 4/3/2004, TBAwyu 
Bay Area Meetup Spot
We will meet at 8:30AM at the Buttercup Grill in Walnut Creek with the blast-off time of 9AM. The address is:
    660 Ygnacio Valley Rd
    Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Sacramento Meetup Spot
Tentatively, here's an itenary assuming the folks from the bay area will arrive in Folsom around 11:00AM.
    11:00 Meet at It's A Grind, 2770 E Bidwell St Folsom, CA 95630-6417
    11:30 Depart for Villa Toscano in Plymouth, 10600 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth, CA 95669
    12:00 Lunch at Villa Toscano and browsing (or tasting for passengers)
    1:00 Depart for a day of spirited driving through the foothills and farmland
    4:30 Dinner ??? TBD in Folsom
The trip takes us down Latrobe Rd to Old Sacramento Rd and into Plymouth. Lunch at the Bistro at Villa Toscano was very good. Jeff and I had Fettucine alla Bolognese w/ Italian sausage. My Corvette-driving friend had pizza. For those so inclined, there are numerous pottery and wine-type things to purchase.

From Plymouth, we take 49 to Jackson where we catch Clinton/Tabeaud Rd. At this point, it would be helpful if you've digested most of your lunch because things get interesting. This is hilly farm land and we will travel a few stretches of one lane road.

This takes us to HW26 via HW88. HW26 is full of sweeping curves, s-curves, and switchbacks. We encountered some lingering snow on the roadside along our way. I think we saw 7 or so signs of the "Curves Next ?? Miles" variety. To some, this is a warning; to us, a promise!

HW26 takes us back to HW49 and through Mokelumne Hill. Continuing on HW26 takes us to Pardee Resevoir and across a one-lane dam on the Pardee Dam Road. Stoney Creek Road leads us back to Jackson where we can take HW49 back to HW50 or traverse Latrobe road the other direction back to HW50.

If anyone has a particular request for dinner in Folsom, I'm open to suggestions.

I hope you can all make this run!

(02/10/04) EVENT POSTED: Eureka! I've found gold! @ 5/1/2004, 9:30AMwyu 
Be sure to top off your gas tank before the drive.
  • 9:30AM: Meet at Awful Annie's in for breakfast. Address is:
      160 Sacramento St
      Auburn, CA
  • East I80 to Hwy 174
  • North to Hwy 49 at Grass Valley
  • Hwy 49 to Hwy 89 at High Sierra Valley
  • North to Nakoma
  • Lunch at the Frank Lloyd Wright Golf Club at the Dragon Golf Course
  • Tour area before heading back to Auburn
  • Dinner at the Sudworks in Davis. Address is:
      2001 Second Street
      Davis, CA
    Possible pre-Auburn meetup spot TBA

  • (02/10/04) EVENT POSTED: Firing up Mt. Hamilton @ 5/22/2004, TBAwyu 
    Drive up Mt. Hamilton + BBQ. Our planners: Wayne and Doug.

    (02/10/04) EVENT POSTED: Bimmerfest (in Santa Barbara) @ 5/1/2004, TBAwyu 
    A tentative schedule to drive to Southern California.

    (02/10/04) EVENT POSTED: Weekday Mendocino Tour @ 6/14/2004, TBAwyu 
    This will be a laid-back tour up Highway 1. Expect to be gone a few days. Leading this brigade will be myself.

    (02/10/04) EVENT POSTED: William's Wedding @ 6/12/2004, 12:30PMwyu 
    Ahem...those of you who attended the X-Mas know there's a status change in my life. On June 12th, there's no going back for me. The details of my wedding are as follows:
      Ceremony + mini reception
      Chapel of Our Lady
      Presidio, San Francisco

      Full Reception/Wedding Banquet
      Golden Mountain
      Broadway/Stockton, San Francisco
    If you are interested in attending either, put your name down in the attending list by March and I'll make sure an invitation gets sent out to you.

    As for a pre-ceremony drive, somebody else has to plan that as I will be plenty busy.

    (02/10/04) EVENT POSTED: Point Reyes Gourmet Tour @ 6/26/2004, TBAwyu 
    And oldie but goodie. Cheese Factory, Oyster Farm, you name it -- if there's food there, we'll stop.

    Planning Committee: Bob

    (02/10/04) EVENT POSTED: Oktoberfest (in Pasadena) @ 7/4/2004, TBAwyu 
    A tentative schedule to drive to Southern California.

    (02/10/04) EVENT POSTED: British Allies in Blackhawk @ 7/31/2004, 8AMwyu 
    Possible joint tour of the Blackhawk Auto Museum with the Valley British Auto Club. Fred & Bob doing the arrangements.

    (02/10/04) EVENT POSTED: Monterey Historics @ 8/14/2004, TBAwyu 
    We've been talking about make a show of force down there since this club has started but have yet to come through. Well this year, I think we might finally get it down. Our initial thoughts right now are to make this a 2 day affair. 1 day for watching the Historics and 1 for touring the Monterey area.

    Planner: Jerry

    (02/10/04) EVENT POSTED: Homecoming Convoy @ 9/6/2004, TBAwyu 
    This is the annual drive across the country to South Carolina for the biggest Z3/Z4 party in the world. If you're interested in going, you definitely should start booking your hotels now and make sure you are online when the Homecoming reservations website goes live.

    Leading the Bay Area HC convoy: Fred Kern

    (02/10/04) EVENT POSTED: Kings Canyon Reloaded @ 9/25/2004, TBAwyu 
    Once again, we will try for Kings Canyon. Our fellow drivers down in Southern California initially suggested the 2nd weekend of September. We're countering with the last weekend instead due to Homecoming during Labor Day.

    Point man: Doug

    (02/10/04) EVENT POSTED: 2004 X-Max Party @ 12/11/2004, 7PMwyu 
    Considering the exponential growth of club members, the previous sit-down dinner format at my office might not work. Last year was pretty much the limits of how many people we could have at the tables. Luckily we have plenty of time to figure this out.

    (01/27/04) EVENT POSTED: Great California Cattle Country Tour @ 2/22/2004, 12:00BSR Systems 
    This is a precurser event to the FWK MGTF B'Day party. We will be meeting at Ya Bon Espresso in Cochrane Plaza, Morgan Hill at noon. The tour will be to the east of Hollister through the beautiful rolling plains of Eastern San Benito County. We may head for Pinnacles National Park depending onb the weather and the turnout.

    The route will take us through genle, sweeping country roads with a few twisties thrown in. With any luck we might get to see one of the California Condors recently released into the wild again after being gone from the area for over 40 years.

    Bring your FRS radios if you have them set to 2.3 You can also get me on my cell phone [with some luck] at 408-835-7780. You might also want to bring binocculars if you have them, just in case.

    The tour will end at the Tres Pinos Inn to celebrate TWK's MGTF's 50th birthday.. Hope to see you there if you can't make the tour.

    (01/27/04) EVENT POSTED: 1st Annual FWK MGTF B'Day party @ 2/22/2004, 4:00BSR Systems 
    Fred Kerns beautiful MGTF will be celebrating it's 50th Birthday on Saturday the 22 of February at 4:00PM. All interested parties are invited to join Fred and his TF at the Tres Pinos Inn for much merrymaking and a little quaffing of the spirits of the day [no host].

    A precurser event is available [ See the Great California Cattle Country Tour] for those that are interested. All others join us at the Inn at 4:00.

    I will have my cell phone if you need to call.. 408-835-7780

    (01/25/04) EVENT POSTED: 2004 Planning Meeting @ 2/7/2004, 10AMwyu 
    The place:
      Millie's Kitchen
      1018 Oak Hill Rd
      Lafayette, CA

    If you can't make it to the meeting, post your ideas for drives/events this year here. Especially if you can volunteer to plan/lead a drive.

    (01/25/04) EVENT POSTED: Dent Day III @ 3/6/2004, 09:30bdougr 
    4576 Del Valle Parkway
    Pleasanton, CA 94566
    Time: 9AM-2PM

    Bring lots of cash. You have more dents than you realize.

    (01/01/04) POLL POSTED: Do you answer online polls?wyu 
    Do you answer online polls?
    Yes 5 (50%)
    No 2 (20%)
    I'm not sure 3 (30%)

    10 vote(s) have been tallied. Voting on this topic has ended.
    Click here to view/post comments about this poll. (1 reply)

    (12/14/03) Xmas party met expectationswyu 
    Thanks to all the people who came and made the party a big hit. This year, we hit 15 people although Jim+Peggy didn't eat anything. (They did have very stylish hairdos though.)

    I didn't take a single picture as I was too busy cooking but I'm sure sooner or later, the others will post (or send to me).

    Coming up in January will be a dent day + planning meeting. Stay tuned...
    (10/11/03) Great BBQ & drive Jimwyu 
    13 cars showed up at Jim's house (14 if you count Jim's) -- 25 people total. Burgers with patties large enough to send PETA activists into epileptic seizures. Chicken, potato salad, fruit and some amazing deserts. (The chocolate embedded into the crust was amazing.) After partaking in the food, we headed out where we picked up StevZ3 and Lorenzocal sitting on the side of the road. A winding, bumpy drive in the night -- PeggyZ even nicked a deer.
    (09/21/03) EVENT UPDATED: Full Moon Drive @ 10/10/2003, 7:30PMwyu 
    I have been informed that Leon cannot plan & lead a Full Moon Drive this year. So our current plan is to do a reprise of last year's event with a minor change: the meeting place will also be at Jim L's home.

    5PM: Jim L. hosts a pre-drive barbeque. The address is:
      3624 Vista Charonoaks
      Walnut Creek, 94598
    8PM: Drive to Livermore on Morgan Territory Road begins
    10PM: Headout or loop back to Jim L.'s for coffee

    (09/20/03) lost againbdougr 
    [URL=]Small pano[/URL]

    [URL=]1.4meg Full size pano[/URL]

    I will leave the write up to William
    (09/02/03) EVENT UPDATED: 49er Gold Rush Trail @ 9/20/2003, 8:30AMwyu 
    Bay Area folks, we will meet at 8:30AM at the Buttercup Grill in Walnut Creek with the blast-off time of 9AM. The address is:
      660 Ygnacio Valley Rd
      Walnut Creek, CA 94596
    It will be a 2 hour caravan to Sacramento where we will meet at the Starbucks @ Bradshaw and Hwy. 50. The directions to there are:
      From Fairfield, take I 80 to Sacramento. Merge onto Hwy 50 East in Sacramento. Take Bradshaw Road Exit South (Right). Get into left lanes and make a U-turn at Old Placerville Road. Turn Right into shopping center at the IHOP. Go to the back and there is Starbucks.
    Our gold country tour will begin at 11:30AM.
    • 11:30 am Leave on Hwy. 16 East to Amador County.
    • 12:40 pm We will stop in the town of Volcano for Lunch and to look around. You can find Information about Amador County at: There are two cafes in which to eat.
    • 2:00 pm Leave Volcano to Hwy. 88 and up into the mountains. Then North on Mormon Immigrant Trail to Placerville CA.
    • 3:00 pm In Placerville, we can get gas etc.
    • 3:15 pm Leave Placerville on Hwy 193 then in a roundabout way to Coloma. We will arrive in Coloma around 4:30pm. Need cash to park in the Coloma State Park so please keep that in mind.
    • From Coloma, Hwy 49 to I 80 in Auburn where we will have an early dinner before the drive back.

    (09/01/03) Hearst Castle Drivewyu 
    What a crazy weekend. If you didn't come, you missed out on some zanyness. It started with Wayne calling me at 8:30AM saying most of the streets in San Jose were blocked off for a Labor Day weekend festival and the Starbucks I picked was not only closed but not facing the street. I ended up circling the streets in the area a few times before I figured out how to get to where Wayne was.

    At 9AM, we head off onto I280. I get a call from Bob (BSR) saying he would meet us as we passed San Martin Ave on I101. Heading to the 101 turnoff, I'm busy fiddling with my stereo and when I look up, I see the 101 South exit 5 lanes over on the right. I frs Wayne: "did we just miss our exit?" Sure enough ... a bit of backtracking and we're on 101.

    A bit of discussion ensues as we near San Martin Ave ... is Bob on 2.3 or 3.2 (from the last drive)? He's on 2.3 and we see him on the highway on-ramp and he speeds up to meet us. After 15 seconds of following him, I call over the FRS "ahh...I just love the smell of burning brakes" thinking it was the big rig ahead of us. Nope, it was Bob with his parking brake still engaged.

    We end up making very good time even with the holiday traffic and get to a 7-11 on Reservation Rd in Marina at 10:10AM. Jerry is there 20 minutes later and we wonder were Scott (SeayaZ) is. So at 11AM, we figure we should just head out to Rocky Point and wait for Scott there.

    At Rocky Point, we begin with appetizers and barely order our main courses when Scott & Sharon show up 15 minutes past the hour. Turns out they were waiting at a different 7-11 -- also on Reservation Rd in Marina. Apparently, I had mapped the wrong 7-11 and still somehow got to the one Jerry was talking about.

    After lunch, Bob heads back home to set some fires and the rest of us continue on where we first stop at Hurricane Point for a photo op. The rest of the way south, Jerry sets an easy pace and we still arrive at Hearst Castle a good 2 hours before our tour. It's a period of cooling our engines at our lodgings afterwhich, we head to the Castle. Not going to say too much about the tours themselves as the pictures are self-explanatory. Coming out of the tour though, the Z3 group seemed concerned about how the bus was taking curves so we decide to skip Tour 3 the next day.

    Tour 1 is done -- we're in the parking lot -- and the group decides I will lead them to food in Morro Bay. Except I left my list of restaurants+directions back in San Francisco and I'm hoping street signs can trigger my memory. No such luck -- I give up pretty soon and we stop at a random Mexican restaurant. After dinner, I give the group another false alarm as I turn left to the gas station with everybody pointing to the freeway onramp on the right. Luckily, that's the end of our travails for Day 1 as we make it back to our lodgings with no other serious problems.

    Day 2 begins with breakfast at the diner next to the lodge. Then it's checkout and a short drive to the Castle grounds. Our first order of business -- we find a needy-looking group to give our afternoon tickets away to. Right at the ticket window is a family who gladly accept our tickets while the ticket agent gives us dirty looks. Then it's up to the Castle for Tour 2. Tour 2 turns out to be a much smaller affair and definitely the better of the two tours. Larry our tour guide seems to be able to do a better job of giving us the inside dirt on story behind the building. After the tour, it's time to seeing National Geographic's Building the Dream in the IMAX theater. Of course, I promptly fall asleep and see only the last 3 minutes of the film.

    Cambria, by consensus, is our next stop. Only 5 miles south, we get there in no time at all. After parking our cars, we come across a green Z3 going through a non-touchless car wash. We then look at the plates and see the car is from San Francisco. Lunch is at the Old Stone Station where our waitress is an Asian girl who seems to be on speed as she runs up and down the stairs at a lightning pace. All thoughts of attempting to sneak out without paying our bill are gone as this girl could probably run faster than our Z3s. While we're waiting for food, Scott & Sharon receive a phone call after which they say they have to leave immediately. Our guesses were generally like "son burned the house down, got arrested, etc." -- the typical parents-away-on-travel situations.

