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(03/30/2002•11:26) POLL: Seattle Strikes Back! Best month for return trip [edit]wyu 
Seattle Strikes Back! Best month for return trip
July 4 (50%)
September 2 (25%)
October (Drive up in Costume!!!)
November (Engine Turkey Baking!!!)
December (I Like Rain!!!)
I can't go (Canadian border too close)
Any Time (cuz I'm a deadbeat!!!) 2 (25%)

8 vote(s) have been tallied. Voting on this topic has ended.
(03/29/2002•21:44) Return trip? [edit]Cargogal 
You guys should start thinking about what time would work for y'all to do a reciprocal trip. If you plan a convoy up here, we will do our level best to show you as good a time as you showed us.

(03/30/2002•02:38) ... [edit]wyu 
I can pretty much go at anytime but I suspect others might not have such a flexible schedule. Maybe I'll put up a poll where we can at least narrow down the month.

(03/30/2002•06:15) Do they have rentals in Seattle? [edit]Ed"scuba" 

(03/30/2002•06:45) Rentals [edit]bdougr 
Mazda no problem

(03/30/2002•11:18) I didn't think any of you would want to come.... [edit]Rayz3 
Carrie and I have been discussing just me coming. Sorry, I thought I was the only crazy one on this side. Forgot about the soft-spoken William of Yu. Willie, you would come with? My schedule is flex to the extent that it is non-existent at times. Make the poll, I came go whenever. Carrie, be a doll and get us some coffee, would ya?


(03/30/2002•18:16) Z3 rentals are available here in Seattle [edit]ZeattleDave 
Price is around $150-$175 per day. The place is right across from Bellevue BMW but the name escapes me for the moment.

Dave out

(03/30/2002•23:47) Park Place... [edit]Cargogal 
Incredible place. A friend of mine, when he worked for MS, would test drive lust-inspiring cars with his friends on the lunch hours.

Park Place Rentals.

(03/31/2002•10:37) Just a wild guess on my part... [edit]wyu 
...but it sounds like people want to take advantage of the July 4th holiday to make the Seattle trip.

(03/31/2002•20:49) Sept - mid Oct would be great... [edit]Daver 
I'm on sabbatical from August thru mid-October... August is pretty well booked with the stuff going on in Carmel, then there's homecoming over Labor Day (right?), but that leaves pretty much the rest of September free.

Actually, if there are any NW'ers going to HC, perhaps I could caravan back with you to that corner of the country.


(04/03/2002•12:29) Watch out! Cargogal is from Chicago and votes many [edit]ZeattleDave 
times! Guess I should vote 20 or 30 times to even things out a bit.

Dave out

(04/03/2002•20:54) Elvis is dead... [edit]Cargogal 
it's official. He's registered to vote in Chicago.

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