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(02/08/2010•05:34) POLL: Would you like to vote on a new poll? [edit]wyu 
Would you like to vote on a new poll?
Yes 9 (60%)
No 2 (13.33%)
Uhh...isn't this a new poll? 2 (13.33%)

15 vote(s) have been tallied. Voting on this topic has ended.
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(02/08/2010•05:38) Would you like to vote on a new poll? [edit]wyu 
Posting a dummy poll to get the old one from years ago off the front page.

Seems like you guys are still having lots of fun drives. I don't drive at all where I'm living now (China) so just coming back to this site and reading about the upcoming events stirs up nice memories. Keep at least 3 wheels on the road folks!

(02/08/2010•17:29) Would you like to vote on a new poll? [edit]BSR Systems 

(02/08/2010•22:34) Uh.... OK [edit]Kick Me 

(02/09/2010•08:51) poll [edit]Lauren 

(02/10/2010•04:59) poll [edit]S-Retire 

(02/10/2010•18:52) poll [edit]Fangio100 
I see alot of fresh Z4 owners cars parked in the business distrcit where I work, but am reluctant to leave a flyer, because it only shows Z3s. I vote we update our flyer!

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(02/10/2010•18:53) poll [edit]Fangio100 
I see alot of fresh Z4 owners cars parked in the business district where I work, but am reluctant to leave a flyer, because it only shows Z3s. I vote we update our flyer!

(02/11/2010•07:48) poll [edit]CAZ33NUT 
I agree with Fangio100. Our logo and flyer is outdated and should show all three versions of the Z - Z3, Z4 and new Z4.

Once we have that I would like to have business cards that we can give to owners we meet and to leave on windshields as an invite to join the group.

We also need an FAQ on the Forum that is 'sticky' so newbies can get an understanding of how we work.

(02/11/2010•08:21) poll [edit]Z4Dennis 
What are we voting on? What is the poll for/about?

(02/11/2010•18:40) Update the flyEr??? [edit]BSR Systems 
Good idea. Now all we need is a great graphic artist to create the new flyer, create a silkscreen and set up a place to print it for us. Any volunteers???

(02/11/2010•21:16) All 3 versions? [edit]Kick Me 
You left out the Z1 and Z8, then there is the Z3 Coupe and Z4 Coupe. We cant't leave out anyone or we will have enemies left and right. The ZSCCA went through this a bit with everyone wanting their models profile.

If the club is serious about changing the logo, I will ask the designer of last years ZFest logo to pitch a design. Then I can get a bid for screens and I would be willing to screen some shirts, sweatshirts...whatever.

Let me know.


(02/12/2010•21:39) All 3 versions? [edit]foxy Z4 
If you’re going to update the flyer I would think about changing the name from Bay Area to something else. The name Bay Area leaves people form the valley and I'm sure Sacramento area feeling like it's not for them.

(02/13/2010•08:32) All 3 versions? [edit]RoadsterLuver 
If by revising the flyer the objective is to facilitate membership outreach, consider Facebook as an additional tool to the website. There are a number of Z clubs using Facebook worldwide. They seem to welcome members regardless of where they live. It adds an interesting dimention to the membership and its forum discussions. In terms of the previous comment about reaching out to local potential members (Sacramento/San Joaquin valley, foothills, etc.), Facebook would work just fine.

(02/15/2010•08:51) facebook??? [edit]Lauren 
I don't use or want to use facebook.

(02/15/2010•18:09) Facebook... been there, done that, never again. [edit]Kick Me 

(02/15/2010•21:12) Facebook... we're already there! [edit]Michele Corum

(02/16/2010•08:39) Name changes, logo changes, etc. [edit]BSR Systems 
OK, time for me to open my yap and put in an opinion.

BAY AREA Z3 is the club founded by William Yu and a few othersin 97. We have been growing in membership since then. Several of us have cards and flyers that we hand outto prospective new members ( read stick on every Z that we see).

William still hosts our board on his servers even tho he is now living in China. He pays the Domain registration and maintains the board. His club, you might say...

As far as logo changes are concerned, changing it to Bay Area Z is sufficient to cover all the models in my opinion. The logo as it stands is unique and shows the background of the club with The Golden Gate and an early Z roadster. And adding additional models, changing the name to make everyone feel included [where does that stop [?] United States Z3-4-5-6-7-8-9- ad infinitum].is , in my opinion, a bad idea. The name of the club has been out there for 13 years. I don't feel a change is needed. But, it is a club and if there is a significant number of current members that want a change then lets look at it.

Just my humble opinion [don't you believe it.. ;8^) )

(02/16/2010•12:46) Name changes, logo changes, etc. [edit]Fangio100 
Before I place a club flyer under the windshield wiper of a potential club member, I have been whiting out the "3" to make the appeal more universal. Personally I agree with Bob that the logo itself is OK, but for the number. If one wants to make the appeal more general, perhaps photos from a recent club gathering may be more repersentative, as it surely would include Z3s, Z4s, and Z8s. Just my two cents.

(02/16/2010•13:24) Name changes, logo changes, etc. [edit]wyu 
I don't care too much if you want to update the logo and flyer. Just email me the graphics when you guys make a decision.

But here's a hint on how to make this happen. Just do it. Talking about what you want to do is a waste of time. First person who produces the new logos & flyers always has more power over the final content because guess what? They're doing all the work!

(02/16/2010•17:18) Name changes, logo changes, etc. [edit]WB-MZ 
I agree with Bob's position. We already changed the name to include all Z's. We also allow other manufacturers and models to go on drives with us: Lotus, Porsche, Morgan, M6, etc, Hell we even had a Prius leading part way on one drive. I think I'll take my SUV on the next drive. But the club is the "" and the Bay Area is the central location, but we have members from all over California and the Country, and even China, we don't discriminate against any one. It is the Z cars that bring us together, just how all-inclusive do you want to be.

I don't want to discourage any one from putting any new ideas out there, we need them. We are a very loose knit club. We don't have elections or officers, there are no dues and any one can join. It is purely run by people volunteering to lead drives and take care of details. So we need new people and enthusiastic people to make things happen.

But I still say we are the club, not Zs of NoCal. Oh, I also Like the existing logo, so I vote to keep it, just make it

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(02/18/2010•08:23) Is WYU Eric who used to be at Intel in Folsom? [edit]Pattycake 
If so...your's was our first drive! We love our drives with the club and the friends David and I have made. You opened a whole new world to us. Thank you.

(02/18/2010•08:25) here's the email I sent to Scott, didn't realize [edit]Pattycake 
this discussion was on the forum.

Hi Scott,
I'm in agreement with Bob on this. I think the logo should remain the same. The Z3 is the classic model. It is the identifiable beginning for the Z series and the club. We can still be inclusive on the opening web page by noting if the vehicle is a BMW....come along on a drive. We drool over any Z, any year and some un-Zs. Hey, a day may come when our little Z is in the shop and I'll have to drive my 328i. I wouldn't even mind someone cutting out a BMW logo and taping it to the front of their car with a sign "wish I were a Z".

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