    With lunch over at 3:30PM, we walk around Cambria for a bit before heading. We decide that speed was of essense so I take the lead and we drive like madmen -- we pass every chance possible and hit near triple digits on some straightaways. Seemingly making great time (other than getting stuck behind a slow-ass Volkswagon), my passenger reminds me that bathroom breaks are needed and we stop at Big Sur. Gas at Big Sur is 3.15 per gallon and since I have more money than brains, I decide I just have to fill up with super-expensive gas.

    Now on the road again, Wayne radios me that my rear right tire looks flat. We pull over and it is flat. (There was multiple spots where nails and rocks had punctured the tire.) I pull open the tools in the back (never used before) and can't make heads or tails with the directions. It takes some experimentation but we finally get car propped up, the wheel out and the spare on. The tire nuts were torqued so tight, Jerry had to jump on the (whatever-that-tool-is-named) to get the nuts to turn. Luckily, Wayne has a tire pump as the spare was about 15 lbs/ft under pressure. Also good planning on Wayne's part to keep bungie cords around (to keep the trunk semi-closed) or otherwise my passenger would have been carrying a tire in her lap. While we're changing the tire, all the cars we had passed earlier buzz by with the drivers seemingly gloating at us. With the 50mph limit on the spare, we're now the slowpokes on the road creeping up Hwy 1 and the 101. Jerry & Wayne escort me until they reach their takeoff points and then it's just me sputtering up all the way to San Francisco.
    (08/26/03) EVENT UPDATED: Hearst Castle Invasion @ 8/30/2003, 9AMwyu 
    This is a two day event to Hearst Castle. You are welcome to drive along with us on the first day to whereever and then head back home. Or join us starting day 2. The schedule:

    SATURDAY 8/30
  • 8:30AM: Meet in San Jose, Starbucks @
      125 Park Center Plaza
      San Jose, California 95113
  • 9AM: Start driving. We'll take 101 down to Prunedale and then cut across 156 to 1.
  • 11AM: Meet in Marina, 7-11 @
      MARINA CA, 93933
  • Noon: Lunch @ Rocky Point. The website says it's 10 miles south of Carmel.
  • 1:30PM: Head back on the road south. This will be a straight trip down to San Simeon with a few stops. Alone, I've done it before in an hour fifteen minutes from the Rocky Point area but with more cars, we'll take a more sedate pace. Expect a 3 hour drive here.
  • 5:50PM: Our tour at Hearst Castle will be Tour 1. Tour lasts an hour 45 minutes. Go make reservations at:
  • 7:15PM: Tour done, now we will drive south to San Luis Obispo/Pismo Beach for dinner.

    SUNDAY 8/31

    9AM: Brunch (eat enough for 2 tours!)
    10:40AM: Tour 2
    12:50PM: Tour 3
    2:30PM: Tours done ... drive to Morro Bay for scenery, photo ops
    2:45PM: Late lunch in Morro Bay
    4PM: Time to go home


    If you haven't made reservations yet and there are no more rooms at the San Simeon lodge, Morro Bay or San Luis Obispo will work just fine as we will head that direction for food on Saturday night. Also be sure to get your tickets for Hearst Castle. I checked the Tour slots/times with the max ticket block (11) and currently tickets are available.

    Please decide whether you're coming soon so Jerry can make reservations at Rocky Point for lunch. (Move your name to the yes column.)


    My cell phone is 415-720-1122.
    Jerry will meet up in Marina, his cellphone is 831-224-8609.

  • (08/21/03) EVENT POSTED: Mendecino car shopping @ 8/24/2003, 09:00bdougr 
    Titanium aka John Gaines from Davenport Iowa is going to purchase Riverflyers 2001 ///M Roadster and wants us to take a look at the car for him. I can do the visual inspection but need someone to do the test drive.

    Any interest in a great Sunday drive along the coast?

    (08/17/03) Historics Racesbdougr 
    Day 2 of the historics races did not disappoint. They had all six of the race configured GT40 Mark IVs racing together.

    I would like to know who gave the coupes permission to caravan and park seperately.
    (08/13/03) SCCA Autox last roundbdougr 

    (08/05/03) SCCA Autocrossbdougr 
    Had a good turnout for the autox at Golden Gate Fields. Very scenic area but lots of gravel on the track.

    (08/05/03) BMWCCA Track day at Thunderhillbdougr 
    Spent a rainy day at the track watching the coupes go round and round. Funny thing happened tho... while taking photos in the same spot for two hours, for a while next to the invited pro photog then later next to an instructor, I hear over the loud speaker "Photographer on the west side of the track. You are not allowed to be there"

    Oh well I got some really good images from there and other spots.

    (07/21/03) EVENT POSTED: SCCA Autocross Golden Gate Fields @ 8/3/2003, 10:00bdougr 
    SCCA Autocross

    (07/03/03) Back from Seattlewyu 
    Great trip. Some prelim pics going up. Look for more over time as we collect pics from everybody.

    I'll let doug handle the writeup duties.
    (05/29/03) EVENT POSTED: Z4 Photoshoot @ 6/1/2003, 15:00bdougr 
    Meeting at Mccarthy Ranch Business Park
    NorthWest corner of highways 237 and 880

    The business park is located just to the north of the McCarthy Ranch Walmart.

    Meeting time 3:00pm till whenever (maybe dinner after)

    Bring your cameras.

    (05/16/03) SoCal Z3s + Dinan Tourwyu 
    So Jerry calls me the night before, says he talked out the details with Daniel and Carmel Gate off Ocean/Scenic is the place to meet -- not Carmel High Gate off Hwy 1. So there we are -- me, Jerry, Eric (in his 3 week old Z4) and Bob -- waiting at Carmel Gate. 11AM rolls around and no sign of the Southern Californians. I think it's no biggie since the term fashionably late originated there. On the otherhand, Jerry decides to call Daniel and it turns out they all went through the other Carmel Gate. Ooops.

    Daniel waits for us to arrive. After paying our toll, we scatter in multiple directions until we finally realize we should follow somebody who knows where he's going. We drive through most of the 17 miles ... and right out another gate. A U-turn around and we finally find the right road that leads us to the where the rest of the SoCal Z3s are parked. People attempt to introduce themselves but I know it's a hopeless cause trying to remember names.

    After some photos, it's supposedly a quick drive to our lunch spot. Except a slowpoke Corvette cuts right into our convoy and the unlucky half slowly creeps our way to our lunch spot at the Tap Room. Phil and his lovely companion Terry show up for lunch just as the waiters are taking our orders.

    Having a good time at lunch means we're late by a bunch. We finally get back on the road at 2PM and after spirited driving on 101, we reach Dinan a bit past 3PM. There we see the rest of the BAZers already inside looking around. I hang around for a bit before I need to buzz out before traffic gets heavy. More stuff happening later tonight as they return to Monterey for dinner and then a full moon drive -- Jerry to be knocking down pins right after dinner.

    Of course, this is actually a Southern California event so here's the writeup from their much more detailed perspective.
    Day 1: Drive up the coast

    Day 2: Monterey Peninsula to Pebble Beach

    Day 2: Dinan Tour

    Day 3: Return to LA

    More Pictures:
    (05/06/03) EVENT POSTED: Sacramento Autox @ 6/7/2003, 07:00bdougr 
    Lets Autox

    (05/06/03) EVENT POSTED: SoCal/NorCal DINAN tour/drive @ 5/16/2003, 2PMwyu 
    Southern California people heading up to tour the DINAN factory and we are invited to meet with them. The itinerary:
  • 11AM: Pebble Beach "17-mile drive", start point @ Carmel Gate
  • Noon: Lunch at the Tap Room @ Pebble Beach
  • 1:30PM: Drive from Monterey to Morgan Hill
  • 2:30PM: Tour DINAN Factory @ 865 Jarvis Drive, Morgan Hill, CA 95037. If you are not attending the early drive/lunch, please be there at 2PM.
  • 5PM: Drive to Monterey
  • 6:30PM: Dinner in Monterey at Monterey Joe's (
  • Full Moon Drive

  • (04/29/03) Kings Canyon "SNOWED OUT"bdougr 

    Sorry to say but Kings Canyon and Sequoia parks have gotten the most snow since 1982. Since I know none of our cars can even put chains on it..... it would be just too dangerous to make the attempt.

    Please Call the reservation desk now and cancel your room.
    1(866) K CANYON

    Simon reports there are only three reservations above my original eight.

    (408) 210-7317cell
    (04/26/03) Great Wine Country Tourwyu 
    Mad props goes to Jim L. for planning this event. Great roads -- mix of fast/sweeping to stomach curling twisties. Visits to two wineries, a picnic and dinner (for those who stayed the entire time) at the Cellar Cat.

    What? You want a blow-by-blow description of the event? Show up and experience it then! Don't live vicariously through the words & pictures of others!
    (04/06/03) 3rd Times the Charmwyu 
    Uhh, I'm too fried to do a proper writeup. Fun was had by all. Good drive, good train ride, good bbq at Bruno's. See you all next time!
    (03/31/03) EVENT UPDATED: Wine Country Tour @ 4/26/2003, 10AMwyu 
    The Wine Country tour starts at 10AM for those who want to get together for breakfast, 11AM for those who just gotta have that extra hour of sleep. The meeting place is Mimi's Cafe in Fairfield. Take Travis Blvd. off I80 and go East one block. Turn left on Gateway and left again on Gateway Ct. Mimi's is on your immediate right. For those who just want a cup of coffee, there is a Starbucks in the bookstore across the parking lot.

    We will go North on I80 to North Texas Road, cross over to the East side of I80 and proceed North on the frontage road to Pleasants Valley Rd. Then we go North to Hwy 128 and West up to Lake Berryessa. This year we will go North along the lake, taking the Spanish Flats Road. We will make the big loop, going back South on Kaufman Rd. to Hwy 128, and then down to the Silverado Trail.

    Then it is North up the Silverado Trail past Sterling Vinyards, a left turn and West to the Sterling Vinyards entrance.

    Sterling Vinyards is on top of a hill at the north end of the Napa Valley, just below Calastoga. It requires a tram ride to get up to the winery. The tram costs $10.00.

    From Sterling Vinyards, we will complete our circumnavigation of the Napa Valley, going south down the West side on Hwy 128/29 through St. Helena to Oakview.

    We will go West over the Oakville Grade to Hwy 12 and the Sonoma Valley. We will juke left on Hwy 12 and than right into Glen Ellen, and take the Jack London Park Rd to the Berzinger Family Winery.

    I will be contacting both wineries to coordinate our visit. I didn't take time to go up the tram this weekend, so I'm not exactly sure what the setup is at the top of Sterling. At Berzinger, tasting their four types of wine is free. They charge for the really good stuff. There are tables outside as well as a tractor tour of the estate, and an exploration center to walk through and see what wine making is all about.

    For those who want, we can then stop for dinner at The Cellar Cat in Glen Ellen. Salads run $9.00, stake in wine cooked onions runs $21.00. Seating is indoor or out.

    The road home is down the West side of the valley, past Sonoma State Hospital and down to the junction where the San Francisco crowd will want to head for the Black Point Cutoff and Hwy 101. The East and South Bay bunch will want to head left, skirting Napa and taking American Canyon Rd To I80.

    I clocked a little over 200 miles round trip from Walnut Creek. There is a Chevron Station at I80 and North Texas Rd for those who need it.

    (03/24/03) EVENT POSTED: Dent Removal Day II @ 4/5/2003, 9AMZeeDrei 
    For those who can make it, the Dent Wizard in Pleasanton has agreed to a dent fix day near downtown Pleasanton this Saturday, April 5th starting at 9am. (Location and directions to follow).

    I have negotiated the same rate as last time at $75 per panel (normally $150). He does not offer paint services other than polishing out scuff marks but he will apply touch up paint, hopefully more professionally than most of us can do it. Supply your own touch up paint.

    He will get through as many cars as he can before 3pm or so - I think he will probably work past this time Owners can either stay and watch or can walk downtown and get some breakfast and coffee etc.

    For those who can't make it on Saturday, he will extend the same rate to members wanting to schedule their own appointments -member badges would be most useful I think.
      Original Message
      I need some small dents removed from my car and am planning to use the Dent Wizard to do this. If anyone else is interested, I'd be willing to host Dent Removal Day II at my home in Fremont. I'm not sure who organized the last event (Doug, William?) but I'd appreciate a contact name and number. AFAICR I think the price was significantly reduced for 'mass removal'.

    (03/23/03) Rescheduling + etceterawyu 
    Various items that came up today while we were chit-chatting:
      * 3/29 -- Jim L. is looking for somebody to help plan the upcoming Wine Country Tour. It'll be a fun day of sun, wine and food.

      * We didn't ride on any trains on this drive so the official Roaring Camp event is now 4/5/03. Please post if you'd prefer it to be on Sunday.

      * We scheduled the Wine Country Tour on the weekend of Easter (ooops). Since this might be inconvenient for people, we're moving it one week later to 4/26/03. Again, speak now if you prefer a Sunday.

      *Jerry offered to plan two August Monterey events. One for the Historic races and the second a week later down to Big Sur with an optional stay in San Simeon for a Hearst Castle tour.

      *A lot of the phone numbers entered by users in their profiles are work numbers. This doesn't do much good when we need to contact people on the weekend of a drive for last minute instructions. The best phone number to keep in your profile is your cellphone. Home phone comes in far second. Only the event coordinators have access to this information so you won't get any unexpected phone calls.

      *Badges were printed Saturday and distributed to those who came today anyways. (That's why everybody is now in the "Not Coming" section.) If you need to print just a Copilot badge (ahem...Jim V), set your attending status to Possible. (Attending = both badges)

      * When I called ZMYZGO to tell her the event was cancelled, she mentioned she didn't even know it was happening this weekend because she didn't get a reminder email. So when I got back today, I checked the server and noticed she didn't add herself to the mailing list and hence didn't get my broadcasts. I could email use just the events page link and email Attending+Possible but then the people who previously thought they weren't coming (but perhaps plans change) wouldn't see that info. I could also email to both the mailing list and events signup page but then people would get spammed with 2 messages instead of 1. Any ideas on what you'd prefer?

    (03/23/03) The Drive that didn't happenwyu 
    I got in a staring contest with mother nature this morning -- and I blinked first. I got up at about 8:30 this morning and in San Francisco, it had already started to dry out. My inclination then was if the weather is like that, RC attempt #2 was a go. After a leisurely breakfast, I reach Highway 85 a litle past 10AM and it begins raining --- heavily. So I try to wait it out watching every minute on the clock while trying to guess whether the weather will clear up or not. At 10:45AM, I lose my nerve and start calling up everybody on the list of attending+possible to tell them we'll reschedule for two weeks later.

    Unfortunately, I can't reach a few people and at 11:15, Jim V. rolls in with his Impala Brown. 5 minutes later, WB-MZ is also there. At that point, the weather gods lay their cards down ... and reveal a bluff. Not only does the rain stop but the sun starts shining through the clouds. Pretty soon, there are 7 cars in front of Starbucks (people I either couldn't reach in time or put their work phone in their profile) and Doug is on his way because he can't ever let a Z3 gathering go on without a photographer.

    For those who I called in time to "cancel" the drive, I didn't call you guys again to give the green light because I had no idea we were going to drive. We called Doug because he's a photo nut and we figured he'd want to be there to at least chronicle our latest abortive event. But when Jim V and Jim L started to make motions about going home to do taxes and boring stuff like that, Wayne made a convincing argument that since they were already here, why not drive 15 miles down to Santa Cruz.

    And so one thing leads to another. With the roads drying, we take Highway 9 west until we reach Santa Cruz. The pace is leisurely as we're often stuck behind slow traffic but we're also being extra cautious with the recent rain. After about an hour of driving, we're at a completely new location for me and we pull over to the side of the road. With a bit of conferring, it is determined that Jerry will lead us to the "Natural Land Bridge" in Santa Cruz for photos (and a pitstop). During this little stretch, we make about 14 left turns and 36 right turns. Finally, we get all the way to the end of the public beach parking area which also happens to be where the "NLB" is.

    After 15 minutes of this and that, we get back on the road again and drive about 10 miles up Highway 1 to Davenport where 6 of the 8 cars stop for food. (Kai+Grace, Doug+Trina leave for the Oscars?) After good burgers, Jerry heads back to Monterey while the remaining 5 cars go up 1 (which was absolutely gorgeous) and then east on 84 to go home.
    (03/20/03) EVENT UPDATED: Roaring Camp Railroads @ 4/6/2003, 11AMwyu 
    REMINDER! DAYLIGHT SAVINGS SATURDAY NIGHT! CLOCKS GO ONE HOUR FORWARD! If you totally forget about the time change and show up in Saratoga an hour late, you can always take Highway 17 and get to Felton before we do. The directions to meet us at Roaring Camps are:
  • Take Highway 17 to the Mt. Hermon Rd. exit and drive 3.5 miles to Felton.
  • At Felton, turn left on Graham Hill Road and drive for 1/2 mile to Roaring Camp.

    Roaring Camp try #3. As attempt #3, this event will happen rain or shine. If it rains again and you don't like to get your Z car wet, take a beater and meet us there. The steam trains themselves are usually open-air; however, RC unfurls a canopy during rains. The itinerary for this trip:

    1) Meet @ Starbucks/Safeway in Saratoga. Be there at 11AM. The address is:
      12960 Saratoga-Sunnyvale Rd
      Saratoga, CA

    2) We will leave at 11:30AM and go south on Saratoga-Sunnyvale until we reach Highway 9. If you are late, you will want to take Highway 17 to get to Felton before we do.

    3) Our route will be 9 -> 236 -> Empire Grade -> Felton-Empire -> Roaring Camp. A solo car can do this drive in about an hour + half. With 15 cars, I fully expect the drive to take 2 hours.

    4) We will reach Felton at 1:30PM. If you plan on driving to Felton directly, please get there before 1:30PM as that is when I have to true-up our group ticket balance. We will take the 2PM train to Bear Mountain and back (1:15 roundtrip time). I've put a deposit on 35 group tickets ($13.95 per person). Parking is $5.

    For those who haven't followed previous event planning discussions, Roaring Camp Railroads runs two steam train lines slightly northwest of Santa Cruz. One heads through the redwoods and the other towards to the beach.If you need to cancel/will be late/etc and can't contact me before the day of the drive, my cell number is 415-720-1122.

  • (03/02/03) IRC Chat now availablewyu 
    Just click on the chat tab. If you'd rather use an IRC client versus the webpage javachat, email me for the details.

    Come by Friday afternoon (about 3PM or so) if you're interested in getting together with other members for impromptu weekend drives.
    (02/26/03) POLL POSTED: Where did you hear about 
    Where did you hear about
    Original member -- I was here when forum ran UBB 4 (18.18%)
    I saw it mentioned on Roadfly 6 (27.27%)
    Mentioned on other BMW/car sites (Bimmerfest, Bimmerforums, etc.) 3 (13.63%)
    Word of mouth 2 (9.09%)
    Saw a caravan of Z3s driving on streets during an event
    Google 6 (27.27%)
    Flyer on my windshield 1 (4.54%)
    Accosted by aggressive Z3 driver

    22 vote(s) have been tallied. Voting on this topic has ended.
    Click here to view/post comments about this poll.

    (02/23/03) Best turnout to-datewyu 
    20 coupes, 9 roadsters. (I wasn't there for the early shoot so my pics are missing 2 cars.) Thanks to MDork for organizing this event. The only thing I'll nitpick the ending drive. Next time, tell everybody not going on the drive to get the hell out first and then group the remaining people together. Both I and a M Coupe made the mistake of following the wrong people out of the museum and had to pound the pavement to reach the endpoint.

    My small selection of pictures in the link below -- once Doug gets sorting through his 1.5GB of pictures, he'll get them posted I'm sure.
    (02/17/03) Pictures from pre-BAZ eventswyu 
    Z3 events in the Bay Area go pretty far back. I attended one myself -- the May '01 Running of the Z's -- where I originally met many of the current members here (Jim L., BobCz, FishGills). I'm sure some of you have browsed through the links page and looked at some of the pictures at Michael Ford's TurningPointTech Z3 page -- he's graciously allowed me to mirror the pictures in our gallery. Check out the below link (or the gallery tab) to see the history of Bay Area drives.If anybody has more pics from these drives (or from BAD 1 or BAD 2), I'd be happy to host them. Just email them to me -- preferrably zipped up in one big file.
    (02/10/03) EVENT POSTED: BayAreaZ/SanDiegoZ Badges @ 1/1/1901, n/awyu 
    THIS IS NOT AN EVENT! We are using the Event attendance mechanism to automate the badge printing process.

    After some discussion (see the first few messages of the comments), I threw together the following template:
    This badge draws the following information from your profile:
    • Name: Real Name -- due to space considerations, the last name will be reduced to a single letter
    • Copilot: same as above
    • Alias: Alias
    • Text1: Line 1 of your Z3 description
    • Text2: Line 2 of your Z3 description
    • Picture 1: The minimum width:height ratio is 1.33. This means for a image 320 pixels across, the maximum height cannot exceed 240 -- otherwise the badge may exceed specified sizes and roll over to another page. (Other resolutions: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960, 2048x1536) The height can be smaller though as the image will then simply be centered.
    This badge template requires the font Impact to display correctly. If you don't have this font, you can download at: impact.ttf.

    After updating your profile, you can preview the badge by clicking the link at the top of the profile editing page. If you like what you see, mark your attendance status for this "event" as Yes. When we are ready to print, we will use the following URL which automatically picks up everybody who lists themselves as attending this event and pulls the latest profile information to put 3x3 badges on per 8.5x11 page. Check the following link to see how your badge will print!After I print your badge, I will move you to the "No" section. Getting a hold of your badge will require you attend an event.
    Attending Possible Unlikely Not Coming
    99 RED Z
    Black Knight
    BSR Systems
    DQS Z3
    foxy Z4
    Jimmy V
    Ken & Donna
    Kick Me
    Rainman, the member
    Dan D
    DK Julie
    dr z
    Ernie Tibaldi
    Go Topless
    jim hamilton
    Jim V
    Mohit Goyal
    Mrs. OLDMAN
    SD Roadster
    Shannon Wiggins
    Z4 DaVe
    Email all attending+possible
    Print waiver for this event

    (New users click here)
    (I forgot my password)

    (02/02/03) Good planning meeting (and good dim sum)wyu 
    We've filled out the calendar using the poll results as our guide. The 100% set dates right now are:
  • 2/23 Blackhawk Coupes
  • 5/10 Kings Canyon
  • 6/27 Seattle (possible sendoff drive up Highway 1)

    Input we're looking for from members:
  • Places to have our 6/8 BBQ
  • What do to in Monterey (answer latest poll)
  • Someone to plan 7/19 Highway 1 drive
  • Someone in Sacramento to plan 9/20 49er gold rush drive

    We also discussed having people sign waivers before a drive. We will post the text for comments.
  • (02/02/03) POLL POSTED: What would you rather do in Monterey?wyu 
    What would you rather do in Monterey?
    Historic Races 3 (23.07%)
    Wineries in the area 1 (7.69%)
    Drive farther south on Highway 1 (Big Sur/Lucia/Gorda/Hearst Castle?) 7 (53.84%)
    Drive farther south and TOUR Hearst Castle 2 (15.38%)

    13 vote(s) have been tallied. Voting on this topic has ended.
    Click here to view/post comments about this poll. (3 replies)

    (02/02/03) EVENT UPDATED: Blackhawk: Revenge of the Coupes @ 2/23/2003, 9:30AMwyu 
    Last October was our Blackhawk museum drive. We had 16 cars show up (with 14 doing the drive) -- and every one of them was a Roadster. Apparently, this has gotten our Coupe members motivated to stage their own photo op. MDork has contacted 20+ local Coupe'rs (will they beat the Roadster turnout???) and has put together the following itinerary for Dorkfest'03:
    • 9:30AM to 10:00AM -- Coupes arrive at the Blackhawk Museum general parking area
    • 10:00AM to 11:00AM -- Coupes photo shoot in the plaza circle in front of the musem
    • 11:00AM to 1:30PM -- Museum tour and lunch (multiple options will be given for those who want food versus tour)
    • 1:30PM to 3:00PM -- Short Drive
    Roadsters can show up anytime to participate in the tour/lunch/drive but will have to park with the dirty masses. More details about the lunch spot and drive route to come.

    If you don't know where the Blackhawk Museum is, the address is:
      3700 Blackhawk Plaza Circle
      Danville, CA 94506

    Admission is $8 (although last time, we got a $2 discount for having a group of Z's there)

    (02/02/03) EVENT UPDATED: Kings Canyon Rescheduled @ 6/14/2003, variesbdougr 
    This is a multi-day trip to Kings Canyon. Originally schedule for 5/10-11, the original dates were snowed out. The new dates will be 6/14-15. Here are some pictures from Doug's "scouting" runs to whet your appetite.

    Hotel Reservations can be made at: You will want to stay in Grant Grove; the following options are available:
  • John Muir Lodge @ $140 per night
  • Bath Cabin @ $105
  • Deluxe Rustic Cabin @ $60
  • Standard Rustic Cabin @ $55
  • Tent Cabin @ $45

    The schedule:
      Regional Locations
      Friday Night -- Head out for San Diego Folks
      Satuday 07:30 -- Head out for Bay Area Folks
      ????? Head out for Los Angeles Folks???
      Saturday @ Kings Canyon
      11:30 hit the park entrance
      12:00 meet up at Grant Grove Visitor Center @ John Muir Lodge
      12:30 head out down highway 180
      13:00 lunch at the river
      13:30 waterfalls and such
      14:30 head back to the lodge for check-in
      15:30 check-in
      16:00 visit a big grove of BIG trees
      17:00 Dinner
      Sunday @ Kings Canyon
      07:30 Leave hotel for trip to panaramic point
      08:30 breakfast / Checkout
      09:30 Highway 198
      12:00 Climb to the top of Muir rock and have lunch (pack your own again)
      13:00 Curves and switchbacks
      14:00 Out of the park
    Bring the following: food for 2 picnic lunches, FRS radio.

  • (02/02/03) EVENT POSTED: BBQ @ 7/1/2003, C ANCELwyu 
    Due to events moving from May to June, this will have to be on another day.

    (02/02/03) EVENT UPDATED: Seattle Strikes Back @ 6/27/2003, TBAwyu 
    We hosted Seattle March 2002, it's time to swap the roles sometime during the end of March 2003. Expect this to be a 4-5 day trip. Tentative schedule:

    6/27 (Friday)
  • Drive to Oregon
  • Dinner at Callahan's in Ashland
  • Lodgings on-the-fly near the area

    6/28 (Saturday)
  • Z3BigDaddy's Crater Cruize
  • Lodgings at Crater Lake

    6/29 (Sunday)
  • Lunch at Carrera Motors in Bend
  • River Gorge drive
  • Lodgings in Hood River (Comfort Inn, 541-308-1000, group #1227)

    6/30 (Monday)
  • Mt Rainier/Mt St Helens drive
  • Stay in Seattle

    7/1 (Tuesday)
  • ?Free-for-all?
  • Stay in Seattle

    7/2 (Wednesday)
  • Return to the Bay Area

    There is also the possibility of a "sendoff" drive where people can tag along for an hour or two, have brunch with us and then go back home.

    The lakeside lodgings are almost completely booked. Check the following link fast if you have interest in this event.

    Alternative options are listed here:

  • (02/02/03) EVENT UPDATED: Highway 1 North @ 7/19/2003, TBAwyu 
    The drive starts at 11:AM at the Rancho Nicasio Restaurant. Get there by taking Lucas Valley Road West off Hwy 101 (just North of San Rafael). Go to the end and turn right at the tee. It's just a short hop to Rancho Nicasio. The road takes a sharp left. If you go straight you will be in the Rancho parking lot.

    After brunch, the drive goes North to the Petaluma-Point Reyes Road, then East past the Marin French Cheese Factory and the Novato Road. We will then juke over to the Petaluma-Marshal Road and head West out to Hwy 1.

    From there it is North till we get tired of of it. We went as far as Pt Arena on the test run. Mountain View Road over to Boonville was pretty rough. We will probably want to go up to Hwy 128 at Navarro Point before we start back towards Hwy 101.

    We stopped at the Boonville Brew Pub for a bite before we headed home. The pub was good, but I understand there are a couple of good places at Little River if the group wants to go that far.

    This is a full tank of gas drive. I started off full in Walnut Creek and had to fill up again in Santa Rosa, so be sure to top off along Hwy 101. There is a Chevron at the off-ramp just North of the Marin Civic Center in San Rafael.

    We stopped for refreshments at the Timber Cove Inn on our way North, but there several good places, like Sea Ranch, where we can make a pit stop, whatever everyone wants to do.

    (02/02/03) EVENT POSTED: Monterey Historics @ 8/16/2003, TBAwyu 
    Details being worked out for Monterey Historics.

    Race schedule:

    Saturday Groups
    1:00PM — Group 1A — Pre-1931 Sports Touring Cars
    1:30PM — Group 2A — 1927-1946 Racing Cars
    2:00PM — Group 3A — 1947 - 1955 Sports Racing Cars over 2000cc
    2:45PM — Group 4A — 1955 - 1959 Sports Racing Cars over 2500cc
    3:15PM — Group 5A — 1956 - 1962 GT/Production Cars over 2500cc
    3:45PM — Group 6A — 1963 - 1966 GT/Production Cars over 2500cc
    4:15PM — Group 7A — 1966 - 1981 FIA Group 4, 5, 6 & IMSA Cars

    Sunday Groups
    1:00PM — Group 1B — 1947-1955 Sports Racing Cars under 2000cc
    1:30PM — Group 2B — 1955-1961 GT/Production Cars under 2500cc
    2:00PM — Group 3B — 1955-1961 Sports Racing Cars under 2500cc
    2:30PM — Group 4B — 1957-1965 Formula Cars (F-1, F-2, F-Jr.)
    2:55PM — Group 5B — 1966-1972 GT/Production Cars
    3:20PM — Group 6B — 1959-1966 Sports Racing Cars
    3:50PM — Group 7B — 1966-1972 Historic Trans-Am Cars

    More info at:

    (02/02/03) EVENT POSTED: X-Mas Party @ 12/13/2003, 7PMwyu 
      650 Delancey Street, Suite 220
      San Francisco, CA 94107
    Tentative Menu:
      Grilled Chicken, Garlic Fetticini, Mushroom Tarragon Soup

    (01/20/03) EVENT POSTED: Chinese New Year Dim Sum Planning Meeting @ 2/2/2003, 11AMwyu 
    A lot of stuff we will need to go over including discussion on how to make our events safer, voting for new officials and setting the schedule. (Poll ends 1/31, finish voting!) Since it's Chinese New Year, we'll discuss over Dim Sum at:
      East Ocean Seafood Restaurant
      1713 Webster St
      Alameda, CA
    Take 61 from Oakland to cross into Alameda and stay on Webster. After a few blocks, it's on the right. There's parking behind the restaurant and if that's filled up, there's also plenty of residential spaces.

    (01/19/03) New profile featurewyu 
    Member profile section now gives the option of either pointing to pictures already hosted or uploading images from your local hard drive. I will periodically look through the files and if I see graphics that's sucking up my diskpace+bandwidth, I will resize them to a more more reasonable resolution.
    (01/11/03) Rather disastrous drive...wyu 
    Everything seemed perfect at the start. Weather was as advertised -- cloudy but no rain, a ton of cars showed up. Dozer even brought two cars: his new Z4 and his M Roadster.

    We start on Page Mill Road and the pace is sedate. I didn't even shift out of 2nd gear -- on the uphill portion of Page Mill, that's about 25-35mph avg with 45mph as the absolute max. After barely a mile into the drive, I hear the call over FRS "bad accident!" The convoy pulls off the side of the road and I turn back. Dozer's girlfriend had driven his Z4 off a cliff -- I'm not sure about all the how's and why's -- Doug was the car right behind her so maybe he has more insight. The good news is that despite rolling 2 or 3 times before a tree stopped the fall, she was able to climb out with only a few scratches.

    I went back to the convoy, led them to Alice's and then headed back to the scene of the accident where I waited with Dozer/Doug/Phil for the tow truck to pull the Z4 out. After the initial kneeshaking, everybody seemed more collected. One officer at the scene made the comment "I can't tell if that's the new Bangle styling or just body damage".

    Well, I don't know what else to say. I'm a bit down right now on the entire drive event business.
    (01/02/03) POLL POSTED: Where do you want our next local drive to explore?wyu 
    Where do you want our next local drive to explore?
    North Hwy 1 11 (50%)
    South Hwy 1 4 (18.18%)
    South Bay (inland) 3 (13.63%)
    East Bay
    Delta/Sacramento 4 (18.18%)
    North Bay (inland)

    22 vote(s) have been tallied. Voting on this topic has ended.
    Click here to view/post comments about this poll. (5 replies)

    (12/22/02) 2nd meet with DK Julie (+ husband)wyu 
    As I was heading towards the Cliff House a bit before noon, my impression was this would be a quaint affair like the last one. To my surprise, Z3s (and 1 Z4) just kept pulling into the parking lot. We ended up with a total of 8 cars showing up (and 1 random silver Z3 in the corner who I left a note for). After a bit of chatting, we formed an arrow for pictures.

    Then came the decision; we decide to cut through the streets of San Francisco to attempt the Lombard photo op. Halfway up the first hill towards the reputed twistiest street in the world (although there's another one more twistier but without the rep in San Francisco), we do some passenger swapping to get our photographer (Doug) into the lead car. Then goes the descent where we piss off half the people waiting for their turn down Lombard and thrill the half waiting at the bottom taking pictures.

    Once we get off lombard, we proceed to line our cars up on the no-parking side pissing off another collection of drivers trying to navigate the streets. (Hey, we're BMW drivers, what did you expect?) While we're there, yet another special edition Dakar Yellow comes by. They stop right in the middle blocking even more of the street off as we exchange pleasantries and mention this website.

    After a quick conference, we lose Cyndy and Wai as the rest of us try to make it through San Francisco for a drive south. As we reach Crissy Field, Dozer gets the bright idea for us to do a photo op at Fort Point. As we pull our cars in, a huge wave cascades over the seawall drenching the entire lot of us. DK Julie gets the worse of it as the deluge shoots right into the vents of her Z3 causing all sorts of electronics (lights, horn, radio) to go haywire. (As her car dried out, functionality started to return.) The onlookers, including the park police, could not stop laughing at us.

    Undaunted, we proceed south on the Great Highway to Highway 1. At Half Moon Bay, we lose three more cars leaving only the hardcore trio of Doug, Julie and myself. Our first loop is the Higgins-Purisma Rd which you can describe as a "long cut" that starts on Highway 1 and ends up just a tiny bit to the south. A bit farther south, we turn off on Stage Road and jam through the turns there dropping us off in Pescadero.

    At that point, we decide to get back on Hwy 1 and continue south until we see PurpleHaze (who happened to be driving up 1 from New Mexico). Not a minute goes by before we see him -- if any part of the drive had been delayed (or if he had been driving faster his direction), we would have missed him completely as we did our sidetrip. And so we turn back to Pescadero where we get food at Duarte's Tavern.

    After a late lunch (early dinner?) that runs an hour, our route takes us on Pescadero Road east until we reach Skyline. Quite an adventure at night -- especially with the aftermath of a storm still lying on the road. Both my car and Julie's half-skid off the road at the same turn. We did pass a home out in the boonies with rather extravagant Xmas lights.

    Finally, we reach Skyline and we part ways with Julie and Mike. PurpleHaze, Doug and myself go north towards 84 while the WA/OR border folks go south towards Santa Cruz. This final leg is uneventful as Skyline is relatively tame and 84 is always packed with slow cars.
    (12/17/02) EVENT POSTED: Meet and Drive w/ DK Julie (ver 2.0) @ 12/22/2002, 12:00bdougr 
    Meeting at the Cliff House in San Francisco at 12:00noon. The weather will play a very big part in the drive location.

    Outlook for Saturday says Partly Sunny. If so the we will drive Skyline to Alpine to Pescadero and stop for goodbyes at San Gregorio.

    Any other suggestions for a route. (I've driven this a few times)

    (12/07/02) New merchandise for salewyu 
    Cyndy tells me her stock of tshirts is running low so it's off the market until we get enough demand to run off another batch.

    However, sweatshirts are ready just for winter. As soon as we're ready, I'll re-enable the order form.

    Update: sweatshirts can be ordered now!
    (11/30/02) EVENT UPDATED: Toys for Tots @ 12/1/2002, 5:30PMbdougr 
    There is a Toys for Tots get together planned. Cookie has secured reserved parking for us. Bring a new unwrapped toy and something warm to wear!
      Date : Sunday, December 1
      Time : 5:30PM
      Where: Redwood City CalTrain Station, James Avenue and Franklin Street
    Possible Pre-event drive from 4PM to 5:30PM. And the word possible means if nobody says anything about wanting to do it, it won't happen.

    (11/10/02) EVENT UPDATED: Tech Session @ 11/16/2002, 9AMwyu 
    The BABBLERS (Bay Area Boxster club) has invited us to join at two tech sessions.

    Part 1 is at Custom Alignment from 9AM-11AM.
      2599 Wyandotte Street, Unit A
      Mountain View, CA 94043
    Part 2 has been cancelled due to mechanical problems with Rennwerk's race trailer.

    After the tech session, there will be a drive. Meet at 11AM, leave at roughly 11:15AM.
      2000 El Camino Real @ Stanford Ave
      Palo Alto, CA 94306
    Our route will be:
  • El Camino
  • Page Mill
  • Moody
  • Altamont
  • Natoma
  • Elena
  • El Monte
  • El Camino
  • Rengstorff
  • Plymouth

    If it is raining on 11/16, we'll just head down El Camino and find a place to eat and bum around for an hour.

  • (11/04/02) EVENT POSTED: Good Guys Hot-Rod show @ 11/9/2002, 08:00bdougr 
    There will be a hotrod show at the pleasanton fairgrounds this weekend

    November 9-10 - Sat., Sun.
    Goodguys 13th Autumn Get Together
    Presented by: Goodguys Rod & Custom Assn.
    Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Sat.); 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Sun.).
    Cost: $12 adults; $6 youth 7-12; free to youth 6 and under; $5 parking.
    Discount: $2 discount in Goodguys Gazette.
    Summary: Huge swap meet and car corral; over 2500 rods, customs, classics, trick trucks, and muscle cars; all makes and models.
    Contact: 925-838-9876.

    (10/27/02) Fantastic day todaywyu 
    A whole ton of cars showed up today -- every one was a roadster. At about 9:45AM, I saw one Coupe leave the El Cerrito Plaza -- hmmm, I wonder if that person wanted to attend but forgot about the time change? (Ekornblum made the same mistake but he called me on my cellphone and probably figured out the problem after I told him he was way early.) Special guest was Fred Kern on business travel from Vermont.

    The drive alternated between spirited and slow as we were behind a few slow Harleys the entire time on Grizzly Peak. However, once we hit Pinehurst, the traffic completely cleared up. A 15 minute photo op at a post office out in absolutely nowhere and back on the road. Good driving until midway through Redwood where we were stuck behind a Honda Civic driving at a crawl. The rest of the way from Castro Valley to Danville on Crow Canyon was relatively uneventful.

    We finally got to Garlex Pizza at about 12:30, pulled in the parking lot and noticed something strange. At Barnes & Nobles, every Z3 had the top down -- and yet, there was suddenly a Steel Grey with the hardtop on. Did somebody go home to install their hardtop and drove like a madman to catch up to us? I guess the answer was simpler -- another Z3 owner going out for a burger spotted our convoy and decided to follow us.

    An hour later after lunch, we head towards the Auto Museum. The biggest challenge was figuring out how to get to the plaza -- when I did my scouting run, I drove around a few times but couldn't see where the entrance was. Turns out you have to take the pole out of the ground to unblock the entrance.

    The rest of the story, you can see as pictures. The following link will soon be populated when everybody finishes sorting through their pictures and sends them to me.
    (10/18/02) Custom Rod show in Newarkbdougr 
    Located in the OSH / IHOP Parking lot in Newark. 7:00pm to 10:00pm

    5687 Jarvis Avenue
    Newark, CA 94560

    pretty cool rods if you are interested. (Actually this is a weekly event)

    (10/13/02) EVENT UPDATED: Blackhawk Auto Museum @ 10/27/2002, 10AMwyu 
    Please note the date. This drive is happening on SUNDAY the 27th of October. Meetup time is 10:00AM.

    Our meeting point is in the parking lot outside of Barnes & Noble. (Bathroom & Starbucks inside B&N.) The address is:
      6050 El Cerrito Plaza
      El Cerrito, CA 94530

      Warning! Every mapping engine I've tried puts this address at the wrong place. Thank god I had a street map of the area during my scouting trip because it took quite a few minutes of puzzling over the Mapquest printout to figure out what was wrong. The driving directions DO work though.
    We will leave at 10:30AM. We will first have to cut through a residential neighborhood or two along Arlington Blvd until we reach Grizzly Peak. After Grizzly Peak, it's onto Skyline and then some sharp twisties on Pinehurst. Our final spirited leg will be Redwood which goes all the way to Castro Valley. We cut across Castro Valley and head north on Crow Canyon until we reach the Blackhawk Auto Museum area. The drive will last roughly an hour and a half.

    Assuming we make the same time as my scouting run, we will hit our lunch spot just about noon. Lunch will be at Garlex Pizza:
      9000 Crow Canyon Rd
      Danville, CA 94506

    After lunch, it's a quick hop across the street to the museum.

    If anything comes up, my cellphone is 415-720-1122. See you all there!

    (10/05/02) A productive meeting...wyu 
    I've put in tentative dates for possible events we discussed at the meeting. (The calendar now shows the next 12 months instead of the current year.) The non-negotiable dates are 12/14 X-Mas party and 5/10/03 Kings Canyon.

    A shoutout to ekornblum for making his first BayAreaZ3 "event". Next time, there might be some actual driving.
    (10/05/02) EVENT POSTED: X-Mas Dinner Party @ 12/14/2002, 7PMwyu 
    Party will be hosted by me at my office:
      650 Delancey Street, #220
      San Francisco, CA 94107

    The menu:
      Appetizer: Ceviche-style Salad
      Main Course: Picantes de Mariscos, Picantes de Pollo (for those who are allergic to seafood)
      Dessert: St. Honore Cake
      Drinks: Coffee, Champagne
    Warning, two cats live at the office so if you're allergic to cats, take your anti-allergy pills before coming or dress warmly and hang out outside in the patio area.

    (09/26/02) EVENT POSTED: Planning Meeting @ 10/5/2002, 10AMwyu 
    Planning brunch at Tower Burger in San Francisco.
    * 729 Portola Dr
    * San Francisco, CA 94127

    Since shit always happens, my cell phone is 415-720-1122 in case you need to call me.

    (09/22/02) Looks like a good time was had by all at the Full Moon Runwyu 
    Pictures posted in gallery. I'll let somebody else who actually was there do the wroteup. (Unless you want to hear me just make up stories.)
    (09/16/02) Kings Canyon Bashbdougr 
    Well everyone the only thing I can say is "You should have been there".

    The park was nearly empty and we had long stretches of twisty road all to ourselves. Whenever we came across another vehicle in our path they always pulled over and let us fly past. We enjoyed a picnic lunch at the Kings River and took in so many senic vistas.

    At the hotel we took showers and hiked into a grove of giant sequoias. That evening we attended a campfire chat with a ranger. The walk back to the Hotel showed a sky full of stars.

    If you love mountain roads you must go to this park. Spend the night heck spend a week. The park truely rivals Yosemite and there are no crowds.

    We could easily have taken 15 or 20 Z3s through here.
    (09/07/02) The subconscious mind...wyu 
    Mid afternoon, I was getting semi-restless. I had thoughts of taking the car out and seeing how far I could push it to the limit with the strut tower brace. Then I looked at the time, my list of things to do and then crossed off that idea with a sigh. Instead, I decided to drop by the SPCA for 30 minutes to take a few pictures because I had talked to a friend (who recently moved here) a few days ago about the adoption center at the SPCA and he was in semi-disbelief about the facilities.

    Now it's several hours later -- I'm busy doing this and that -- when I stare at my cats and suddenly with a jolt I realize that two years ago on the 2nd Saturday of September, I paid another visit to the SPCA and adopted them. I wonder if something in my subconscious planted a suggestion to make this expedition today? To be honest, I've been experiencing a few coincidences lately and it's a bit puzzling for someone of my personality type.

    Here's the meat of this message. Our calendar for October and Novemeber is open and there's this thought rattling in my head on doing a forum charity event for pets in need of homes. Unfortunately, I'm rather fuzzy over the details to make it work so I'd like to throw this topic open to our members.

    And to wrench your heart strings, here are my pics from today: SF SPCA Photos
    (09/03/02) West Coast Z3 Bash!Rayz3 
    Homecoming made a few owners want to have something a little closer to home. Home being the West Coast. I propose that we start planning for a VERY large event inviting anyone and everyone with a Z3-of any type to participate in a weekend of a wide variety of events! Everyone, this is just an idea. If there is enough response, we will move on with it. Hopefully, we can get that needed response and have a truly memorable time. ALL responses/ opinions are welcome.

    (08/26/02) Call for more event planning volunteerswyu 
    Leon graciously has volunteered to lead our next local drive so the month of September has been booked. Now we just need October and November planned out. December will be a X-Mas party and I'm the sucker who's taking that on.

    If you're unsure about what planning entails, it's a straightforward process.
    1. Find a place w/ coffee + bathroom to meet
    2. Find good roads to drive
    3. Find a place w/ plenty of parking to eat

    (08/26/02) EVENT POSTED: Full Moon Run @ 9/21/2002, 8PMLeon 
    The FULL MOON RUN is scheduled for Saturday night, September 21, 2002.

    The starting point will be in the parking lot between Longs Drug and Starbucks in Antioch:
    4448 Lone Tree Way
    Antioch, CA, 94509

    We will be taking a leisurely drive to Livermore using Morgan Territory Road. We want to leave around 8:00 pm. The drive will last for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. It will end at our home in Livermore for dessert.

    The starting point is located on the southwest corner of Lone Tree & Deer Valley. I will be e-mailing maps to all that want to remain on this list a few days before the event. Written instructions for the run will be handed out before we start.

    There will be no facilities along the drive, other than a lot of trees, to fill or empty your tanks. There is a Chevron station located just east of the starting point.

    Jim L. will be hosting a pre-drive barbeque starting 5PM at:
    3624 Vista Charonoaks
    Walnut Creek, 94598

    Please confirm with Jim if you will attend.

    (08/23/02) T-Shirt order form availablewyu 
    Look at the merchandise tab.
    (08/18/02) Monterey Historicsbdougr 
    What a great day. Saw more cars than you could possibly salivate over. Trina and I had a good time. saw daver, SteveZ3 and Jay Leno.

    To save bandwidth the photos are in the message thread.
    (08/04/02) Marina Auto crossbdougr 
    What a weekend. Autocross today was excellent. Met 4 more Z3 owners, none were bayarea z3 members so I turned them onto the site name. (Ray and William need to recruit more)

    Anyway I feel that I did a good job. Much better than my first time. For one run I actually beat a 427cobra!

    There were 2 practice runs and 4 timed runs.
    p1) 62.882
    p2) 61.967
    1) 61.853
    2) 61.402 almost spun out in loop 1
    3) 62.159 almost spun out in loop 1
    4) 60.939

    It felt real good doing the course and it felt like I was doing real "drifting" around the turns.

    Oh well this will be the last Autocross for this year.
    (08/03/02) Car Control Clinic Write-upbdougr 
    Saturday Aug 3, 2002

    Awoken by that crappy alarm clock again at 5:30am. It must be Friday.... No it is saturday a great day to sleep in and snuggle deep into the covers. But, why then is the alarm clock ringing at such an awfull hour?

    BMWCCA Car Control Clinic - at Marina, CA

    Get out of bed, start a pot of coffee, brush teeth and make a wake-up call for Nathan. Quick breakfast then head out for then meeting point.

    Meet at Starbuck a little late and leave for the 84mile trip to Marina. Got some drizzle on the way down. Arrive to find several BMWs driving around the airport lost. Eventually discovering that the entrance is marked for a Kart race but not BMWCCA. Oh well

    This was a major event. 5 roadsters and 1 coupe present. Most had never heard of our gang so I passed along the word. Don't know if they will be interested though. Funny the girl with the BADD M Coupe lives across the street from Nathan. Also present were several M3s a 2002 and a Dinan Badged TurboV12 740i with wicked wheels.

    The course events were
    - Skid pad (damn fun stuff) where you drive your car in an oval without using the steering wheel or the brakes. Essentially drifting around the course. After knocking several cones over due to oversteer (nearly going sideways) I got the hang of it. Nathan also did pretty good and liked it so much that he talked an instructor into giving him laps during lunch.

    -Slalom Driving as fast as you can while zigzaging aroung cones then thru a tight radius turn and then thru more cones spaced ever closer together

    -Braking should be called advanced desision making. What you have here is a straight section with a jog left OR right around a large obstruction in the highway (large box of bowling balls) What the deal is you have to drive 45 mph toward the box, at a certain point they activate a light that indicates which way you are to steer around the obstruction. REALLY HARD to concentrate doing this. Most times you tend to go the wrong way. Other parts of this showed the effects of braking during the turn.

    What I learned today
    1) Never drive an S2000 (they lose control easy)
    2) Brake early
    3) Never brake in a turn
    4) Turn DSC off to go sideways
    5) Look FAR ahead even if you have to look out the side windows
    6) When a Mustang blows a cooling line you see white steam
    7) When a BMW blows a ring you see blue smoke
    8) Monterey Bay is foggy and cold all day

    Anyway, I sent stuff to the gallery. Once William posts it take a look. The videos show the skidpad. Not too many photos since events were so far away from Trina.

    Advice : All should take this course
    (07/27/02) Today was a good day...thank you Doug&TrinaRayz3 
    The weather was great, and so was Doug and Trina's hospitality. Sure, we got our dents removed. But, who cares. She made these veggie spring rolls...mmmm, to die for. They had some good food, great drinks(orange juice) and everyone enjoyed the day.

    All the cars came out beautifully! Justin did a good jo all around. He charged a very good rate, and took around 10 minutes for each car(mine took about an hour). The day was great. Thank you to everyone who came, and participated!

    (07/23/02) EVENT POSTED: Ding Removal Day! @ 7/27/2002, 11AMRayz3 
    Justin from The Dent Wizard is offering his needed services at a discount rate. How much of a discount is up to the number of cars in attendance. He is very good at what he does, and is a nice guy. He says he does dings, dents and touchups(paint). He doesn't do 'whole paint jobs'. Now, we still need a place to go. He doeasn't need power or anything. If you plan on coming, get on the attendance list and say you are coming. Remember, the more people that come, the cheaper it is! So, bring what you have.
    Location(unless someone with a better residence situation offers): My apartment complex. We own the complex, I am the manager. So, if someone complains, they would just tell me. We can have 4-7 in back, behind gate(parked end to end). Then, more can park on the street. So, a lot of people can come. If a lot of folks come, we can meet up around the corner at Lake Merritt. For directions, ask. My adress is 1641 5th Avenue

    (07/20/02) BayAreaZ3 T-shirtswyu 
    I recently got a message from our financial auditor (cyndy) and she is ready to start the process of making t-shirts. Expect the amount to be about $10. Below is a gif of the design:

    The question now is how many shirts she needs to order. If you're interested, please reply in this thread and mention (1) shirt size and (2) quantity. Sizes are as follows:
  • small babydoll
  • unisex medium
  • unisex men's large
  • unisex men's x-large
  • unisex men's xx-large
  • (07/14/02) Meeting resultsbdougr 
    You guys missed the best breakfast. Huge portions and a great price. It was confirmed that Omegas has enough parking if we arrive early and that we would use this place to meet before the Historics race event.

    William, Jim and myself showed for the event and discussed how well the pony express run turned out and what future events we would like to do.

    It was also agreed that if someone comes up with an event then the event must include a non-debatable starting point so we don't have 50 plus conversations about places to go when no-one is even going to show anyway.

    Drive events
    Get together events
    Charity events

    Here is what we came up with for the next several months

    8-3-02 Car Control Clinic Marina BMWCCA
    8-4-02 Autox Marina BMWCCA
    8-17-02 Historics Race Laguna Seca BMWCCA

    9-14-02 Kings Canyon National Park (2 days /sleep in the park)
    Meeting (pizza)
    Wineries run possibly see grapes harvested and crushed

    Art run (Museums)
    Concorde BWM ???

    Meeting with short drive (mines road)

    Xmas Party
    Charity event with Babblers if we can get invited again
    (07/03/02) EVENT POSTED: Monterey Historic Automobile Races @ 8/16/2002, 8AMbdougr 
    2002 Monterey Historic Automobile Races

    Acknowledged as one of the world's premier gatherings for vintage racing, the Monterey Historics is where the who's who of racing's past come to play for a weekend dedicated to the Glory Days of motor sports. Here, vintage race cars are treasured for their storied histories, as significance and authenticity abound with more than 350 cars competing in more than a dozen distinct groups. From rare pre-1941 roadsters adorned with nameplates like Bugatti, Alfa-Romeo and National to powerful post-war race cars from Porsche and Jaguar to 70's and 80's rocket ships from Lola and McLaren, the Monterey Historics has something for everyone.

    Need to be a member of BMWCCA to park in the special BMW area.

    (07/03/02) EVENT POSTED: Car Control Clinic @ 8/3/2002, 8AMbdougr 
    Golden Gate BMWCCA has a Car Control Clinic event at Marina. cost = $60. Need to be a member of BMWCCA

    (07/03/02) EVENT POSTED: Autocross @ 8/4/2002, 8AMbdougr 
    Golden Gate BMWCCA has an Autocross event at Marina.

    (06/29/02) Server downtime + Pony Express Drivewyu 
    Website was down earlier to today because the cleaning lady blew our circuits vacuuming and she apparently doesn't understand the concept of resetting the fusebox. (My servers are on UPS's but nothing other than a huge diesel generator will last 12 hours.)

    As for the Pony Express drive, a very good turnout for such a long drive. I'll just give the numbers and let Bdougr do the official writeup. 5 Roadsters, 3 Coupes in total showed up. Only the Roadsters did the entire circuit as the Coupes were all from the Sacramento area.

    (Update: pictures posted)
    (06/19/02) EVENT POSTED: Kings Canyon and Sequoia 2 day run @ 9/14/2002, 7:30AMbdougr 
    Start point = Newark, CA
    Meeting points to be announced

    The trip to the park is very boring and will take us through Livermore, Tracy, Manteca and Modesto. I suggest drivers from other areas to pick a meeting spot in one of those towns where we can join forces.

    Arrival near hotel = 2:00pm
    Hotel checkin = 3:00pm

    Day 2 depart for sight seeing 7:30am
    Arrive bayarea about 5:00pm

    Hotel reservations need to be made soon.
    Toll free number = (866) K Canyon
    * These rooms are at Grant Grove *
    * and are in an ideal location *
    * to see the sights *
    John Muir lodge Room = $140 (2 queen beds)
    John Muir Suite = $240
    Deluxe cabin = $112 (private bath)
    Basic cabin = $105 (private bath)
    Rustic cabin = $45 (share a bath)

    * These rooms are at Cedar Grove *
    * and are at the far end of a *
    * dead-end road. BEAR COUNTRY *
    Lodge style room = $99
    Patio room = $110 ( kitchen )

    (06/14/02) EVENT POSTED: Pony Express Drive @ 6/29/2002, 10AMJim L. 
    The final recon is complete. The route is set. We start in Placerville at the Buttrecup Pantry , with breakfast at 10:AM. (8:AM departure from the Buttercup Grill in Walnut Creekfor anyone that wants to caravan) If you take the Historic Downtown Placerville offramp, just before the first stoplight on I50 going east from Folsom, it puts you on the correct street. Just go about two blocks to the Buttercup Pantry. The parking lot is before you get to the Buttercup.

    The drive will go south on Hwy 49 to Diamond Springs where we will leave the "red lines" for some fun driving.We go east on Pleasant Valley Rd, then south on Bucks Bar Rd to Somerset. From here we continue south on the Mt. Aukum Rd past River Pines, then through the wine country on Ostrom Rd to the Fiddletown Rd. We'll take Hale Rd as a shortcut Shake Ridge Rd, then east to the Ram Horh Gradeand down into Volcano.

    Most authorities agree that Placerville and Volcano were Pony Stations. Since the stations for horse changes were about 10-15 miles apart, there had to be intermediate stops along the way. Who knows if we have the correct route, the Pony Express route changed as better routes became available and as the Indians forced the riders to find other ways around.

    From Volcano we pick up Hwy 88 at Pioneer. From here on up the grade, we will see stations about every 15 miles, Pioneer Station, Black's Station, Diamond Station, Cook's Station, Ham's Station etc. It is not clear if these were Pony Stations. They were Overland Stage Stations, and were probably used by the Pony as well. After we crest Carson Pass, we will drop down to Woodfords which the experts agree was a Pony Station.

    At Woodfords, we head south on Hwy 89 and stop at Markleeville for lunch. We continue South to Hwy 4, then west over Ebbits Pass, past Alpine Lale, Bear Mountain, Big Trees, Arnold and down to Angles Camp. We will have a final stop at Rod's Grill before heading our separate ways.

    Should be a fun drive, a little history, a lot of twisties, good fellowship. See you there on the 29th. We leave Placerville at 11:AM. Please sign up so we know when everyone is there.

    (06/08/02) 06/08 Autocross was great!Esteves 

    Finally back from the autocross. Really good weather, nice cool breeze and plenty of cars.

    Thanks to those who were able to make it out there.

    Rick Kim
    Jim L.

    Saw plenty of cars and a really nice Panoz Roadster on the course. The supercharged Cobra (Vortech on a 427 engine) was a sight to see.

    Mini Cooper was out there on the course and a Mini Cooper S (still on the break in period) was on the sidelines watching.

    A very fun day.
    (06/04/02) EVENT POSTED: July meeting of the mindZ @ 7/13/2002, 11AMRayz3 
    Omega Restaurant
    90 S Park Victoria Dr
    Milpitas, CA 95035

    Time: 11AM
    Original Message

    I decided to finally pick a date for the July meeting. At this meeting, we will discuss upcoming events, socialize, brainstorm, talk cars, continue meeting eachother, and basically build on our momentum in the club.

    We will be meeting at a restaurant. As of now, the setting is IHOP(international house of pancakes). Directions will be given later in this post, after we set a specific city or a different restaurant. If there are conflictions of time, speak up.

    Expect a good amount of club members to show, and don't be scared to put your name up first or second. This will be your chance to discuss the future of the club with other members, and actually SEE the others. See you there!

    Rayz3, President

    (06/04/02) Back from San Diego...wyu 
    The Z3 owners down there were mostly nice guys and they were able to convince me to host their domain. So instead of going to sleep after getting back from driving for hours and hours on straight, I immediately started ripping apart my code. 4 hours later, my codebase now theoretically supports an infinite number of local Z3 chapters. Please give a hearty welcome to the folks at:All accounts registered at also work at (BA Members = SD Visitors and vice versa.)

    Pictures have been posted in the Gallery section (on the SD Z3 site); the following link will take you there.
    (05/18/02) good cheese, good drive, good turnoutwyu 
    After vomitting multiple times the night before from my drinking binge, I staggered off the floor this morning, quickly hosed myself off and arrived at the Mill Valley Walgreens almost exactly at 10AM. There were already 7 cars so it looked like I was the designated slowpoke until Fishgills became our 9th just a few minutes later. We waited around for another 30 mins thinking maybe the new transplant from Texas might possibly find his way in this crazy place but nobody else showed up.

    The drive itself to the Cheese Factory was pretty much as expected. We alternated between slow and fast as we would get caught behind turtles who mostly refused to pull over. Once we pulled past Stinson Beach, traffic cleared up dramatically and we were able to pick up the pace. After about an hour and a half, we reached cheesiology central at Noon and settled in for a relaxing lunch.

    Lunch was decent but a few people commented on the fact that we passed signs on the road advertising BBQ oysters and here we were having sandwiches and cheese. (Oyster run will be planned!)

    A leisurely hour-plus later, we were back on the road. The last leg to Petaluma could not have taken more than 30 minutes before we reached 101. From there, it was two caravan groups -- one to the East Bay and another to San Francisco/Peninsula.

    Some pictures posted in gallery. More to come.
    (05/07/02) POLL POSTED: What BayAreaZ3 events are you MOST interested in?wyu 
    What BayAreaZ3 events are you MOST interested in?
    Long drives to parts unknown 3 (21.42%)
    Short drives around this area 8 (57.14%)
    Track/AutoX 2 (14.28%)

    14 vote(s) have been tallied. Voting on this topic has ended.
    Click here to view/post comments about this poll. (7 replies)

    (05/07/02) EVENT UPDATED: Picnic at Marin Cheese Factory @ 5/18/2002, 10AMwyu 
    This will be a very leisurely drive to the Marin Cheese Factory for a picnic at Noon.

    1) Arrive at the Walgreens parking lot in Mill Valley before 10AM. (Ordinarily, I'd stress the word "before" but I plan on being drunk off my ass the night before so I probably will be late myself.) The address for the Walgreens is:
      MILL VALLEY CA 94941-3641

    2) We leave at 10AM (probably a bit after) and we take the follow road:
  • North Hwy 1 to Mt. Tam turnoff
  • Right on road to Mt. Tam to Muir Woods turnoff
  • Left on road to Muir Woods to Stinson Beach turnoff
  • Right on road to Stinson Beach to Pt Reyes
  • Right on Pt. Reyes-Petaluma Rd to Cheese Factory
  • Lunch
  • East on Pt. Reyes-Petaluma Rd to Petaluma where you can get on 101 to get back home

  • (04/30/02) EVENT POSTED: Bay Area Z3 Autocross Saturday @ 6/8/2002, TBARayz3 
    Esteves brought this to the table:

    Anyone up for some Autocross? Details here:

    I'm planning to go on Saturday. Still decided on whether to go on Sunday as well. You get 4 laps around the course (instead of the usual 3) and you don't need to be an SCCA member to participate.

    Great place to have fun with your car and see what you can do.

    General Event Information

    The event will be conducted according to SCCA Solo II rules, as amended by Sacramento Supplemental regulations
    Entry Fees: $20 SCCA members; $30 all others;
    By entering you agree to work your assigned work group;
    Valid drivers' license is required; SCCA membership card is required for discount;
    Helmet is required: Snell '90 M/SA or later ONLY; Loaners are available.
    First run group is run on an "inverted grid":
    First car to arrive on grid is put into last position;
    Last car to arrive will run first;
    Cars will be tech'ed on grid.

    General Event Schedule

    For first half run groups arrive 1 to 1 1/2 hours before first car out time to walk the course, register and have your car tech'ed
    First car out time 9:00 A.M.;
    Other run groups have no set schedule, but start as soon as possible
    For second half run groups, arrive no later than 11:30 AM;
    Third run group will not start before 1:00 PM;
    Registration and Technical inspection close at NOON!!.

    ALSO---------- If you have any questions, go to the forum and ask around. Be it meeting up or car setups, ask questions. All questions will be answered. We should have a really good turnout. So, bring your ride. You can drive or watch. See you there!


    (04/26/02) EVENT POSTED: 1st Official Caliper Paint Day @ 5/2/2002, 11AMRayz3 
    Anyone invited is welcome. Stevzz3 and I are doing our calipers. My atlanta blue in gold. His cosmos black in red. The event will be in Rodeo at Ron's house.
    If people just want to come by and say hi, that is fine. So, see you there.
    Any questions, give us a line or two.


    (04/13/02) election resultsbdougr 
    After many recounts we have some elected officials. Absentee ballots were lost on the way due to piracy!

    President Ray
    VP William
    Event Coordinator JimL
    Treasurer Cyndy

    It will be the presidents responsibility to represent our group, get BayareaZ3 some exposure, settle disputes and most importantly to keep the group from forming a circle during every rest stop.

    It will be the vice presidents responsibility to help out the president in times of war and illness. Or to cover Ray in case he has a date that day. The VP will also be the WebMaster for the group.

    The event Coordinator will help the people that will "organize" the events. He will make sure that the event is planned enough to proceed and includes a starting point near a Starbucks, several break areas and a good ending point.

    The treasurer will collect and maintain funds for items that the group needs like shirts, biz cards and novelties. In addition the treasurer has the added task of graphic design.

    The only position we left open is the Event planner. We decided that this is better left open to each and every member of the group. Our tasks will include finding fun and interesting things to do as a group and then plan it as fully as possible. In most cases drives will need to be test driven to allow the real drive to go smoothly. The details of this planning will need to be fully worked out and then approved with the event coordinator.

    Drives : We would like to see at least one drive per month. Short drives are preferred for most of the busy members with an occasional long distance multi-day drive on an as needed basis.

    Meetings : Bi-Monthly with location to be determined later.

    (Post-Election Lunch)

    (04/07/02) EVENT POSTED: Organizing Meeting @ 4/13/2002, 11AMJim L. 
    Meeting to get organized, elect officers, and plan future events.

    Location: 3624 Vista Charonoaks
    Walnut Creek, CA 94598

    Lunch at Appleby's after the meeting.

    (03/30/02) POLL POSTED: Seattle Strikes Back! Best month for return tripwyu 
    Seattle Strikes Back! Best month for return trip
    July 4 (50%)
    September 2 (25%)
    October (Drive up in Costume!!!)
    November (Engine Turkey Baking!!!)
    December (I Like Rain!!!)
    I can't go (Canadian border too close)
    Any Time (cuz I'm a deadbeat!!!) 2 (25%)

    8 vote(s) have been tallied. Voting on this topic has ended.
    Click here to view/post comments about this poll. (11 replies)

    (03/25/02) Zeattle Weekend Pictureswyu 
    I've posted what I have (at least the ones that came out good) and BobCz sent me his from Saturday. If you have pics, email them to me at Send me the originals, unedited, and I'll sort through them to see what views/perspectives are missing and/or are better versions of posted ones. I run my own mail server so I have no limitations on number of attachments or size. (But if you know how to zip it up into one file, that would make sorting out my attachment folder easier.)
    (03/25/02) Zeattle Weekend Day 2 Recapwyu 
    Since I have to do some work today, I'll have to be less wordy in in the writeup. The day started with breakfast at Buttercup. 6 cars showed up in time for that. As 11AM slowly came about, more and more cars filed in. The final count was 12 in the parking lot with bmv joining us *JUST* in time as we headed toward the freeway.

    Right at the start, we had a mistep as bdougr made a hard right instead of a curvy right and 9 cars ended up going down a street to nowhere. Luckily, Harvster, who was doing sweeper duty, came up and led us the rest of the way.

    From there, it was probably a 2 hour drive (including pitstop) around Lake Berryessa to Calistoga. The exact route we went, I'm not sure of -- I know we made plenty of turns here and there. The roads were curvy but smoothly paved and banked so the nature of the drive was far different than Day 1.

    After completing the winding roads, our drive became a parade through the Napa towns of Calistoga and St. Helena. We found Marcus Hom waiting at the side of the road in St. Helena and waved him into the line.

    As we neared our first destination of the Copolla winery, we saw another Siena Red Z3 waiting at the side of the road. After getting waves from our entire crew, they found themselves curious enough to follow us to the winery. They introduced themselves as Chris and Leslie from Sacramento and we invited them to stay with us for the rest of our Napa day.

    45 minutes at Copolla and we then proceeded to the Mondavi winery for more wine tasting and wine purchasing. It was then time for dinner. 2 minutes down the road, the remaining 17 people (including the 2 strays we just picked up) piled into Brix where luckily, rush hour traffic had not begun yet and they were able to seat us all. Dinner was good -- not French Laundry good -- but quite satisfactory. Besides, the company made the atmosphere anyways as we laughed and joked about travel and car stories.

    Then it was the drive home. We caravaned towards I80 was people slowly offshooted to their separate directions.
    (03/25/02) Links to CargoGal's writeupswyu 
    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3, Part 1
    Day 3, Part 2
    Day 4
    Day 5
    (03/24/02) NEWS UPDATED: Zeattle Weekend Day 1 Recapwyu 
    Before I start, I'll apologize right now if I either don't get your name right or forgot completely. This past weekend has been quite the whirlwind.

    Day 1 started with some waiting at the Presidio. The 11 local and 2 semi-local (rbaker from Yosemite, Daver from Folsom) cars had gathered at the pre-ordained time. Of course, right at noon, we received word from the Northwest party that they were still 60 miles north of San Francisco. So we hang around, shoot the breeze some more and watch the ocassional skate-boarder wipe-out on the slalom course.

    An hour later, the Northwest crew made up of ZeattleDave, CargoGal and Z3BigDaddy (+ his wife Leslie) arrives right at the top of the hour. Z3BigDaddy immediately brings out a suitcase to hand out ... toppers. Not the merchandise advertised in the event posting but still a rather useful item in identifying pack members. More time passes as we exchange and re-exchange pleasantries. Then it's car moving time for photo ops; it takes us two tries but we finally get a nice crescent pattern.

    Photos, photos, photos and we hit the road past 1:30PM. We start with a caravan through the streets of San Francisco. It took plenty of stops but we finally break free of SF without losing anybody who didn't want to be lost. (Jim L. leaves after the photo shoot at the Presidio.) So only an hour and half behind schedule, we reach Highway 1 and start proceeding south. It's a leisurely leg that gives us a precursor to the rest of the drive: hints of alternating rain and sunshine.

    Meanwhile, Ed Scuba and his wife Sharon had driven up to Half Moon Bay in their rented Green 3.0 and met up with bmv down there. Our original stopping point of Caffino was unviable so it was moved 2 lights down to a Holiday Inn. As we draw close, we can see Ed gyrating on the side of the road while waving us into the parking lot. The time is now 2:30PM and we begin another round of smalltalk and pitstops.

    We finally get ready to drive -- 16 cars (we lose just bob) are gassed up and lined up at the side of the road. It's a quick 5-10 minutes south and we're at Tunitas Creek Road. The first 15 minutes is relatively uneventful as it's mostly farms along a bumpy road. Then we hit the treeline. For the next 30 minutes until we reach Skyline, the road can be described as LEFT, RIGHT, BUMP, UP, LEFT, LEFT, UP, UP, BUMP, RIGHT and then repeat these words in random order. This is one of the few roads that can make my MP3 player skip. Here's a quick visualization of this road:

    Towards the end of Tunitas, we drive into a thick bank of fog. Visibility is nil -- more importantly, people are getting wet from moisture falling from tree leaves and there's a rush of people putting their tops up. (A few brave souls kept them down though.) We head south on Skyline; unfortunately, we spend this entire leg stuck behind a Pontiac.

    Sometime past 4PM, the Z3 convoy reaches Alice's Restaurant. The original plan was to stop for food the 2nd time around but it's late and people are hungry. 20+ people proceed to pile into the facility where amazingly we not only sat everybody (barely) but food was served promptly.

    The final leg now begins with 14 cars as we lose a few more after our late lunch. Some miles south on Skyline, we reach Alpine road. The first 15 minutes on Alpine, we drive through winding roads often in thick rolling fog until we reached the redwood forests. The roads through the redwoods were probably a bit more wet but less winding and certainly had higher visibility. So we drive another 15 minutes until we reach Pescadero road. Driving now becomes easier with relatively wide lanes and nicely paved+banked roads. All-in-all, total time from Alice's to San Gregorio Beach a bit under an hour.

    As we approach Highway 1 from the east, we can see the sun peaking out from under the fog/cloud cover. The drive up north from Pescadero to San Gregorio is short but visually stunning. The view of ocean waves washing against the cliffs makes you want to stop right in the middle of the highway and start taking pictures. And so, we reach our final destination sometime around 5:30PM.

    Some photographs, some chitchat -- smiles all the way around -- and it's time to call it a day. Bdougr leads a group of cars east on Highway 84 where people get on their respective routes at 280/101/etc. The others head north/south on Hwy1 to their destinations.

    Day 2 writeup coming soon (although I might just steal somebody else's). Below is the photo gallery of the pictures I took. There will be plenty more pictures as others email me their results.
    (03/20/02) EVENT POSTED: Z3 Family Affair Pt.2: Napa Drive @ 3/24/2002, 10:30AMwyu 
    Day 2 of the Zeattle weekend starts at the Buttercup Bar & Grill in Walnut Creek. Those who want breakfast should be there at 9:30AM. The drive itself will proceed at 11AM -- be there a bit early if you're passing on breakfast. The route bdougr came up with is as follows:
      Exit 680 at Suisan road
      Suisan Valley rd turns into wooden valley rd
      North on Montecello road ( 121 )
      North on 128
      North on Knoxville rd
      Knoxville rd turns into Morgan Valley rd
      South of Clear Lake we take Seigler Canyon rd
      Seigler Canyon rd turns into Big Canyon rd
      Follow big canyon south to 29
      follow 29 south thru Calistoga
      take 128 in calistoga to Coppola Winery
      Mondavi is just down the street
      [ 147 miles ]

    Buttercup Bar & Grill

    Napa Run

    Exit from highway to Pleasant Valley

    (03/20/02) EVENT POSTED: Z3 Family Affair Pt.1: Bay AreaZ3 Welcomes Zeattle @ 3/23/2002, 11:30AMwyu 
    I have received word that a major crime syndicate based in Seattle has off-loaded a large shipment of illegally obtained Kopi Luwak coffee beans. To transport this merchandise, they will use Z3s as a front (vacationers taking a roadtrip) in order to avoid detention and prosecution by the coffee police. As the trunk space in a Z3 can carry at most 3 or 4 coffee beans, they will use a fleet of roadsters to bring the 'black gold' to San Francisco. On Saturday, 3/23, at Noon, they will arrive in the Presidio in San Francisco to deliver the cargo. To avoid blowing their cover, we will need to send our own fleet of Z3s to receive the goods. Please be there at 11:30AM (earlier is better) to greet them. In case the coffee authorities see through the cover, we will try to lose them via the following route.

    If something comes up at the last minute and you need a slight delay on starting time, my cellphone is (415)720-1122.

    (0) Meet at the corner of Presidio and Anza. (Zoom in on the picture on the right.)

    (1) First we head west towards the Cliff House. Ignore the west leg of the above map as we will NOT take Geary. Instead, we will take Lake Avenue. After we reach the Cliff House, we head south on the Great Highway.

    (2) We continue south on the Great Highway until we reach the Highway 1 turnoff.

    (3) We head south on Highway 1 until we reach Half Moon Bay. This will be our first stop as we will purchase coffee products at "Caffino" to hide the fact that we are coffee smugglers.

    (4) After Half Moon Bay, we head south until we reach Lobitos Creek Rd. We will take Lobitos to Tunitas Creek Rd. The road here is psychotically windy and I fully expect to lose the coffee gestapo.

    (5) We continue down South until we reach Alices restaurant. (Are we stopping here for lunch?!?!?!) After Alice's, we continue south on Highway 35 (Skyline) until we reach Alpine Road.

    (6) We go west on Alphine Road until it becomes Pescadero Road. We then take Pescadero Road west all the way to Highway 1. From there, we head north until we reach San Gregorio Beach where we will then stop. Our final leg to deliver our shipment is east on 84 through La Honda all the way to Atherton.

    (03/13/02) Here is how it is going to go: March 23-24th eventRayz3 
    William is right, we are not waiting til the last minute on this event. However, this club is still ALL of ours. So, you have a week. This will bring us up to March 20th. to get EVERYTHING ready. Mind you, this is just like work people. Don't wait til the 20th to be done. THE FIRST 3 DRIVES FULLY PLANNED WILL CARRY THE MOST CONSIDEREDATION. Take this time to ready all the "in's and out's". Know bathrooms, food stops, photo ops, and traffic trends. We need to all pull together on this thing. We are not going to:1) Have no plan when our guests come and just wing it.2) Argue with eachother until we have 25 underdeveloped plans. I, as organizer, am putting all of our wants together. William wants a deadline, so do I. You guys want to plan. So do I. Guess what? We now have both.

    Now, I do have a failsafe. William will be working on his seperate melted down version of what we have mentioned previously. So, if it comes to it, this isour backup.

    One more thing. I know that ALL of you know people with Z3's. Say 'hi' to some of these folks. Get them to come. Remember, none of us knew eachother before this group. Let's bring more Z3's to our party. No more arguing, let's get on the throttle with this.

    (03/12/02) Planning by Committee == Unworkablewyu 
    I've been extremely busy at work so I haven't had any time to follow too closely the planning conversations. However, from what I've seen and what I know about human nature, planning by committee does *NOT* work. There's a proverb about committees, design, mice and elephants I'm sure you've all heard of. Maybe people are just being too nice waiting for other people's input and they don't want to sound pushy -- doesn't matter in the end.

    So here is what will happen. I will look through what everybody has posted and I will decide our plans from those options and my own opinion. No, there will be no polling/voting. Not only is it too late but it's ineffectual anyways - you wait a week for votes to slowly trickle and you end up knowing what 8 out of 50 people want and trying to decide from that small sample.

    I will post final, complete plans no later than Thursday night. If you *REALLY* feel strongly about a place we should include, send me an e-mail directly.
    (02/26/02) EVENT POSTED: Pool Hall Tourney @ 4/5/2002, 4PMRayz3 
    Alright everyone,
    here we have the first driving/activity event. The date and time and subject to change. We want to get as many people here as we possibly can.

    First, we will drive to Half Moon Bay, and check out the sun or sunset(depending on time). Then, we could possibly eat at this nice restaurant that is supposed to be haunted(someone give me the name, please).

    Then, we drive to________(fill in name of a good Pool Hall Establishment to show eachother up. The entry fee will be $1. Now, I need a little help on finding appropriate times and locations from all of you. I would like to have a small drive prior to the Pool Tourney. Also, it is also an option to go to Half Moon Bay early(afternoon), and meet back up later for cocktails and pool later. Or, we can do all of the above early, or all of it later. I think a night time drive would be classy for this event. It would be mare of a calm, warmer night by the ocean in late March. So, what do you think? Yeah, you! Tell me what you think.


    (02/26/02) I IS SMART!@!#!#!@wyu 
    I was fiddling around with servers this afternoon thinking I would do some performance optimization. Instead, I ended up damaging the hard drive and causing Solaris to freak out. Ok, my first thought was "no problem" -- I not only have hourly backups but I've continually replicated the database to 2 other servers internally -- hence all I need to do is reinstall and restore from backups.

    Except the script that backed up the SQL database stopped running mid January. And the replication script had continually copied this same dated archive over and over again. GO ME!!!!

    In short, a month's worth of messages and new users are missing. There is a slight hope -- I'm pretty sure my browser cache contains the HTML content of the forums so possible I might be able to parse out that info and stuff it back into the SQL database.
    (01/29/02) EVENT POSTED: Time to Drive: Zeattle Planning Part 2 @ 2/23/2002, 9:30AMEsteves 

    It's been awhile since I put together a drive and it looks like th weather has been brightening up a bit.

    Here's the proposed route.

    Page Mill Road

    La Honda Road/Highway 84 West

    Stage Road

    Pescadero Road

    Page Mill Road

    La Honda Road/Highway 84 EAST towards 280

    More detailed map can be found here.

    The green route is first, followed by the purple route.

    Meeting Place: Stanford Shopping Mall
    (I'm sure there's a coffee shop or snack place somewhere there).

    Time: 9:30 AM

    Phone: 925-487-6553

    Things to bring if you can

    Towel (you never know)
    FRS Radio
    Camera (if you like to take pictures)
    Cash (you never know)

    Note: This is going to be a "brisk" drive through the twisting back country roads. Be sure your car is ready to handle the job (Good tire tread, tire pressues, etc...)

    Any Questions?

    (01/23/02) Z3 Family Affair Pt.2: Napa DriveRayz3 
    Ed Scuba, New 'Joysey' resident has requested an encore presentation of the Part 1 drive. I say we show him and our other guest some good ole California hospitality(hold your laughs), and give then what they want. On the following day, Sunday, March 24th, we will be stopping at a few famous California landmarks. Presidio, Golden Gate Bridge and other places will be seen. Shortly thereafter, we will travel North to Napa. The Wine Country(Napa's nickname) has many things to do. We could once again just cruise, and eat. There will be many more photo ops. Also, for the whinos, we can go wine sampling. A bunch of plans are in the works. I hope we get a great turnout.

    (01/16/02) EVENT POSTED: The Official 'Just Because' Drive @ 1/20/2002, 10AMRayz3 
    William and I have been REALLY bored. Also, William's car gave him a 10 day notice stating that if he doesn't drive his Z somewhere nice(and at a brisk speed) that she will leave him for Cargogal. Now, we can't have that. Really though, we both think a nice Sunday morning drive would be good for us all. Plus, we could use this time to 'scout' for some Zeattle cruising roads. I KNOW Kermey, I mean Mroadster will come. Look Hermes, your ONLY excuse has been,'Ray, I can't do Saturdays.' Hmmm, this one is on SUNDAY...let's ride! Everyone is invited.

    Disclaimer: You may be tempted to fall in love with the roads Willy picks. So, don't be mad if you have a craving to leave your wife and settle up with Hiway 1. Also, any sticky substances left on your wheel is your problem to clean up. Willyu is the human Thomas Guide.

    So, who's coming...with us?

    (01/11/02) Pictures from Z3 kitty postedwyu 
    I've posted pictures from Z3 kitty in the gallery. If you want your pictures also hosted, drop them in my mailbox at:
    (01/10/02) POLL POSTED: Whose picture do you prefer on the flyer?wyu 
    Whose picture do you prefer on the flyer?
    Cyndy 1 (16.66%)
    Group Picture! 5 (83.33%)

    6 vote(s) have been tallied. Voting on this topic has ended.
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    (01/10/02) Hard Drive died completelywyu 
    The hard drive which BayAreaZ3 (plus various other websites) runs on died yesterday. Stupid piece of shit was barely 6 months old and it started making loud clacking noises upon powerup. After a few attempts to get data off the disk, I gave up and just started smashing it with a hammer. I will mail the remnants back to the manufacturer and ask for my money back.

    I was able to restore the state of the website as of yesterday -- probably 20 messages were lost.
    (01/08/02) Z3 Family Affair Pt.1: Bay AreaZ3 Welcomes ZeattleRayz3 
    Everyone, get ready to meet the Zeattle group. On March 20th(or there about), a few members will be coming down to visit our humble stomping grounds. I know a few of you wouldn't want to put a single mile on your Z3 this year. But, I say you get your Z out of the garage for this one. We will have a seriously good time. So, get ready, shine up your ride, and let's get out there. Zeattle, welcome to the won't be the last.

    510 465 6786

    Update: 3/22 or 3/23 more probable dates according to Seattle folks.
    (01/03/02) EVENT POSTED: Fight the Rain Drive @ 2/2/2002, 11-12PMRayz3 
    Mama's Royal Cafe
    393 Miller Ave
    Mill Valley, CA


    We'll probably lounge around for an hour or longer working on both food and possible routes for the Zeattle drive. Bring any and all maps you have. Afterwards, if people are in the mood, we'll head up the coast and test out some of the roads for the Napa Drive.

    RayZ3's original message
    I don't know about the rest of you. But, for me, this rain is really getting on my nerves. I say that we meet up NO MATTER WHAT type of weather there is.

    If it is raining: Starbuck's, and then to a fine eatery(Say seafood place?)

    If it is sunny: What else? A drive after we go to William's...sorry, I mean Starbuck's. William can come up with the driving route, or any of the rest of you.

    One thing is for sure though, I will be out there. Who will come with me? Are we going to let this rain get us down and out? No! They say that rain makes S.A.D.(A seasonal sadness caused in winter climates). I am not going to let that happen to me. Who is coming with me??? William, Ron, Cyndy, Pat, Esteves(will you ever show up?)? come on, let's RIDE!

    510.465.6786510.928.6425 cell phone

    (12/27/01) As soon as the sun comes out, there will be more events!Rayz3 
    Lately, there has been horrid driving weather. But, we assure you, once the sun is consistently out, so will we! Many more events are on the way. If anyone has a place where they would like to meet up and see eachother, we can set it up. If the rain takes too long, we will just HAVE to meet at Starbucks, or a steakhouse. You know, just to get together. See you guys around! And, get more members on our side.

    Thanks for a tremendous start!

    (12/23/01) Just wanted to express my thanks to William Yu!!!!Rayz3 
    thank you sooooooo much for doing what you do for everyone on this site. Not ONCE have you complained. I know thethings that you do are not easy. Or else, everyone would be doing it. I know that I would. The site is beautiful. Thank you, and I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Chinese New Year...when it rolls around. Hey, are you going to get a few other club membersin the parade? Hmmmm, that would be very cool. Gimme a call, so I can give you more props that are seriously deserved. To everyone else, thank you for coming together with us. We have A LOT more things planned once the weather provides for us. Stay tuned....

    (12/21/01) Server crash...wyu 
    Had to restore from backup, lost a few messages here and there. Oh well...
    (12/09/01) Recap: Toys for Tots Drivewyu 
    Pictures have been posted in the gallery. I stole a choice photo or two from other collections of a few things I either missed or couldn't get the settings right on my camera to get a good picture. Apparently, there were 6 Z3s who showed up at the pre-meeting in Fremont but only 3 made the drive up to the Presidio -- maybe some of you South Bay folks can fill me in on who was there and send me pics of them if you have them.

    Interesting demographics trivia: it looks like the majority of the BABBLERS group are located in the South/East Bay. Since I'm in SF, I drove directly to the Presidio and there were roughly 6-7 Boxsters there when I arrived a bit past 11AM. About 15 minutes later, the Fremont convoy of 20+ Porsches and a few Z3s came streaming in.

    After an hour of milling around, photo ops and the toy pickup (I didn't have time to do any shopping so I'm just going send a donation in), Patlam and Go Topless went their separate ways while myself and Ron Wong drove across the bridge to meet up with Marcus Hom at the Buckeye Roadhouse. After a rather pleasant lunch there, we grouped up our cars in the parking lot for some indepth comparisons. And by chance, a fellow Z3er by the name of Robert came up to us and mentioned he has a silver M Roadster -- ok, his wife really. We gave him the URL to and I expect to see him participating soon with us. (Update: he just sent me pics which I've posted in the Gallery section.)

    Thanks BABBLERS for organizing the event and the invite. Photo Galleries below:
  • BayAreaZ3 gallery
  • Go Topless' pictures
  • BABBLERS' photo album
  • (12/05/01) Toys-4-Tots Drive Infowyu 
    Here's the detailed info for the drive. Question is whether we Z3ers want to join up with the Babblers for lunch (~50 people) or find our own smaller lunch thing and meet with them for the drive.
    (12/03/01) EVENT POSTED: BayAreaZ3.Com Christmas Gill Light Session @ 12/15/2001, 10AMRayz3 
    Thanks to DAN D, we are going to have the lighting expert on hand to help us do this. Some parts have to be ordered. So, if you are doing this, we need to do a count, so go to 'CALENDAR' and get signed up for it. Then, we can do a group order, and get a discount. The total cost for EVERYTHING is AROUND $50. That is a estimate from Dan. So, don't go quoting me on what I said...bug DAN. No, don't do that. But, anyhow, the project will be at my apartment complex as was the last event. Dan will post some pix, so stay tuned. Who is coming???


    (12/02/01) POLL POSTED: What's the fastest speed you've hit in your Z3?wyu 
    What's the fastest speed you've hit in your Z3?
    Less than 100mph
    100-109 3 (33.33%)
    110-119 4 (44.44%)
    120-129 2 (22.22%)
    Off the speedometer!!! 180+!!!

    9 vote(s) have been tallied. Voting on this topic has ended.
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    (11/29/01) More pictures posted...wyu 
    mroadster sent me a whole bunch of pictures of his Titanium Silver M Roadster. They have been posted in the Gallery section for your viewing pleasure. If you want your pics hosted, read the following link to get the instructions.
    (11/29/01) EVENT POSTED: License Plate Frame Pick Ups @ 12/1/2001, 10AMRayz3 
    If it rains, or if there is moisture in the air(more than usual), the caliper day will be postponed. Instead, Ron, Zorroman, and I will be going to S.F. to have the license plates done. The cost is around $20. The top will read,'BayAreaZ3.Com'. The bottom will read something to the extent of your name, or nockname or something. I think we should do this, it would look good. It won't be in olde english like on those barrio monte carlo's, or cheap looking cursive. Would anyone else feel like coming with us?


    (11/25/01) THAT DRIVE WAS OFF THE HOOK!!!!! I mean it was fun!Rayz3 
    Anyhow, you guys seriously missed out. I brought my friend, Anthony with me. William and Cyndy were there. Oh, on the way down the rain started, and Wiliam and Cyndy were left in the rain. I, on the otherhand raised my top @ 55mph to avoid getting wet. After we(they ate, I wasn't hungry)ate we left. William bought some calimari, and him and Cyndy made me eat it. It was very...different. Cyndy stayed around a little longer after the driving resumed, then she left.

    This is where it got very interesting. William can drive his ass off. He took me into the twisties, I mean really twisty! No, we weren't racing. It was very spirited though. We thought Cyndy was tagging along and maybe wrecked or something. So, we went back and looked for her. She had already left though, she did not wreck(thank God..or Buddah for some of you out there). The drove was great. We went to a park where I made the Z3 dance for us all(too bad the ASC was not in the mood for it.). Suprisingly, you can burn rubber in the rain. I didn't realy want to, it just happened. You can see the images and the movie in the 'gallery' soon. William has this camera. The thing does everything short of scrambling an egg, it only fries them. I hope I will see more of you guys at the next event. It only rained about 5% of the time. And, that was only sprinkling really. We kept our tops down almost the whole time. See you guys around...

    (11/25/01) EVENT UPDATED: Drive down Highway 1 + SF Autoshow @ 11/25/2001, 11AMwyu 
    Summary: Drive along the coast of Highway 1 from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. Afterwards, it's back to San Francisco for the annual AutoShow. (Update, address & map for Duarte's Tavern.)

    Starting Point
    In front of William's office @ 650 Delancey Street. Below is the map of the local area plus a picture of the front of the building. If you see the massive stainless steel doors, you are at the right place.

    • North Bay: 101 South. After the Golden Gate Bridge, take the Marina exit. Keep going east until you reach Embarcadero. East/South on Embarcardero until you reach Brannan. Right on Brannan -- first intersection you encounter on Brannan will be Delancey. Left on Delancey
    • East Bay: Stay in the far left lane on the Bay Bridge. The first exit off the bridge will be Harrison Street. At Harrison, make a right until you hit Embarcadero. Right on Embarcadero -- 2 blocks down until you reach Brannan. Right on Brannan -- first intersection you encounter on Brannan will be Delancey. Left on Delancey.
    • South Bay: 280 North. (Or 101 North and take "Port of San Francisco" to get to 280N in San Francisco.) Take 6th Street exit (2nd to last). Right immediately off the exit on Brannan. 5 blocks down Brannan and you will see Delancey -- make a right and voila.
    • San Francisco: Somehow get to Brannan and right before Embarcadero is Delancey.
    We start our drive at 11AM. People can and should arrive early. If you get here early, dial #073 on the call box and we can chill out in my office with drinks/snacks/music until everybody else is here.

    Leg 1: San Francisco -> 280 -> Highway 35
    Caravaning through the streets of San Francisco sucks. What we will do instead is immediately get on 280 and head south. After we clear San Francisco, our exit is John Daly Boulevard in Daly City. Make a right on John Daly Boulevard and head west as far as we can. Near the end of John Daly, we will stop and reform our caravan.

    Leg 2: Highway 35 -> Highway 1 -> San Gregorio
    From John Daly, we turn left onto Highway 35. Highway 35 soon splits off into Highway 1. The first part of Highway 1 has 2 lanes; we will have to aggressively hog the lanes to avoid having our caravan split up. Once we pass Pacifica, it's 1 lane almost the entire way down (except for a small stretch in Half Moon Bay). Well will drive for about 45 minutes until we reach San Gregorio State Beach. We will stop here for photo ops + fun in the sun.

    Leg 3: San Gregorio -> Highway 1 -> Pescadero
    Picking up where we left off, we head south for about 10 minutes and then make a left towards Pescadero.

    Lunch: Duarte's Tavern in Pescadero
    We should arrive in Pescadero right about 12:45. If there are any late sleepers (cough, cough, Fishgills), you can meet us here. Duarte's Tavern supposedly has a great artichoke soup plus a good selection of seafood. It also apparently is the place to get tripe if you're into that. I suspect we'll lounge around at lunch until about 2PM. The address for Duarte's Tavern is:
      202 Stage Rd
      Pescadero, CA 94060
    Leg 4: To be announced
    We have two options here: (1) drive down to Santa Cruz via Hwy 9 and then come back up Hwy 1 or (2) hit the twisties in the Hwy 84/Hwy 35 intersection regions. If people have enough time, we can actually do both. Come back up Hwy 1 from Santa Cruz and then take 84 east.

    SF Autoshow
    After the drive, those of us who are inclined will head back into San Francisco for the Autoshow. My guess is that we'll have about 3-5 hours to look around depending on how long the drive is.

    (11/23/01) Gallery code updatedwyu 
    I added a section for random picture posting. So if you're driving along -- preferably in your Z3 -- and you happen to take some snapshots of interesting stuff, just e-mail them to me (or Dan D once I set him up with his account) and we'll post them.

    Some hints to make things easier. Make 2 sets of files -- one fullsize and one thumbnails. In addition, if you want annotate your pictures, create a text file named index.txt. Here is an example of the format to use:
    (11/21/01) POLL POSTED: Which name do you prefer?wyu 
    Which name do you prefer?
    BA Z3 Drivers Association 1 (6.66%)
    BA Z3 Motorsports Club 4 (26.66%)
    BA Z3 Enthusiasts Network
    BA Z3 Roadster/Coupe Association
    BA Z3 Convertible/Coupe Club
    BA Team Z3
    Z3 Northern Alliance
    BA Z3 Pimpmobiles
    BA Z3 Owners' Circle 1 (6.66%) 9 (60%)

    15 vote(s) have been tallied. Voting on this topic has ended.
    Click here to view/post comments about this poll.

    (11/20/01) EVENT POSTED: EAT & PAINT (calipers and ribs) @ 12/1/2001, CANCELRayz3 

    There will be a BBQ at my apartment complex on the 1st of December. Read the posts for details. Oh, for those of you too shy to ask what a caliper is:

    Look at you wheel. Do you see the disc like object? Well, when you drive, those and the wheels move. To stop the car(hitting the brakes),(pressing that bigger pedal with that right foot of yours)(opposite of your left one), the c-shaped metal object presses the brake pads against that shiny disc-like object. Then, you have either slowed down, or stopped. Now, the part that we are a paintin' is the c-shaped device called a caliper. No, that is not why it is in the shape of a 'C'. So, question is: What color will yours be?

    (11/18/01) Writeup & Pictures for Mt. Hamilton drive postedwyu 
    Blah...I spent quite some time doing a writeup and then lost it due to an oversight on my part. I guess I should just make it nice and simple:
    • Meeting place: 12 Boxters, 2 Z3s, 2 M Roadsters, 1 2002 996 w/ the Turbo-style lights (didn't come on drive)
    • Drive up Mt. Hamilton Rd: 30 minutes, lost 1 white Boxster
    • Lunch/chat at Lick Observatory: Lost 2 Boxsters, 1 M Roadster
    • Drive down San Antonio Rd: 30 mins
    • Stopped at restaurant/bar out in absolutely nowhere
    • Drive down San Antonion/Mines Rd: 30 mins
    Pictures at link below. Poor picture quality because my new Epson 3100Z didn't arrive in time.
    (11/18/01) EVENT UPDATED: Toys for Tots Drive @ 12/8/2001wyu 
    The local Boxster group (BABBLERS) has sent us an invitation to join them on their Toys-For-Tots donation drive. They had about 40 Boxsters last year so if we do join them for a "German Roadster" outing, I hope we can wring up about 10+ Z3/M Roadsters.

    More Toys-For-Tots details now available at the BABBLERS website.

    (11/17/01) Sigh...BayAreaZ3 down for 10+ hours due to power problemswyu 
    Not sure exactly what happened but it looks like the power curcuit overloaded at roughly Noon today. I only got back from a long day out a few minutes ago to restart the servers. (Stupid Solaris can't restart itself automatically if the primary boot hard drive has errors that need to be fixed via fsck.) I also noticed one of the UPS's here has actually died -- either the UPS died and took the power circuit with it or the power curcuited overloaded and killed the UPS.

    After I get everything else up and running, I'll work on posting a review and pictures of the drive to Mt. Hamilton.
    (11/16/01) EVENT UPDATED: Mt. Hamilton Drive @ 11/17/2001, 10AMwyu 
    The Mt. Hamilton drive is being organized by the BABBLERS group. (Thanks for the invite BABBLERS!) Here are the salient details:

    9:00am-10:00am - Meet-up @ 2606 Alum Rock in San Jose. We will be meeting up in the parking lot of Sound Systems, in the strip mall at the corner of Alum Rock and Alexander, across from the Calvary Cemetary. Please try to park in between Sound Systems and Delias.
    • From East Bay: take 680 South to Alum Rock. Turn left onto Alum rock at the Exit. Don't accidentally take the Capitol exit thinking it turns around. There's only one exit for Alum Rock.
    • From South Bay: Take 280S (use 101N to get to 280/680) to 680N to Alum Rock. Make a right at the exit.
    • From SF/Peninsula: Take 101S to 280/680. Take 680N to Alum Rock. Make a right at the exit.

      NOTICE: Please attempt to fuel up prior to joining the meeting point. Please stop for fuel at the high-capacity Alum Rock Shell Station prior to meeting up. The station is located at 2510 Alum Rock. Once you're pointed East on Alum Rock, it will be on your right. If you have forgotten to fuel up prior to meeting up, you will have one last chance to get gas, water, snacks, etc between 9:00 and 10:00am.
    10:00am- Depart for Mt Hamilton - All participants should be fueled, stocked, and ready to roll. This is a long drive. Bring water. Bring lunch BEFORE you join the meet-up. Bring your personal radio or cell phone. Bring sunglasses. Bring a warm hat. Bring your camera!

    Estimated trip completion time is 2:30pm.

    We will meet for a late lunch afterwards at Ben's Burgers in Livermore. The address is 777 Rincon Avenue.

    (11/16/01) Is anyone ready to make this thing fly!!!!!????Rayz3 
    Thanks to everyone involved, we are growing, very rapidly, I must say. Well, the website is set up to hold us for a little while. Now, what we need to do is step up the member numbers. It doesn't cost anything(just your keys, j/k) to join. All that we ask is for some type of support(comments, interaction) or activity involvement. What we NEED to do is produce a 'flyer' that will speak of what 'we have cookin'. The flyer should say that we are new, but are growing. And, should have our logo in a big format. Some contact info would be good. And, maybe some of our event suggestions(drives, eating, discussions on our message board, track sessions, caliper paint days, etc.). It is IMPORTANT that you have the word 'FREE' somewhere on there, maybe twice or thrice. Dan, you said that you can do some of the stuff that Ol' Willie cna do, right? Well, I would've asked William to make a tab or place on the side bar column for a downloadable version of the flyer. So, I will ask you. Thank you. So, everyone, when you see a Z, be ready to place it in their hands(and speak for a second on our plans) or place it on their car. I think hat we all wantmore growth. So, lets do it!!!

    (11/16/01) Strange bug...wyu 
    Looks like some browsers ignore the MAXLENGTH attribute and this was allowing users to type in passwords longer than 10 characters. If course, the system would then promptly truncate to 11 characters (I use LIKE '$password %' for you SQL coders) and this stops any further attempts to edit the profile.

    If you think this problem has been stopping you from registering, email me and I'll update your password.
    (11/12/01) We need to get logo production informationRayz3 
    Last week there was a great deal of logo discussion. Several members stated that they would be trying to produce the image. Has anyone come up with anything? Are there any problems in doing so? Also, does anyone have any futher ideas concerning the logo project? Producton should be soon. I thing that there will be a product(atleat samples) by the date of the Babbler Run. I will be taking a go at the logo tomorrow. Please, share any info that you have on the current status. Thank you.

    (11/12/01) NEWS UPDATED: 11/11 Pier 39 Lunch Recapwyu 
    It was a bit confusing trying to meet up at Pier39. I circled the place a few times before I got a call from mroadster telling me they were at the parking lot across from the Gap. In hindsight, this semi-futility was serendipity as on my last circle, I ran into Cyndy and Go Topless going the other direction. After flagging them down, we finally met up with RayZ3, mroadster and N Man. (Update, Esteves met up the aforementioned 3 in Fremont but could not make the drive to SF.)

    From there, it was lunch at Sabella/La Torre. The staff there is a bit clueless and the food was typical tourist fare but that's pretty much the story of the entire Fisherman's Wharf area. What did we talk about during lunch? Of course, cars.

    Afterwards, it was a simple cruise from the Marina, through the Presidio to Fort Point where it was photo op time. From Fort Point, we then buzzed by the Cliff House, down the Great Highway and did a half loop around Lake Merced. Not a really long drive but people had to head out at this point so we decide to call it a day. (Although from reading the Forum, there looks to have been some spirited driving going back home.)

    It was a fun time meeting everybody and if you missed this one, there are more to come! The Picture Gallery script is now active. You can see the Fort Point pics at the below link. (From left to right, the cars in the group photos are: Go Topless, N Man, Cyndy, RayZ3, mroadster, wyu)

    BTW, a shoutout to the Impala Brown Z3 who briefly joined us in the Presidio. I love that color and at times wish I had gotten that instead.
    (11/12/01) e-mail addresses, mailing listwyu 
    Two more items now active:
  • e-mail addresses. Go to your profile and check off the Local Z3 + E-mail options. At that point, all e-mail sent to will be forwarded to your real email in-box. Spaces in your name will be converted to _.
  • Mailing list. If you don't check this website often and want to hear about events via email (or you just like spam), go to your profile and check off the Local Z3 + Mailing List options.
  • (11/11/01) New Forums Up & Runningwyu 
    I've finished writing at least the first draft of the new Forum Script and have imported all the old UBB messages. Still left to do are the META tags UBB used (e.g. [IMG], [URL], etc.) and the ability to edit messages you wrote. At this point, if you want to post an image, enter it in like so: <IMG SRC='URL_HERE'>.

    With the new Forum code now in place, both News & Events use the same underlying tables & scripts to add/update postings. What this means is that you don't need to know HTML in order to update those sections. If you want to participate here at by being a regular in updating news/events, contact me and I'll setup your account to do so.
    (11/10/01) Website + Eventswyu 
    I put together a really simple html template for temporary purposes while the final graphics and layouts are being polished up. At this point, the Members+Calender sections are fully automated. News won't be automated until the new Forum code is whipped up. (I originally was going to work on the news script first but then realized that news posting can be considered a subset of forum posting.)

    Our first official event is lunch @ Pier 39 this Sunday (11/11) at Noon. From reading the forum thread, attendance looks to be about 7+ right now so it should be a decent showing -- certainly better than Event Version 0.5 If you want to join up with the rest of us Z3niacs, go to the Calendar link and choose "Yes" for 11/11.
    (11/09/01) EVENT POSTED: Lunch at Pier39 @ 11/11/2001, Noonwyu 
    A get-to-know-each-other lunch at Pier 39 in San Francisco and then a mini cruise afterwards. Meet at the lot right across the street from the giant whale painting(mural) on the left hand side.

    (11/07/01) 11/4 DriveDan D 
    This weekend marked the inaugual BayAreaZ3 drive. Only two members of our community showed up, but as William Yu said:

    "Actually, my philosphy is that any drive where you come back with your car intact is a good drive and anybody who tags along is just icing on the cake. "

    We're hoping to set up more drives in the coming weeks... Stay tuned.
    (11/07/01) Your pictures wanted...Dan D 
    Got hot pix of you and your Z? BayAreaZ3 is looking for pictures of club members and their rides. We'll all be voting on the picture of the month. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get some pictures taken with that beautiful car!
    (11/07/01) Input Needed for BayAreaZ3 siteDan D 
    Your ideas, thoughts and comments are wanted. Let us know what you think, what you'd like to see, and what could be improved. We want to make this site work for you.

    Happy driving!
    (11/03/01) EVENT POSTED: Peninsula Loop @ 11/4/2001, 11AMwyu 
    Meet at the Presidio, Drive down Hwy 1 and do loops at Hwy 84 and 35.

    (11/02/01) Welcome to!wyu 
    This is and I am your host. Local talk is welcome, Z3 talk is welcome but the preferred combination is local+Z3. With this place to plan outings (whether big or small), I look forward to meeting up with the Z3 community more often. You can expect to see many, many updates to this website in the coming month.

    Perhaps a good way to start is to introduce ourselves.
  • Location: San Francisco (South Beach)
  • Age: 30
  • Occupation: Programmer @ Internet ASP
  • Model: 2001 2.5, Titanium Silver/Black Top

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